Personalized Shot Glasses For The Wedding

How cool are personalized shot glasses for the wedding? Pretty awesome in so many ways. Plus they come in many shapes and sizes.

In the following article, you will find many different shot glass styles that you can customize in a lot of ways. I will suggest different customizations to make them unique.

I suggest you read my post on how to find affordable wedding supplies and glassware. This is where I go to buy personalized goods of all kinds for any special occasion.

Plus they have many unique ideas and quality products.

Some online retailers can customize shooter glasses at a very competitive price. These are available in many different online craft markets like Etsy, Folksy (in the UK), eCrater and many others. Sellers on those markets can personalize glass with different engraving techniques.

Most merchants even offer better deals if you by multiple glass shots.

As I mentioned earlier, there is more than the traditional small shot glass.

Let’s look into the different shot glasses styles


Tall Shooter

Some collect different country stamps, I collect tall shot glasses. I have many of these coming from different trips I’ve High shooter glassmade and some were given to me.

They’re popular in souvenir shops, unlike the shorter traditional shot glass.

This is because they have a large surface on which to print a colorful image to represent the country’s traditions.

In this case, it’s also a great feature for a wedding where you want to add an engraved or printed message or a detailed image.

A regular shot glass is approximately 2 3/8″ tall making it a bit small to write a sentence using a font size that your guests can read without squinting.

Therefore, it’s a good option if you want to personalize your glasses with a lengthy thank you message, a quote or anything that needs to be said in more than 3 words.

This shot glass can hold up to 2 1/2 oz.



Telescopic Shooter

This is my favorite shot glass because of the practical side of it and, well, because it’s pretty unique. It will have everyone talking for a while.

This collapsible shot glass is made of stainless steel which gives it a modern twist. You can personalize the cap with names, dates, a monogram and more.

This a is a great favor idea to fit an outdoor or travel theme wedding. In fact, these shot glasses can fit in a small bag or purse and even in a pocket.

Also, it’s not as fragile as glass and you can carry it around without risking to find it shattered to pieces at the bottom of your luggage.

A functional, easy to store and transport, and customizable shot glass idea!

Stainless steel telescopic shot glasses


Beer Mug Shape ShooterBeer mug style shot glass

Replace the traditional wedding cocktail with a craft beer tasting!

Do this in style by presenting your favorite brews in these small beer mug shot glasses. Basically, this shot glass is shaped into am Maritime Mug and is an ideal format for beer tasting.

I kind of like this idea, especially for weddings held outdoors on hot summer days.

Many brewers offer the possibility of buying kegs of their most popular brews. Moreover, you can choose the size of the keg based on how many guests are attending your wedding.

In addition, these Mug shape shooters can be engraved and presented as favors for your guest.

There are also many beer bottle openers to fit your wedding theme and accompany these shot glasses.



Martini Shooter Glass

Add a touch of cheer and charm to your welcome wedding table or by serving bites in these cute Martini glasses. These have an interesting shape that can easily be adorned with a personalized tag.

Mini Martini shot glass

Do you want to make a big impression on your guests?

Well, if you’re in for a little architectural challenge than you will love the following idea!

Use these small glasses to make a champagne glass tower. As you can imagine, champagne glasses are not the ideal shape to make a solid pyramid because of their narrow rim. In fact, you’d want to use what is called champagne coupes or saucers.

On the other hand, Martini glasses have a good rim width.


Building Your Martini Shot Glass Fountain

The basic idea is to display them on a sturdy and even surface making sure there are no gaps between them.

Once you’ve done assembling the basis you start the second tier. Then, you need to add one glass in the middle of the triangle formed by 3 Martini glasses.

This way, the basis of the top glass covers the empty space between the glasses while equally touching each of the 3 glasses rims.

Keep building the pyramid structure slowly and carefully making sure there are no gaps and that the top glasses are well centered and stable. I strongly suggest to test and enhance your technique before the big day… just in case the thing collapses right before everyone’s eyes.

Once you’re done, slowly pour the champagne or sparkling wine in the last martini shot glass at the top. Watch it overflow and fill each layer of glasses under it as the guests are holding their breath.

