Program Fans for the Wedding Ceremony

These program fans for the wedding ceremony are cute and practical items that your guests will love. They might even keep it and find them very useful by the pool on hot summer days!


Important: Note that the backgrounds patterns and images found in this post were made by graphic designers and that they own the copyrights to them.

This means I cannot sell them to you. In fact, the following program fans for the wedding ceremony are only intended to help you find the style you like best for you wedding programs. I hope that the fonts styles and colors or word structure I added will help make a sound decision.


They say an image is worth a thousand words. Let’s look at some design ideas with wording describing ceremony’s order of events and more.Program fans for the wedding ceremony



Choosing the Right Structure for You

Some designs are suitable for more detailed ceremony order of events while others focus more on presenting the family and friends that have an active role during the wedding. These can be but are not limited to, groom and bride’s parents, bridesmaids, flower girl, best man, etc..


Page Style

A wedding program fan has two sides which you can customize the way you want. If you choose to have a detailed ceremony order of events choose a design that will allow you to add more information.

The following wedding program is a good example. You can easily add more information if needed since most of the space available on one side of the wedding program fan is reserved for it.

Moreover, you can break down some activities (e.g. the song played during the processional, name of the persons who make the reading, etc.)


Wedding program fan ceremony wording



Paragraph Style

Choosing a paragraph structure is great to enumerate all activities taking place during the ceremony without taking too much space.

This is ideal if you want to add a special thank you message, a remembrance or if you simply want to put the focus on presenting family and friends.


wedding program fan ceremony paragraph



Using a paragraph for the ceremony events is also a good idea if you have a specific design in mind like in the following example.

This beautifully adorned front page wedding program model requires some thinking when it comes to presenting the information.

Nevertheless, there’s still enough room to add more activities if needed.

That’s the magic of infographics!


Wedding program order of events presentation ideas



Choosing Appropriate Wording and Design

The designs previously showed were structured and polished to become a finished product. However, these can be adapted if you need to add more texts, different sections or pictures.


The ceremony wording or order of event is something very personal. Remember, that you should keep your wording the way you want it to be and choose a design that makes it stand out.

In general, a good graphic designer can help you achieve the desired look without having to compromise on content.



Custom Made Program Fans for the Wedding Ceremony

Hope this helped you figure out what design is best for your wording needs. If you have a question or a comment you can leave it in the section below.



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