Best 11 Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses Styles

The following plus size mother of the bride dresses are just what you need if you’re looking for a stylish look that you’ll cherish for years to come.

Also, these quality garments are versatile. You will be able to wear many of these outfits all year long on different occasions depending on what accessories you mix them with.

The clothing presented here are diversified going from jumpsuits to gowns to anything in between to better suit your needs and taste.

Simply click on the images to and you’ll be directed to the seller’s website where you can see availability and prices.


Selecting a Gorgeous Dress

If you need a dress for a special occasion in the near future, there is no need to rush to the nearest storefront to make sure you find the right model and size.

You can find your favorite dress within weeks before the celebration date when turning to a trusted online retailer.

Many plus-size designers offer online ready-made dresses delivered within a week and even custom-made dresses within 3-4 weeks delivery.

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Astoria Lace Peplum Gown, Black Lace/Magenta Lining (Women’s Plus Size)



Serenity Blue

This elegant blue dress has an inspiring name color which reflects tranquility and mindfulness.

The faux wrap design features a ruffled hemline that adds feminity and movement to this charming knee-length dress.

Whimsy Wrap Dress, Serenity Blue (Women’s Plus Sizes)



Full Figure Brands and Designers

Some designers offer great quality, style, and fabrics while others don’t.

These dresses caught my attention for a good reason. They are mostly reviewed by customers as being “well-made and practical full figure clothing”.

Leona Lace Gown, Onyx (Women’s Plus Size)



Comfortable and Elegant

For a dress to be comfortable it has to have some elasticity. A small percentage of spandex is added to the blend for a flattering and fitted look.

Most dresses in this post are fully lined and made with a stretchy fabric to allow movement. It also ensures a comfortable posture while seating or climbing stairs.

Peek-a-Boo Perfection Dress, Mosaic Blue (Womens Plus Size)



The Maxi Dress

The perfect option for a beach wedding or an outdoor celebration! For a sober outfit, try a plain color and accessorize it with stylish bohemian bracelets and cascading necklace.

For a festive look, a tropical flower print will do the trick.

Indie Flair Maxi Dress, White Jasmine (Women’s Plus Size)


Bella Braided Maxi Dress, Black Noir (Women’s Plus Size)

Cambria Velvet Maxi Dress, Garden State (Women’s Plus Size)

The Illusion Dress

We’re used to all the uncomfortable fashion gear to remodel or hide our curves. I prefer by far this option:

This dress features contrasting lace sides and shoulder to create an hourglass figure. It’s a clever design that enhances the natural beauty of curves instead of locking it in a straightjacket!

This model is also available in navy blue for a subtle yet perceptible color nuance.

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Valentina Lace Illusion Cocktail Dress – Black/Burgundy (Womens Plus Size)



The Bodycon Dress

Bianca Ruched Dress, Plum (Women’s Plus Size)



Romantic Vintage Pink


Refined Ruched Dress, Vintage Rose (Women’s Plus Size)



Versatile Dresses to Fit any Occasion

A good dress purchase is one that you can use in both chic and casual events. Whether it’s has a classic or trendy look it has to be comfortable and look well on you.

You don’t want your dress to sit in the closet because it’s too official or sober. These dresses can be matched with casual accessories for a night out in the city or home with friends.

A great way to save money and extend the life of a special occasion dress!

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Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress, Navy Lace/Nude Lining (Womens Plus Size)


Improving your Shopping Experience

From an online shopping perspective, browsing the largest online retailers can result in big money savings when done with proper discernment.

Many designers and merchants that run retailer physical stores all over the country offer up to 70% discount when you buy online during their sales event.

It’s always a good practice to read other customers reviews and comments. This helps to detect any recurring problem with a specific merchant with sizes, shipping delays, etc.

Finding Reliable Online Stores

There is a huge selection of full figure gowns and dresses that may not have any comments or customer rating.

Nevertheless, sellers can have good products that are made with customer’s interest in mind.

Good indicators are the quality of the information they provide about the product like a specific merchant size chart, custom-made options and dressmaking origin for example.


Renowned Merchants Offer Outstanding Customer Service

Another aspect to take into account is the possibility to contact the merchant directly for any inquiries.

Merchants usually provide a customer service phone number, email or Facebook page.

I never hesitate to contact a merchant when I am ready to place an order but unsure about important aspects. You can ask questions about their return\refund policies, where they’re shipping from, type of blend used for the fabrics, etc.

Good merchants are always ready to help their customers.


Finding the Right Dress or Outfit isn’t Complicated…

… if you go to the right place!

The merchants listed here all have online stores so you can window-shop in the comfort of your home. Just click on the link provided to see what they have in-store.

Here are the three types of plus size clothing stores.


1. Authentic Plus Size Brands

The greatest benefit of going to a specialized boutique is that they have an extended knowledge of what their customers are looking for and know what they need. Designers put emphasis on making comfortable garments whether you’re looking for a special occasion dress or a casual outfit.

Buying a full figure dedicated brand also means less search time because they have the size that fits you. Not the one they push you to buy because it’s what they have left as in regular stores!

They also have complementary products and accessories like belts, seamless nylon stockings, shapewear, and more.

Kiyonna (Made in the USA)

♥ Eloquii

♥ Monif C.

♥ Fashion To Figure

♥ Hips & Curves

♥ Torrid

♥ Catherines Lane Bryant

♥ Fullbeauty


♥ City Chic



2. Made to Measure

Another option to find the perfect outfit is to have it custom made. Here are a few online merchants you might want to have a look at.

Having a dress made to your exact measurements has become very popular. This can be explained by the fact that it’s becoming affordable partly because customizations are made in China.

However, there are some companies who manufacture their clothes in the USA like Kiyonna. Although they don’t offer a custom-made dress service, the quality of their design is excellent.