These shot Martini glasses can contain 3 oz.


Whiskey Shot Glass

Needless to say, these shot glasses are stylish and festive. They can be filled with 3.5 oz of Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Personalized wedding shot glassesVodka, Gin or any other drink of your liking.

The glass surface is also perfect to add a nice and wider image. Moreover, there are many logo designs to make these shot glasses great guests favors.

In fact, some designs will make it easy for non-liquor drinkers to repurpose them as tea light holders.

Whether you like a flowery wreath, antlers, a diamond shape or art deco design anything is feasible. Also, I suggest you decide the logo based on your wedding theme.

For example, it can be a starfish or a rowboat if you’re having a beach wedding or a wedding by the lake or a vintage compass for a travel wedding theme.

If you’re not able to find a seller offering the design you want, take a look at my post on finding affordable wedding supplies see if you can find what you’re looking for.

You can also choose to have it printed in a vibrant color or choose a shimmering gold or silver to make the customized shot glasses even more sophisticated.


Discounted wedding decor


Games With Shot Glasses At Your Wedding

Finding ways to entertain the wedding guests is a great way to make sure everyone feels welcomed. It also helps both family sides to break the ice and begin to exchange and build relationships.

As alcohol helps loosen the tongues why not organize a few shot glass games? These can be played before the dinner and even during the cocktail. The games will provide a unique entertainment and probably a good laugh for everyone.

As you may guess, there are many card games and board games that can be adapted to play with shot glass. However, some of them are not as easy to play with 20 people or more simultaneously. I can only imagine how long the wait would be to play a pong shot game.

Here are a few ideas:

Night Roulette:

You can buy a shot glass roulette game at a store where they sell kitchenware like Stokes or simply use a standard roulette game.

If you use a standard roulette game without the shot glass support, simply put the glasses around the roulette. Spin the roulette and see where the ball falls. The person that has it’s glass best align with the ball drinks her or his shot glass. That was the “lazy roulette” way of playing.

If you have a considerable number of players and you want something more accurate assign a number or several numbers to each player. Spin the wheel wait to see what number comes up.

Players must be careful, as they may get tipsy faster than they think.


Ok, this one takes a  little more time to play which is a great way to ensure everyone stands straight for at least 15 minutes, or so I hope…

If you’re using a traditional bingo game that you play just as usual. The first person that spells bingo gets to drink its shooter glass…

Just like in the typical game, this can take forever…

If you’re preoccupied (and for a good reason) that people will lose interest, there is a Bingo drinking game sold with a cage containing colored balls.

Simply put, each player is associated with a color. Note that each color can represent a team with many players. You simply need to spin the cage and see what color comes up.

Hours and hours of fun… for those who can handle alcohol at least!


As I mentioned earlier, any games can be adapted to be played with shot glasses.

Other possible games are:

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Shot Glass Checkers
  • Chutes and Ladders



How to Offer Shot Glasses Differently

If you intend to give the shooter glasses as favors for your guests why not do it in a stylish and unusual way?

People are used to receiving something when they attend a wedding. They expect it to be something pretty but that may or may not be useful.

They may not know it but they are in for a good surprise! Here are some ideas:

  • Put in a seedling plant. A vine plant or a flowering plant that represents your wedding theme.


  • Small treats are a classic that will please everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Fill the shot glasses with conversation hearts and wrap the glass in a cellophane and tie it with a cute ribbon and small baby breath flowers.

Verrine shot glasses


  • Mini verrine style dessert. Serve the dessert in your personalized shooter glasses! It can be a sorbet, gelato Tiramisu pudding shots or pear crisp. Yummy!



  • Create a spice assortment by mixing dried herbs and sea salt. These make great salad seasoning. Have fun mixing your preferred dry ingredients. Try them and pick the one that you find tastier for your guest to enjoy back at home.


  • Gourmet whole leaves tea or superior grade coffee beans.


Hope you enjoyed this article and that you’ve found some inspiring ideas. Please leave a comment if you have any questions. I will gladly reply!


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