Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses Guest Favors

At first, it may look difficult to find a gift that our friends and family will find both useful and visually interesting. However, personalized wedding shot glasses are a good example of “practical” and “aesthetical” guests favors.

Many people argue that they don’t want to pay a fortune for favors. I agree with that 100%. Especially if, like most couples getting married, a large proportion of the expenditure is at their charge.

Unfortunately, most people decide to give a symbolic favor to their guests hoping it will be a meaningful reminder of the couple’s magical wedding day.

Unfortunately, many of those well-intentioned gifts end up unused and toss in a souvenir box where they will most likely lose their initial meaning.

Here are some shooter glasses ideas and personalizations to make your wedding favors unforgettable keepsakes.

Engraved shooter glasses



Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Guest Favors

Here are two ways to engrave your personalized shooter glasses: Engraved and printed.

Engraved favors are one of the best ways to give a long lasting and personalized keepsake to your loved ones. On the other hand, the main reason to choose a printed personalization is that you want it to be a certain color.

So if you are ready to make that small compromise, colors will definitely give your personalization a stunning vibrant touch.



Engraved Vs Printed Shot Glasses

Engraved customizations will last longer than printed texts. The reason for this is that they are made by lightly cutting the glass surface to obtain a specific pattern like words or a shape.

Goods with printed texts simply tend to come off faster if they are not properly cared for. For example, using scrubbing pads to remove lipstick stains or sticky liquor residues can damage the printed finish.

This is especially true if the glasses are to be washed in the dishwasher frequently. Otherwise if washed by hand with a soft cloth, printed glasses should look nice for years to come.


Shot glasses are easy to engrave with celebration-related texts for the engagement or bachelor party, bridal shower, and the wedding day.

Personalized wedding shot glasses


Talking about practical gifts, this collapsible stainless steel shooter is an amazing idea for a stylish toast anywhere. More robust than glass and easily packable it makes an ideal gift for travel, camping, days at the beach or any other outdoor activities.

Stainless steel telescopic shot glasses


By the way, this is not only intended to be filled with alcoholic beverages. I find it versatile enough to carry it around in my purse or backpack for everyday uses.

In fact, it’s a perfect size for toddlers. It avoids getting their shirt wet from drinking the water from the bottle or drinking fountain on days at the park when you forgot to bring a sippy cup.

Who would have thought shooter glasses could be so convenient.



Complimentary Gifts

Do you want to make a special gift pack for your bridesmaids and groomsmen? Then these complimentary items will create a unique and handy party toolkit.Groom personalized favor hip flask

A hip flask is an elegant and slick accessory that correlates to wedding shot glasses.

These can also be engraved with a message of your liking.

For a modern look choose stainless steel flask with a vertical text etching.

These stainless steel hip flasks come in many colors like pink, gold, gray, white, black.

There are also lots of interesting flask coating like leather and wood to best represent your wedding theme.



A Wearable Flask

Isn’t this bracelet bangle flask the best idea ever for this girlfriend who always forgets her drink somewhere she can’t Bangle flask favors for the bridesmaidsremember?

Ok, first you have to tell her to go easy on the booze and next offer her this flask filled with water.

This accessory is a nice attention that won’t leave your bridal crew indifferent!

The best part? You can have it engraved with their initials.

And voilà! Another friend completely bedazzled by your ingeniosity and creative ideas to keep them hydrated all celebration long.



Plain, Useless, and Forgotten Favors: How to Avoid Them

Let’s face it, we all have one of those objects that were given to us with no particular use.

Here’s a small exercise: try to remember the last time you attended a wedding. Ok, now that you got an image, try to remember what was the favor you received?

If you can’t, this is perfectly normal and there’s nothing to feel guilty about. The reason why you can’t remember this cute little candy tulle or paper bag is that you ate the content and left the packaging somewhere, anywhere.

Sure there was a pretty paper tag with a somewhat generic note saying “Thank You, love, Jess & Taylor” attached to it but you simply couldn’t find any reasons to keep it.

It’s not big enough to be used as a glass coaster, it has no magnet to put on your fridge, it’s not an inflatable device, nor does it make bubbles…

Heck, you probably would have kept it if it was at least glowing in the dark. No, the only way to give this gift a second life is to recycle it.

In the city’s recycle plant. Period.



From “Generic” to “Fantastic” Shot Glasses

Avoiding the boring and useless wedding favor is crucial. At this point, you already have a great gift idea that your guests will be able to reuse. Good starting point.

Now, what takes a favor go from “Meh…” to “Wonderful!” is the customization quality and how it will be given to them.

As an example, you could simply put it there on the table next to between the plates, cutlery, wine glasses hoping that they will notice it.

Or you can serve it to them filled with your favorite liquor or shot recipe as a welcome drink, use them to create a unique seating chart or fill them with something unusual!

Intrigued, aren’t you? Read on to know more!



How To Present Your Personalized Wedding Shot Glasses In Style

If you intend to give the shooter glasses as favors for your guests why not do it in a stylish and unusual way?

These are only some of the wonderful ways to give your guests a remarkable wedding favor that they won’t get rid off at the next yard sale.

  • Present the shooter glass as a candle holder by casting the wax and placing the wick yourself and add your favorite scent;
  • Create your own Mr. and Mrs spice blend and use the shooter as a unique durable container;
  • Offer your wedding dessert in these shot glasses previously personalized with a stylish monogram or with the guest’s name;
  • Use the shooter glasses to grow a seedling plant of your favorite flower;
  • A classic: make it a candy holder that your guests will keep after they finished eating their treats.

There are so many different ways to use shooter glasses, so have fun finding one that represents you best!

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  • Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks very much for yet another great post full of really good ideas for wedding favours. I really loved the idea of using the engraved shot glasses and putting your wedding dessert in to a glass that has your initial or your name on it really is a very personal touch.

    I really fell in love with the ladies hipflask in the style of a bracelet.

    I really enjoy seeing all the different ideas that you present in your posts.

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for dropping by! 

      Yes, there are many more ideas you may like in terms of wedding favors. 

      In fact, I’m working on a top 30 of affordable and personalized wedding favors. An article, I’ll be publishing in the next few weeks!

      It’s always a pleasure to read your comments!

  • Accessories can be a great wedding favor, and your guests will be able to use them often. You can give cuff links to men and earrings or necklaces for the women. 

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