Personalized Wedding Wine Glasses

Personalized wedding wine glasses are a great gift idea for your guests, bridesmaid, and groomsmen. It’s also a great keepsake to offer the bride and groom. Plus there are plenty of engraving models and glass designs to choose from.

However, the price range for such a commodity is surprisingly wide and it’s sometimes hard to determine why.

There are many possible reasons for this. Then how can you make sure you get the best quality for the price you pay?

Here are a few hints:

For example, if you buy in bulk you get a competitive price but the product tends to be generic. On the other hand, wedding gift shops sell luxury wine glasses made of crystal or gold plated ornements.

The latter is a fabulous option for a bride and groom gift set but is outrageously expensive as a favor gift for your 50 guests…

Finally, having your glasses personalized with a monogram, names, etc. can also take a large bite out of your wedding budget.

Luckily, it’s possible to have elegant looking personalized wedding wine glasses without paying a fortune by following these simple rules.



Tip 1: The Right Product for the Right Theme

There are countless design ideas you can choose to best represent your wedding theme. For example, stemless wine glasses are a great fit with a modern or industrial wedding theme.

Stainless steel wine glasses can also be engraved and provide a contemporary an minimalist touch to a city chic wedding theme

If you want a beautiful and unusual wine glass material a copper finish wine glass is a beautiful and versatile style that can fit both rustic and modern types of wedding.

If you’re a practical person you may want to give your guests a favor that combines both sophistication and functionality.

Therefore, a travel wine glass is a perfect idea. This unusual and elegant glass features a nesting design to make it easy to pack wherever your guests will go.

Plus, it’s a great idea for an outdoor wedding!

Curious about how it looks? I’ve added pictures of both glasses it at the end of this article.



Tip 2: Have It Engrave By The Seller

If you ever bought a wooden tray, a glass carafe, a decorative silver plate and went to a store to have it engrave you know how expensive it can be.

I used to pay over $20 to have cast aluminum trays and coasters engrave for customers (every single one of them!). It would be a pure waste of money if the gift is not even worth that amount.

Fortunately, engraved decorative items like glassware have become very popular lately.

Therefore, many sellers provide this service for a fraction of the price you would pay a master engraver for pretty much the same result.

Personalized wedding wine glasses



Tip 3: Choose Good Quality Wine Glasses Without Going Overboard

Everyone loves the refinement of crystalware. Crystal glasses may have thinner rims and are heavier when compared to a similar size product made of glass. The drawback is that it’s usually an expensive good.

On the other hand, the cheapest glassware may present manufacturing flaws like tiny air bubbles, marks, isolated particles of dirt, and uneven base. Needless to say that such product is not worth much and is usually available in a dollar store.

I personally think that if these are gifts, the quality should be somewhere in between those 2 extremes.

There are good quality wine glasses available in many different designs that incorporate golden, silver and brass plated ornements.

Rhinestone encrusted glass designs are also cheaper than crystal while looking just as sophisticated.

Wedding wine toasting glass



Tip 4: Choose Engraved Over Printed For a Design That Lasts

Speaking of quality, the type of technique used to add a personalization to your wine glasses will influence how long it will last.

One of the reasons why you would choose a printed design on your personalized wedding wine glasses is to have it in a specific color. It’s an interesting option if you want to match it with your wedding color theme for example.

Having a color engraved glass is not possible unless you add it afterward manually. Also, engraved glass lasts longer while printed will eventually start to wear off.

Finally, color printed designs are great for plastic and stainless steel items. Some of them can make great favors like tumblers water bottle, coffee mugs and much more.White stainless steel wine glass with printing


Tip 5: Go for Practical and Stylish

All too often we receive favors that are pretty but with no other purpose than decorating a shelf. Eventually, we decide to put them away in a box or get rid of them.

While personalized wine glasses are useful objects, they are breakable.

For this reason, some people may decide to leave them in a safe place in order to prevent damaging them. You see where this is going: they won’t be using it.

Here is something that the newlyweds or your wedding guests will enjoy using after the wedding…!



Stemless Glasses

These stainless steel stemless glasses are sophisticated and can easily be packed in a luggage, in picnic bag or used outdoor at a barBQ or on a camping weekend.

Delicate and casual the stemless glass is a good compromise for wine lovers that enjoy outdoor meals. In fact, they tend to be more stable and easier to transport and take less storage space.

Consequently, it’s a great option for an outdoor wedding where the glassware is exposed to the winds.Engraved copper finish stemless wine glass

Dismountable Travel Wine Glasses

If you’re not fond of the stemless modern look the travel wine glass and its nesting stem is a chic and portable alternative.

These glasses won’t fail to impress outdoor and travel lovers!

Dismountable travel wine glass


Personalized Wedding Wine Glasses

Customized engravings add a heartwarming personal touch to any gifts. Besides, personalized wedding wine glasses can be used to celebrate the spouses’ future milestones and special occasions like wedding anniversaries, their first house and so on.

Plus you can combine the glasses with a good wine bottle personalized with a label that includes the recipient’s names, picture, etc…

Personalizations can be as simple as a monogram or as detailed as a personal message and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Many jewelers offer an engraving service but not all of them have the equipment to engrave a curved glass surface with accuracy.

Usually, only master engravers have the technology to make all sorts of engravings. However, it’s usually expensive if you need to engrave many units.

Therefore, take advantage of the seller engraving service which is usually cheaper than having it engraved later on.

Discounted wedding decor


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2 Responses to “Personalized Wedding Wine Glasses

  • Hi Carolyn,

    Thanks for this great post and I really liked the idea of the engraved glasses for favours or as your gift for your best man and bridesmaids.

    I have 2 of the stemless glasses and really like drinking red wine from them. The first one you showed with the message on it looked really good and the dismountable travel wine glasses were a really good idea to give as favours or gifts.

    I have only ever thought about giving engraved glasses to the bride and groom as a gift so it was a nice idea to see it being done from the other side.

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Cheryl, gland you liked it. Glasses, beer mugs, and even personalized shooters are becoming very popular guest favors. They’re great gifts that people can reuse back at home. 

      They’re also affordable when bought in bulk here.

      Have a great day!

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