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The most popular and affordable bridal and wedding guest designers like David’s Bridal, Vienna Bride, US Fairytailes, Love My Seamless and Nymph Dress may not have a storefront in the city where you live. That’s when the internet works its magic!

Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States and offers many brand names including those mentioned above.

That’s why I decided to make a list of the most flattering designs with pictures for mother of the bride dresses. You can buy these dresses from Amazon by simply clicking on the pictures and links I provided.

Pictures For Mother Of The Bride Dresses And How To Buy Them Online

To have more information on one of these dresses, click on the images or links.


pictures for mother of the bride dressesDesigner: Vienna Bride


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Benefits of buying a dress online

Here are the reasons why buying online is smart when time, money and originality are important to you.

1- Everything you need is one single place

The greatest benefit of buying online and especially on a website as big and diversified in terms of products and providers as eBay, Overstock, or Amazon is that you can find everything in one place. You save lots time by not visiting every store one after the other because you just can’t find the right size, color, style, accessories, etc.

You save lots of time by not visiting every store one after the other because you just can’t find the right size, color, style, accessories, etc.



Designer: David’s Bridal

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2- You get what you need and not was is left unsold

It’s easier to get the size you need when it’s almost impossible in a storefront. The reason for this is that they are limited to their specific stock. Well established online stores have a centralized inventory provided by each store or merchant.

They are able to ship from one specific store from a distant city directly to a customer’s address. It’s also convenient for the merchant since they can easily exhaust the stock that is less popular in one city by selling it to someone that needs it across the country and even overseas.

It’s also convenient for the merchant since they can easily exhaust the stock that is less popular in one city by selling it to someone that needs it across the country and even overseas.

3- Countless designs for a unique outfit

When you shop in a storefront you are forced to choose what the store manager or brand has chosen to sell its customers. You may end up choosing a dress design that doesn’t really meet your expectations because it’s all they have to offer.

If you stick to what is in store, you will most likely meet someone wearing the same outfit as yours. That’s not a big deal but from personal experience, I can tell you it feels a bit odd…

When you shop at one of the largest online retailers you have access to tons of styles just by typing in what you want: designer gowns, 3″ heels pumps, short gold dress, pashmina shawl, etc.

Just type it, they will most likely have it in many different colors, shape, and size.

Silver gray gown with lace bodice and sleeves


Designer: Miusol

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4-Latest trends at affordable prices

The best thing about shopping on Amazon is that designers offer their products at discounted prices to be competitive. They also use the online market channel to sell their surplus and last season apparel. Designer merchants also make half season sales on the current collection to maximize their sales before the next season collection is released.

These selling techniques result in discounts as high as 70% off the actual price.

I love paying less because it means it leaves more money to invest in something else!



5-Learn from other customers experience

I personally choose to shop on Amazon because there are lots of choices and that I get to read actual customer’s reviews on a specific product.

There is useful information regarding the merchant’s size chart reliability and if the dress was delivered on time when ordered in a short delay which can be a decisive factor when buying for a special occasion.



Dressing fashionably as never been easier

With the Internet opening the boundaries, there are no reasons to settle for less than the best bridal or evening dress designers as they are now available to everyone around the world through the world wide web.

Don’t you like any of the dresses featured in this post? No problem. You can browse hundreds of dresses and gowns and read customer’s comments by clicking on the dress pictures and links provided above.

Who knows maybe you will find something that is a matter of interest!

If you have any question or want to share thoughts, please leave a comment in the section at the end of this post.

12 Responses to “Pictures For Mother Of The Bride Dresses – Buy Online

  • I love all of these. Seems like you get even more options at the same price than going from store to store searching. Thing is you can’t try them on in person though. Does David’s Bridal and others have flexible policies for size exchange and adjustments if needed? I guess you’d still have to go somewhere in person for adjustment and alternations.

    • Hi Sarah, return and exchange policy can be different from one merchant to another. David’s Bridal for example has a 30-day return policy. For exchanges, I would suggest to order more than one size and return the one that does not fit. This way you won’t lose time waiting for a new size and won’t have to pay extra shipping. Again,make sure you read the merchants proper policies to avoid misunderstandings.

      As for adjustments or alterations, it’s the same as if you buy from a storefront: you still have to find a seamstress to make them. Another option would be to have your dress custom made by providing the exact measurements.

      Hope this helps!

  • Jayland
    8 years ago

    I really like your voice within the post mentioning all the ups that Amazon has to offer on the dresses. I don’t know much about dresses but each of them dresses are presented nicely on this site!
    Keep up the nice work!

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for you comment. Many good things to be found on Amazon. From dresses to diapers 😉 Anything at a competitive price with fast delivery. Just love it!

  • I like how this article provides a diverse array of wedding dresses, not just the standard white ones that everyone is used to.
    My sister is getting married in August so I will definitely direct her to this page.

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Adam, I wrote this post from the mother of the bride’s perspective but now that you mention it why not?
      If your sister didn’t find her dress by now it can be a good idea to look on Amazon. Some merchants offer fast delivery service.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  • These are beautiful dresses, I love your style! The pictures for mother of the bride dresses really help show the style and are much easier than shopping through tons of ugly dresses. Do you have suggestions for larger women? My friend’s mother is a bit more heavy set and I would love to show her some examples!

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Young, Many of the dresses I’ve featured can be made in larger sizes. The first one from Vienna Bride for example, is available up to size 26. I suggest that you click on the ones you like and look at the size chart available for the specific dress. The size drop down menu is straight forward and very easy to use!
      Let me know if you have any questions,

  • There are photos of some really beautiful dresses in this post! I completely agree with you that online shopping exposes you to greater choice and endless variety that you simply won’t find at a physical store. I think the only risk is that sometimes it’s very hard to gauge what a product on screen will look like (and fit) in real life. I guess you need to ensure the online store has a good returns policy.

    • Exactly, online buying is good only the company from which you are buying has a clear and undeniable return policy. If not, it’s not even worth buying there as there are many online merchants that can offer you a “no questions ask” return policy. It’s better to buy from those then beeing stuck with clothes that don’t fit you.

      Thanks for dropping by SC!

  • Jonathan
    7 years ago

    This is a great product to promote, and although I’m a guy, I found your site quite engaging. You present some absolutely wonderful reasons for buying online, and I think everyone can relate to them. Your dress choices are stunning, and the prices are quite reasonable. Two suggestions: (1) In your subheading at the top of the page, I would remove the word “of” so it reads, “Think Outside the Box.” (2) The phrase “mother of the bride” should be hyphenated when used as an adjective, as in “Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses.” I know your site will do well!

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your appreciation and suggestions. I agree with both and will make the changes.

      I would love to have more suggestions from brides and grooms to be, their family and friends as well so I can target my post’s topic according to their needs. So please spread the word 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

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