Pictures For Black Mother Of The Bride Dresses


These pictures for black mother of the bride dresses and accessories will certainly change make you change your mind. At least for those who find it inappropriate for when attending a wedding celebration.

The black dress is a classic. It’s a statement of taste for elegance.

It’s also the perfect foil for the beautiful necklace or piece of jewelry that doesn’t seem to stand out with any color dress.

There are many ways to highlight them with proper accessories.

In this post, I will:

– Present you with dresses you can get on Amazon just by clicking on the pictures (not only pictures for black mother of the bride dresses!).

– Describe how a simple black dress can look elegant and lively by showing many combinations of style, textures, and colors.

– Dispel the myths surrounding much-used fashion vocabulary that sometimes is mistakenly associated with unappealing or inappropriate meanings.

– Deal a fatal blow to black dress detractors arguments with tips to on what to look for in a black dress when attending a wedding.


Pictures For Black Mother Of The Bride Dresses – How to make it look cheerful

These colorful fashion shawl can make a black chiffon dress look festive and summery. In the following example, the shawl provides the accent color and adds a touch of brightness. Shoes and clutch handbags can either have a neutral color (left side) or include the accent color in smaller proportions as shown on the right side.








Pictures for black mother of the bride dresses










Neutral doesn’t have to be monotonous

In the above picture, these pumps are wisely mixing lizard skin print, tan, champagne and black. Black leather contour and straw fabric of the purse adds a complementary texture to this stylish outfit.

On the other hand, the blue accent outfit is feminine and funky with a splash of turquoise color to brighten up the overall.

Classic can be sexy, just use elements of surprise


























An outfit described as a classic black dress with a pearl necklace would sound too standard to be sexy without this visual support.

When wearing classical fashion elements, add accessories that will give an unexpected character like this oriental design arm cuff bracelet. Off-white pumps instead of regular black shoes are an interesting option as it matches the pearl necklace and adds brightness and originality.

This outfit proves that with the right amount of contrast in both colors and styles, classic can be tasteful and spicy.

Coral is not only for reefs









clutch coral







Coral is more vibrant than pink and less aggressive then orange. In fact, it’s a balanced mix of both. You should not have any difficulty finding accessories in this tone as it is very popular.

This is the type of color that may look too girly or soft when you are not used to wearing pink shades. Remember that with a black dress it is just what it takes to give it the charisma and light required for a wedding or any other celebration.


What to look for when buying a black dress to attend a wedding

Tip 1.

Look for interesting design details. Transparency, lace, embroideries, satin additions, etc., when mixed together will all give a black dress a dynamic look, unlike a plain fabric.


Bust Black-dress2

Black dress13











Tip 2.

To get a brighter effect, look for dresses that have a gleaming ornament like sequins and Rhinestone details.











Choose a dress that includes an accent color or tone. Contrasting tones are a good way to make a black dress look less strict. This is especially true when wearing a long dress as it will cut back on the intense dark effect. I’ve intentionally chosen the neutral tones of gold and white to make it easier to match with a third color when accessorizing your dress.


















Is the black dress uninvited at weddings?

Most of us own a black dress. In fact, it’s usually the best choice when you are looking for a classic, timeless, silhouette flattering garment. It’s easy to match with shoes and jewelry you already have. Any casual black dress can become sophisticated just by matching it with the right accessories.


So why is it suddenly a no-go when attending a wedding? Black dress controversy is probably due to the very different meanings of black from one culture to another. While western culture considers it’s a symbol of mourning, the absence of light and pretty much any negative feelings you can think of, other cultures nuanced their assessment. In some eastern countries, it’s associated with prosperity, health, fertility and life in reference to black soil required to grow food plants.


Paradoxically, fashion brand names like Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Prada, D&G, Calvin Klein, Givenchy and many more choose black for branding their image. When it comes to fashion, it’s indisputably the most popular from all colors or shades. Why is that? For the same reason, gemstones are displayed in front of a black background. Like they say, we need shadow in order to appreciate the light. A black outfit is a perfect canvas to exhibit your love for style and refinement. You can do this through jewelry, shoes, and other accessories but also by choosing a garment that mixes different fabric textures, ornaments and uncommon sewing and design details.


