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From experience, purchasing steps of a 10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls can look quite confusing. In fact, many merchants don’t provide clear and enough information to make it easy to compare them with each other. Even worst, some provide contradictory information or write evasive specifications.

I decided to share my findings through this post by including the best three options for 10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls tents I found on Amazon.

10x20 popup canopy tent


Heavy duty 10 x 20 canopy

Note that, despite searching through the vendor’s official website, questions & answers sections and buyer’s comments, some information was nowhere to be found (e.g.: polyethylene tarp thickness value (mils) and the wind or thermal resistance, etc.).

The models featured here are all classified as “Heavy Duty” quality and are priced between $250 and $400. These prices can vary depending on current discounts.



What they have in common

First of all, the 3 models have certain common characteristics. Therefore, I won’t be repeating these in each model pros and cons section to make your reading experience more enjoyable:

  • They all provide a good ventilation with 2 zippered doors at each end for better accessibility and cross ventilation;
  • These canopy designs don’t allow sidewalls to be rolled up. However, they can be removed from the structure to be used as a sunshade;
  • They are water-resistant and UV protected



Are these canopies for temporary or permanent use?

These units are all described as “for temporary use” by the manufacturer. A term that is deliberately vague in my opinion. It’s also somewhat contradictory given the fact that manufacturer encourages to use it as a garage or storage.

Nevertheless, many reviewers seem to use it as a permanent facility in their backyard or as boat house in the winter.

The best way to avoid pitfalls is to take advantage of actual buyer’s experience which is available on the Amazon product page. I detail some of the best advice I found in the “Lesson learn” section.



10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls


Quicktent (model: GM1102)


  • Size: 10 x 20 x 9 ft.
  • Material: 160g polyethylene. UV protected, water and rot resistant
  • Frame: Heavy duty white powder coated steel
  • Tube diameter: 1.50”
  • Color: White
  • Packaging weight: 63.2kg/139 lbs
  • User guide: Not available


Pros:10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls

  • Easy to assemble with spring pin frame and elastic ball straps.
  • Roll-up covers on windows to ensure intimacy and shade;
  • Rot-resistant;
  • Large church window design that adds an aesthetic focal point if used for a wedding, outdoor parties, craft fairs, etc.



  • Not build to support snow.
  • The manufacturer doesn’t mention what is included in terms of anchoring or parts.


My thoughts: Overall, buyer’s who reviewed this product are satisfied with customer service, product quality, and visual aspect.

On a personal note, I find deceiving that this seller does not provide user’s guide for customers to read before buying while other manufacturers do. However, I believe they are willing to send it to you on email request.

Looking at the user’s guide provides complementary information as to what is included in the price you pay. It also gives a good idea of how difficult it is to set up and how much time and people it takes to assemble it.



Abba Patio Canopy Gazebo Collection (model: APGP36PEW)


  • Size: 10 x 20 ft. Peak height: 9.4 ft. Sidewall height: 6.5 ft.
  • Material: 145g/m2 polyethylene
  • Frame: Steel. Rust-free powder coated, metal connector. 8 legs
  • Tube diameter: Ø 1. 5 inch
  • Color: White
  • Package weight: 132.3 lbs
  • User guide: Available here
  • Accessories: 4 x ground stakes(275mm), 36 x ground stakes(180mm), 4 x guy lines, 46 x elastic ball straps.



  • Easy to assemble with spring pin frame and elastic ball straps. Bolt and nuts are only needed to attach legs to the base plates.
  • Window’s church design makes it suitable for events with certain decorum like weddings, rather than conventional carport square windows. It also provides lots of natural light.



  • Lack of intimacy due to the absence of roll-up covers on windows, unlike Quicktent’s model.
  • Does not support snow.


My thoughts:

It’s obvious that a canopy tent doesn’t offer the same security as a locked garage or shed would. Still, there is no need to pique people’s (or a burglar’s) curiosity by letting them see what is inside.

