Old Country Wedding Songs

Here’s a selection of old country wedding songs that will certainly bring back sweet memories. Some of them are recent and have been released in the 90’s or early 2000’s.

I have a special thing for old time country wedding songs on this list. Some were recorded 70 years ago. In my opinion, these are little treasures that tell a story that we can still relate to today.

I’ve also added songs from 20 or 30 years ago later in this article. Note that I’ve decided to present them grouped by years (or decades) of recording.

Each title has an embedded iTunes link which means you only have to click on it to listen to it.

Enjoy the old country wedding songs romantic poetry, ingenuous and sometimes humoristic rhymes gathered here!



“Good Old Times” Wedding Country Songs


Tomorrow’s my wedding day – The Country Gentlemen (1960’s)


Cowboy Wedding Song – Clint Eastwood (1960’s)


A good Women’s Love – Hank Locklin (1950’s)


In the Moonlight’s Glow – The Hill Billies (1930’s)


Have I told you lately – Lulu Belle & Scotty (1940’s)



1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s


Love Can Build a Bridge –  The Judds

(Acoustic guitar)


It’s Your Love – Faith Hill and Tim McGraw


Good Morning Beautiful – Steve Holy


Forever and Ever, Amen – Randy Travis


I Do – Paul Brandt





You Decorated My Life – Kenny Rogers


My woman, My women, My Wife – Marty Robbins


It Must Be Love  – Alan Jackson


What a Difference You’ve Made in My Life – Ronnie Milsap


Blanket on the Ground – Billie Jo Spears



Instrumental Old Country Wedding Songs


As a starter, the following instrumental song is perfectly suited for a first dance. It’s a slow rhythmic song with a traditional fiddle.

It’s a beautiful song to be played while the bride walks down the aisle as well.

Wedding Waltz – Jonny Redmond


This next country-inspired song incorporates percussions which add a world genre to it.

Country Girl (The Pearl Wedding Reel…) – Old Blind Dogs




Funny Wedding Related Old Country Wedding Songs

If there is only one thing to highlight concerning the next songs it’s the fact that they will get the least enthusiasts guest to tap their foot to the music.

I know, these songs are not exactly what you want for a formal first dance or to move your guests to tears (or… are they?). However, these songs set the pace for a memorable old time country dance session that all ages will enjoy.

If anything, some lyrics will have you laughing heartily!


You’re Just What The Doctor Ordered  – Johnnie and Jack & the Tennessee Mountain Boys


Going Steady – Tennesse Ernie Ford


Shotgun wedding – Viper Central


The Mountaineer’s Courtship Peggy Seeger & Guy Carawan


Rambling Boy The Carter Family


Roll In my Sweet baby’s arms The Monroe Brothers


Hope you enjoyed the listening to these old country wedding songs. Do you have an old country happy love story song you’d like to share? Add it here in the comment section


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