→ eShakti

Psst… Make sure to read this article until the end for detailed tips to take accurate body measurements.


3. Regular Retailers Selling Full Figure Brands

→ Saks Fifth Avenue

→ Talbots

→ Carmakoma

→ Just My Size

→ Mod Cloth

→ Nordstrom

→ TB Dress

→ Dillards

→ Alloy Apparel

→ Old Navy



Merchants Offering More Than Clothes

If there was only one thing to say about plus size clothing stores is that women now have a lot more choices than a decade ago!

You’ll notice how diversified the offering is while browsing the merchant’s website mentioned in this post.

A good example of this is how some stores integrate all techniques and products to cover all customers needs. Petite and tall sizes, specialized insoles for shoes, and shapers are some of these accessories.



Customized and Affordable

eShakti stands out by offering a specific design that you can customize with a different neckline, sleeve, length, and size. Furthermore, they include a pre-paid label with all their packages. This way you can return a dress or any unworn product.

They also have a customer loyalty program. Basically, you refer a friend who’ll get 30$ off their first 60$ purchase and you get 30$ for each qualified purchase.



Plus Size Models Wanted

You can recognize a good clothing brand by its capacity to create clothing with high adaptability to diversified body measurements.

Honestly, I don’t know many people fitting the 5’9″ model type with 36″ bust, 24″waist, and 36″ hips measures.

Full figure clothing merchants are well aware that they are making clothes for real women like you and me. It’s with this in mind that Torrid is looking for their 2017 brand ambassador.

This is a short video from Torrid featuring Lyanna Lynette, the 2016 face of Torrid.



How to Take Accurate Measurements

No matter how beautiful a garment is on a hanger, it is usually not fitting completely the way it should on you.

The fabrics, textile motifs, and accessories you select can improve the way a garment looks when you wear it.

Whether you want to know how to take measurements – dress (short or long) made-to-measure or for any other type of outfit – the following rules apply.


Why Have a Custom-Made Dress?

Trying on dresses can sometimes be hard on the nerves.

The bottom fits well but the breast is too tight or too loose, the length is too long or too short. When you finally manage to zip it all the way up, you realize you can’t even sit or walk normally because this dress is too small.

Even if it’s two sizes bigger than what you usually wear… I’ve been there and it’s so frustrating! You start to wonder if you gain weight.

Unless you just got back from an all-inclusive vacation or its early January and you remember eating too much of that chocolate Yule log during Christmas time, chances are you are just like everyone else.

You just don’t fit the manufacturer’s standard size chart!


Custom-Made Dress Sellers

There are many companies that offer the possibility to have your dress custom made over the Internet for less 200$.

All you have to do is provide your own measurements upon order. As in any other money transaction made online make sure the seller has a faultless customer service and outstanding clothing quality.

I will explain how to take custom dress measurements based on popular merchants requirements. I will also provide useful tips to ensure they are accurate.


Find a Helping Hand

Another good way to find the best dress type for your body shape is to select the appropriate fabrics and accessories. First of all, I suggest that you ask someone to help you take the measurements (your other half or a close friend).

Basically, someone you don’t mind seeing you in your underwear!

This will allow you to stand normally. If you do it yourself, the measurements may not be accurate. Even the slightest difference can result in an unflattering and uncomfortable dress.

Here’s how it works.


Basic Measurements


Usually requires 2 different measurements. Your height without shoes measuring from the top of head to the floor and the height of heels that you plan to wear.

Note that some merchants may only require your height with your shoes on.



This is the measurement around your chest at the fullest part of your breasts.

Some merchants suggest wearing a thin bra when taking this measure but if possible wear the actual undergarments you plan to wear with the dress.

To ensure accuracy, keep your arms on each side of your body as you would naturally and, here again, ask someone else to help take the measure.


Waist (natural waist):

The narrowest space between the rib cage and the hips. Usually located about 1 inch above the navel. It is recommended to hold the tape just a bit loose to concede some breathing space.



This is the measurement at the fullest part of your hips, where the hip bone is.

To give you a better idea,  it’s about 7 to 9 inches below the natural waist.


Other Measurement Requirements Depending on the Dress Style

The following measurements require that you first find the horizontal line between your shoulders which is determined by the cavity or hollow between your collarbones. Pull the tape from there to the floor.

Pro Tip:

For those of us blessed with curves, you just follow the horizontal shoulder line from the hollow to your arm and pull the tape from there to keep the tape straight and avoid natural body’s contours.


Some merchants will also want the following measurements to be taken. Make sure to stand upright with feet together and without shoes

– Front length shoulder to waist;

– Shoulder to feet;

– Shoulder width (measured in the back).


Follow Merchants Specific Requirements

Keep in mind that each merchant has its own specific measurement requirements so make sure you use their form and provide all the information required.

Ask them questions if you are not sure how a measurement should be taken. This is important because once the order is placed it usually cannot be changed.


Good Ol’ Days…

A few decades ago, having a dress custom-made was the most affordable way to get one.

Things have changed. The price of “prêt à porter” clothing has dropped and we usually buy from storefronts.

When you buy a pair of pants, for example, it’s usually too long and you have to bring it to a dressmaker or a tailor and pay for the alteration. Depending on how complicated the alteration is you have to wait from 3 to 6 days before your dress, pants or any other type of garment is ready to be picked up.

With any luck, it will fit you in the way you wanted.

Another benefit of custom made is that there is basically no chance that you find someone else dressed like you or to find someone wearing a gown that fits as perfectly as yours.

Ain’t that a relief 🙂


Stunning Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Hope you liked the dresses and information you read here. I would love to know what is your favorite brand of full figure clothing.

You can write to me by leaving a comment below. If you have any questions I’d be glad to help!


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