Best 19 Outdoor Wedding Decorations

The following outdoor wedding decorations will make your backyard or vineyard celebration memorable. Some of these can even be reused each year to underline special events like birthdays, Thanksgiving and other family gatherings.

Decorating for an outdoor wedding can be tricky since you never know what weather you’ll get. Nevertheless, many of these suggestions can handle a couple of raindrops and windy days.

I hope you’ll enjoy these ideas and find inspiration in the following pictures!

Psst! Don’t forget to read until the end to find out about my DIY project suggestion for your outdoor wedding!

Welcome Chalkboard

This large sandwich board has the ideal size to provide your guest with all the information they need to find there way around.

Whether you use it to simply add a welcome message or to enumerate the wedding cocktail selection, this is what you need to pass the message in style.

Simple and Elegant Chair Embellishments

Any chair can be transformed into a wedding chic seat using. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Draped chairs are easy to do yourself with tulle sold by the linear foot and simple light shawls found at the dollar store for a couple of bucks.

Handmade macrame is an original embellishment you can use to decorate your chair, tables and use as a backdrop curtain.

Country French Ceremony Decor

This simple chair ornament can be easily made using satin ribbon artificial or fresh flowers.

No time for crafty projects? Simply click on the images for more details on the products featured in this post.

Boho-Chic Wedding Arbour Curtain

This romantic macrame curtain will make your log archway look stunning. Add LED lights to make this piece a spectacular one in daylight as well as at night.

There is a huge variety of patterns and sizes available to fit your needs.

Table Runners

Flowing and light fabrics make great table runners. To create a romantic look let the table runner flow all the way down to the ground.

Also, lace fabrics are an interesting option if you are using rough wood tables. The transparency of this fabric will allow the rusticity of the table to show through.

Large Paper Flowers

Crepe paper flowers may not be the best idea on a rainy day but they sure look amazing in the wedding tent!

Let your imagination flow and design the most incredible photo booth backdrops, tables centerpieces, bridal bouquet or chair decorations with these giant blooms.

Suspended Ornaments

If you want to add some style to the surrounding trees hang these wooden flower hoops to the branches. Moreover, pick the styles accordingly to your wedding theme.

For a rustic touch add burlap, lace and twine adornments.

Where to Put Your Money when Designing your Outdoor Decor

Table decor contributes about 70% of the total decor your guests will see. Therefore, you should definitely focus on the tables and chairs before anything else for the following reasons:

  • Guests tables usually fill a major part of the venue’s terrasse or wedding tent making it the most visible aspect of the wedding reception location;
  • Wedding attendants spend a large part of their time seated for dinner or nearby chatting with other guests. This means they will most likely notice the table centerpieces more than other decorating efforts on site;
  • Many table ornements can easily be homemade with affordable materials available at the dollar store or even in nature;
  • Since you will need more than one item to decorate the tables you can take advantage of wholesale prices. This is true for both basic materials you’ll need and also for the finished products e.g. lanterns, chandeliers, etc.

The following elements are common items you can use to make pretty and personalized table centerpieces. These are followed by inspiring products you can easily feature in other outdoor areas of your wedding location.

 1. Table Numbers

A practical and cute alternative to plastic table numbers or the standard paper sheet on a stand we see in restaurants is to paint the numbers on a wood block. Use a stencil for a clean formal design. You can also handwrite with a pencil and when you’re satisfied with the result, paint over it.

Want to unclutter the tablespace as much as possible? Use the wine bottles as table numbers!

Beache wedding theme wine labels

2. Place Card Holders

Repurposing vintage style object is a great way to save money and to make cute and practical wedding table ornements. Use salt and pepper shakers that have different shapes and heights to make them stand out.

Don’t be afraid to mix in different colors too as these are small and won’t steal the show.

In fact, it’s a great way to add accent colors that match your wedding theme.

Unique placecard holder vase

3. Tin Planters

Simple planters filled with large seasonal flowers can make amazing centerpieces as you can see in the picture below.

These don’t have to be huge and can be paired with flowers that add volume like hydrangea. A couple of tea light votives provide the ambiance light neede to make an inviting table for your guests.

Also, you can fill the planters empty spots with greenery or faux moss for a professional looking centerpiece.

(… More Cost-Effective Outdoor Decor Ideas!)

4. Lighting for Pathways

Create a warm evening atmosphere with paper bags and LED lights. You can use these to light a pathway or hang them to trees and other outdoor surrounding elements.

The only tool you’ll need is a lever punch with the shape of your choice!

Pro Tip: Paper bag paper lanterns are really light. Add some weight to them by pouring sand or rocks to avoid them from being carried away by the wind.

If you hang the paper bags, make sure you reinforce the holes where you’ll pull the string by sticking a piece of perforated cardstock. Add  as many layers as needed to avoid tearing.

