Royal Blue and Gold Wedding Centerpieces

The following royal blue and gold wedding centerpieces items simple when seen individually. Nevertheless, they are absolutely gorgeous when correctly assembled.

In fact, the most impressive centerpiece designs are often made with elementary items. In this article, I will feature products of all sizes and shapes that you can use to make one of a kind royal blue and gold wedding centerpieces.



Royal Blue Wedding Centerpieces – The Essentials


Centerpiece Anatomy in Brief

A main visual element is the most visible item of your centerpiece.

Most common objects used are glass vases filled with flowers or water beads but it can also be a lantern, a chandelier, large mason jars, assorted candles pillar, and so on.

It’s usually the first thing people see when approaching the table. When guests sit and start to look around they see the centerpiece details.

These are usually smaller adornments like tea light holders, table numbers, the wood slab or mirror under the main element. Both main and secondary elements complement each other and make the centerpiece look fuller.


Royal Blue Main Visual Elements

To begin with, it’s important to say that there are fewer royal blue wedding items than gold ones. If you want something really specific in this color you may need to make it.

Don’t worry too much, though. The following ideas are pretty interesting and make a great visual impact without being overwhelming.

As an example, ostrich feathers are unique and affordable. They are 10 to 12 inches long and can be seen from across the room. It’s a sophisticated way to decorate your tall glass vases and add an exuberant, festive look coming straight out of the 1920’s.

It’s a perfect material for a Great Gatsby, “Les Années Folles” wedding theme.


The manzanita tree is another great alternative if you’re looking for a tall centerpiece. Plus, the one featured above comes with the acrylic strings. This tree is ready to be put on the guests’ table and admired by all without having to purchase anything else to embellish it.

Finally, a royal blue sequin table runner makes any table look stylish and can be matched with a gold centerpiece like a pedestal bowl or a candelabra.


Accessorizing With Royal Blue Items

Diamond shape confetti is often used as vase fillers but they can also be scattered on the table or at the bottom of a tray around pillar candles. Using glass votives is another option to provide your table decoration with a royal blue accent color you desire.

Also, try using cobalt glasses instead of regular clear glasses. Their deep and intense color is a visual delight and can also be used as guest favors with their names engraved on them.

Speaking of guest favors, blue agate slice coasters make a unique and sophisticated present

Golden Main Visual Element


Needless to say that it’s much easier to find golden decorative items. In fact, many of the items featured above can be found in their gilded version. It’s actually the case for the stunning manzanita tree, refined table runner, and lotus flower tea light holder.

For a tall gold wedding centerpiece, this 5 arm 18 inches tall candelabra will certainly provide the tables with a majestic touch.

Golden Accessories

Choosing decorative table numbers is a great way to make a table look harmonious and stylish. These golden mirror table numbers are a perfect addition to sophisticated royal blue and gold wedding centerpieces.

I also love those squared votives with an antique finish. In fact, why not use them as the main centerpiece by grouping 5 of them? Feeling creative?  Organize them in a pyramidal shape using LED candle lights to avoid fire risk.

To make them stand out, they can be placed on decorative metal trays as those featured below.


Royal Blue and Gold Wedding Centerpieces

As I mentioned often in previous articles, you don’t need to spend hours or have extraordinary craft skills to make your own wedding centerpieces.

In fact, you can easily design it by using the tips in this post. Then its only a matter of selecting the vendors that offer you the best value for your money.

Let’s you want to include 3 golden votives to each centerpiece arrangement. Moreover, you’ll be needing to make 10 or more centerpieces to decorate all the tables, than you should look for wholesale merchants.

Really, the discounts they offer are worth looking at as you’ll be needing 30 of them. Again this applies to all other elements like lanterns, glass vases, chandeliers, LED light strings. Buying in bulk is also possible when it comes to charger plates and fancy disposable dishware.



Other Centerpieces Expenses to Consider

If you want fresh or artificial flowers in your centerpiece arrangement you should consider buying in bulk as well. Depending on your needs and taste it can get very expensive. You’ll be needing lots of them especially if you want floral centerpieces and also bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.


Hope you’ve found this article useful. If you’d like to exchange ideas

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