Therefore it may not be suitable if you intend to use it to store valuable goods like a boat, motorcycle, vintage cars, etc.



King Canopy Hercules Snow Load Unit (Model: HC1020PCSL)


  • Size: 240 x 128 x 117 inches (10 x 20 x 9.8 ft. approx.)
  • Material: Heavy duty white polyethylene fitted cover w/ Leg Skirts (6 oz. / 180 g/sq. m.). UV Inhibitors, fire retardant, water resistant
  • Frame:  20 Gauge Steel / .8mm. White powder coated. 8 Leg A-Frame Design
  • Tube diameter: 2″ & 1.5″
  • Color: White
  • Shipping weight: 170 lbs (77 kg approx.)
  • User guide: Available here



  • Fire-retardent. Perfect if used as a carport or to store gas equipment (e.g. BBQ, lawn mower, etc.);
  • Roll-up covers on windows to ensure intimacy and shade;
  • Made to support snow. This unit includes 4 snow load truss cables that strengthen the overall structure.
  • Larger and sturdier 2″ steel pipes are used to form the roof rafter and the legs while the 1.5″ are used to form the perimeter. Other brands only use 1,5″ piping.



  • No anchoring provided. This is definitely something to keep in mind as these are absolutely necessary as per manufacturer’s guidelines (see user’s guide).


My thoughts:

Although this canopy is presented as robust enough to support some snow weight, keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends removing accumulations of snow, ice or rain.

On the other hand, arid climate can damage the cover just as much as extreme cold conditions. The manufacturer’s warranty also states that normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty and should be expected.

Canopy carport anchoring


How to reinforce and protect your canopy structure

All 3 manufacturers warn customers that their canopy tent is for a temporary use.

As you probably know, many people use it as a permanent installation. In spite of that, you can’t expect your canopy tent to withstand tropical storms, heavy snowfalls or ice storms. However, you can prevent it from being damaged prematurely by taking a few common-sense precautions:

  1. Install it in a location sheltered from the wind;
  2. Remove any snow, ice or rain accumulation;
  3. Add appropriate anchoring;
  4. If possible, remove and store covers and sidewalls after use or if a storm system is forecasted



Reviewers satisfaction

I concentrated my search on these 3 models as they are very well rated by a large sample of buyers.

In fact, between 25 to 60 buyers gave their opinion and rated it 4 and 4.5 stars out of 5.

Even though the vast majority is satisfied with their 10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls choice, it’s important to look at what some buyer’s disliked to avoid beeing deceive by a product. The following section summarizes the most useful advice.



Lessons learn tips:

Finally, consider the following aspects:

  • Make sure you have the right user manual for the canopy model you bought to perform all steps in correct order. Some people mention they have forgotten to add the roof cable system at the beginning.

Such details might look insignificant but can make the difference under strong wind gusts or heavy snow.

  • Verify that the box contains all parts including small ones like elastic ball straps.
    Ensure that you have the exact quantities with the user manual.Canopy and carport sand bags
  • When assembling your canopy, never leave it unanchored! Especially with the cover and\or sidewalls on.

Ideally, wait for a steady calm weather before building it or it will act like a kite under the wind!

  • Make sure to add proper anchoring like good quality ropes, tent stakes, and weight bags to secure your canopy to the ground.

Some manufacturers provide basic stakes but some like King Canopy don’t.

Depending on weather conditions this may not be enough to protect your tent and what’s inside from being damaged.

  • Use appropriate storage bags or boxes to avoid misplacing or damaging parts. Reviewers mentioned that shipping boxes in which they received their tent unit are not ideal for storing their 10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls after use.

Customers can buy storage bags on Amazon. The cheapest is priced $17 and the most expensive ones on wheels are around $80.

Hope this post helped you in your search for the perfect 10 x 20 canopy with sidewalls for your needs.

Do you have questions? Do you want to share a personal experience to help others in their search?

You can leave it here in the comment section!

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