5. Glass Jars, Simple and Pretty!

Decorating with mason jars for a rustic wedding is a trend that’s been around for many years now. Moreover, there are literally tons of ideas available on Pinterest to make these emblematic jars look like real work of art. Use branches and flowers found outdoor in your flower beds or in the woods. You don’t need lots of them to create a lovely arrangement.

Pro Tip:  Nature offers the best source of inspiration and can even offer raw material you can use without doing environmental damage. Observe what’s left on the ground. You’ll find decorative branches, leaves, moss, pine cones and much more.

6. Dress Up for Your Old Chairs for the Wedding

Using your own folding chairs is another great way to save money when you’re having an outdoor celebration. You can make them look festive by adding a spandex chair cover. They can be bought in bulk and come in many different pastels and even vibrant colors!

7. Creative Table Seating Chart

This following simple rustic outdoor wedding idea is one of my favorite.

Write your guest names on paper tags and attach it to a beautiful rustic key which by the way is also a bottle opener. You can display these guest favors on the welcome or reception table.  If there is a small tree nearby hang them to the low branches so that your guests can pick them up themselves!

8. Welcome Table Decoration Ideas

There are no trees to hang your creative seating chart tags? You can decorate your welcome table with a manzanita tree and hang the tags and keys to its branches

TIP: Trees are a symbol a family unity throughout different generations. The manzanita tree 20 to 40 inches high. Therefore it’s a great rustic decoration to put on a wedding table. You can find interesting tips on how to choose a tree branch with the interesting characteristics here.

wedding table tree centerpiece

9. Home Sweet Home Card Box

This amazing card box is personalized with the bride and groom’s names and features a discreet lock for more peace of mind.

The windows, front door and roof details are just amazing!

10. Paper Lanterns

Colorful and easy to install everywhere paper lanterns are always a great way to create a festive effect on any outdoor structure. Hang them at different heights and close to each other to fill an empty corner or hang them to trees and yard gazebos.

11. Guest Chair Decorations

Here’s another example of how you can decorate the chairs at a low cost. Depending on what type of chairs you have this can really enhance the natural beauty of a wood garden chair.

Bunting DIY Project!

The best way to skip the trial an error that comes with any first-time decoration making is to watch a professional video that shows what to do. Here’s a quick an easy DIY project for your rustic wedding that has a great visual impact.

This video from Housetohome explains how you can create a burlap bunting with personalized lettering. A must-have for any country wedding!

Materials You Should not Use for an Outdoor Wedding

A wedding table doesn’t have to be filled with crystal glassware, expensive silver cutlery, and porcelain dishware to be elegant and pretty.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great for indoor celebrations and are nice traditional wedding gifts for newlyweds.

These are valuable objects and they may not be the best option for outside use with the wind gust and uneven ground surface. As a matter of fact, the risk of breaking fragile decoration elements is higher outdoor.

Luckily, there are lots of amazing and suitable substitutes inspired by nature itself.

Elegant, Affordable and Practical Ornaments

You can use bark planters instead of traditional glass or crystal flower vases to give your table a rustic, country vibe. Preferably use planters that are small so they don’t take too much space on the tables.

They can also be grouped together to create a fuller effect.

Dishware and Cutlery That Looks Like Silver

If you’re having your outdoor wedding in a private yard, you’re almost certainly facing the problem of finding enough cutlery, glasses, and dishes.

If you have 30 guests or more this can represent a consequent investment.

It also means that you will have to recycle the tableware by reselling it at a lower price or exchanging it if possible (some merchants have very flexible return and exchange policies but that’s not the majority).

Pro Tip: A caterer can provide the tableware for an additional fee. You’ll also have to determine who is taking care of collecting and cleaning the dishes. Hopefully, you can get that service within the caterer package. If you go for that option make sure it is clearly written in the contract.

Today you have the possibility of buying plastic cutlery that looks like silverware. Disposable flatware is a great option to save time and money.

Though this is not the real thing, it has nothing to do with the regular white flimsy plastic forks, spoons and knives used at a Bar B Q.

Illuminate Tables and Trees for a Magical Evening

One of the greatest products to work with is micro LEDs on a wire. They are so delicate that we can’t even see it’s on a wire and it creates a warm and cozy visual effect.

There are many ways to use these precious tiny light bulbs.

I’ve also seen them under light fabric tablecloths showing a diffuse soft light and incorporated into garlands and wreaths. They can also be placed on trees or plants.

Imagine how fabulous this would look on a wedding arch or behind a light color wedding backdrop curtain.

How did you like these outdoor wedding decorations?

I think the best outdoor wedding decoration ideas are ones that blend with the scenery. The decorations should reflect nature’s ability to be enchanting and welcoming. Besides, the previous ideas are basic ones and can help you achieve a wedding atmosphere in line with it.

Was this post helpful and inspiring to you? Let me know if you have any question. Should you have any questions about the products or need guidance, please leave a comment in the section below and I will be glad to help.

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