In my opinion, a black dress is glamour and classy. It also provides infinite possibilities in terms of personalizing your outfit because it is neutral and looks great with any contrasting shade of color. Let’s put these words into pictures.


Pictures for the black mother of the bride dresses: the taboos are broken!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and hope it convinced you that black color dresses can be as suitable for a wedding celebration just like any other color. It all depends on how you wear it. Wear it with confidence because you are looking your best in that little black dress of yours!

Wear it with confidence because you are looking your best in that little black dress of yours!

If you have any suggestions, differing opinion or just to say hi, please leave a comment below. It’s always a pleasure to read you.

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10 Responses to “Pictures For Black Mother Of The Bride Dresses

  • I’ve often wondered if it was taboo to wear black to a wedding – have never been game. But I do really like some of these dresses and I can see them working, especially with the tip about adding some color with accessories! Thanks for the pictures!

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Hi Jolie, it takes some courage to wear black to a wedding for many people. For me, it was never a problem! I think that black gives anyone the opportunity to shine, just like a gem over a black background. That’s what I like about it. It’s the colors that you add to it but also how confident you are wearing it that makes the difference that makes it appropriate for a wedding. If you decide to try it, I will be happy to help if should have questions. Thanks for dropping by!

  • hi there
    I would not have thought of a black dress for the mother of the bride to be honest. However, you are right, different cultures appropriate different meanings to the color. I don’t see it necessarily as a sign of mourning. But the dresses you pictured here have a younger vibe no? It might just me but I really cannot picture my 61 year old mother wearing any of those dresses. As an alternative, they would make cool bridesmaids dresses

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Hi Emily, I hear you. It’s not the age but the women’s silhouette along with her personal taste and comfort that should be taken into account when choosing a dress type (remember, a mother of the bride can be as young as 40 years old). There are some rules to follow to get the best look no matter how old you are (hmmm…you just gave a good post idea here :-). As an example, while a gown can look stunning on tall and slender women, it may not be the best option for a shorter or full-figured women.

      I agree. It’s hard to visualize our 60 or 70 years old mother wearing some of these dresses mainly because the models who wear them are so young even though the dress is said to be “mother of the bride style dress” by the manufacturer! Ever noticed that even mature women clothing is presented on a young women model? I bet the same dresses when picked from a clothing store rack look completely different and appropriate.

      Are you or your brother or sister getting married? Follow this link for more ideas that your mother may like. Many of the dresses featured are sober and classic and may be interesting options for your mother. Hope this helps!

  • Funny enough at my wedding two years ago my mother-in-law wore a black dress. I remember hearing chatter about a woman wearing a black dress but then I also heard chatter about how good that woman in the black dress looks. Point being just be yourself and rock it!

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Hi Kyle,
      Really, you just said it all 🙂 Thanks so much for this example. I really love when women dare to show who they are through their apparel. Like you experienced, people will admire and look up to them because they secretly wish they had the same nerve. Well done!

  • Candice
    9 years ago

    I never thought that wearing black to a wedding was such a bad thing. These dresses are classy and beautiful, and have the best of intentions. The black lace sleeve dress is divine and I love all the shoes.

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Hi Candice! Black color for clothing is a classic that fits any occasion in my opinion but surprisingly, many people don’t agree. I thought it was a fun challenge to show how the black dress can look cheery.

  • Hi Carolyn
    The black dress, as usual, proves to be timeless. This post is a must read for any sophisticated woman! Here you give the black dress a new lease of life. Most of us own one and there are so many tips here on how to see it differently. I love the section which informs us on things to concider when buying it as well, and the idea to wear just one accessory. Loads of great stuff in this post.

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Thanks so much for your comment, Clarie. Glad to have you back!
      Like I said, the black dress is a must that can be part of all celebrations with the right accessories.

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