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Can a Perfect Wedding Be Affordable?


We all want the best quality at the best price, right?

Here you will find thousands of ideas to make your wedding just as you envisioned without blowing your budget.

Wedding decoration, stationery, and other supplies are too often overlooked when planning the wedding budget.

Did you know you can save hundreds of dollars by following these simple rules?

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Tips and Inspiring Ideas
Top 19 Country Wedding Decorations

Top 19 Country Wedding Decorations

The following country wedding decorations are focusing on prettiness and affordability to help you create your very own special wedding...

Wedding program examples

Wedding Program Examples Plus a Freebie

The following wedding program examples are simple and concisely presented to make it easy to follow for your guests. Art Deco, Boho-chic,...

Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets

Best Wedding Flowers and Bridal Bouquets

Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets are an important part of wedding decorations. Not only are they used as a fundamental...

Bridal ring sets

Top 6 Bridal Ring Sets With Diamonds

The following bridal ring sets styles are made of precious stones and metals. There are many styles available and some...

Wedding wine labels

Top 9 Wedding Wine Labels Designs

Making your own wedding wine labels is easier than making your own wine, inexpensive and will catch everyone’s attention for sure....

Wedding updo hairstyles

Top 11 Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Wedding updo hairstyles have become so diversified that it’s just impossible not to find one you like. Updos were once...

how to pay for a wedding without a loan

How To Pay For a Wedding – Top 5 Creative and Efficient Ways

How to pay for a wedding may sound like an odd question for those who think money is a taboo...

Inexpensive wedding favors

Top 8 Inexpensive Wedding Favors for Outdoors and Beach Celebrations

Many inexpensive wedding favors are overlooked because they seem too simple. On the other hand, sometimes we think that a...

Inexpensive personalized wedding favors

Top 24 Inexpensive Personalized Wedding Favors

A wedding can get quite pricey between the venue, the caterer, the bride’s dream dress and the dashing groom’s tuxedo...

Floating beach wedding cake topper

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers That Are Actually Gorgeous

Forget about the cheap looking bride and groom figurines with blurry and fake facial expressions you once knew. The following...

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