Rubber Band Wedding Bands – Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for rubber band wedding bands for you or your spouse, you probably notice that there are more and more brands to choose from. I decided to review a sample of the most popular ones.

This article is a review of Honor Eternity Ring by Honor gear. You can also look at the following silicone wedding ring brands reviews:



The Honor Gear silicone is a brand that grows in popularity very fast. It’s affordable, has a simple design that reaches a large audience, unlike other brands that focus on high-performance athletes.

Moreover, most reviewers are pleased with the merchant’s fast customer service in providing replacements due to inaccurate sizing for example.

Now, let’s get into more details with the characteristics and Pros and Cons of these rubber band wedding bands.



“Honor Eternity Ring” Characteristics

  • Flexible and comfortable due to the slick and extensible material;
  • Tensile strength surpassing 183N 
  • Made of high-grade non-toxic silicone and is also waterproof;
  • Electrically non-conductive;
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee, in other words, if your ring is damaged the merchant commits to exchange it for free


By the way, here’s a note for those like me who are not familiar with such notion:



Pros and Cons



  • Plain outer design compared to other brands that have engravings, beveled edges, colored lines, etc. This is a perfect for someone who prefers a minimalist look.


  • 90% of the reviewers rated it 5 stars at the time of writing these lines.


  • Accommodating customer service when it comes to sending the customer a different ring size. Many customers enjoyed the quick service and the fact they received an additional ring at no extra charge.





Most reviews are positive and past customers are inclined to recommend this product.

However, it’s important to consider all opinions including those from dissatisfied customers. Even if there are only a few at the time I wrote this review:

  • Most complaints are about the tendency of this ring material to stretch rather quickly. Therefore, it’s easier t lose it while washing your hands or swimming for example.


  • Not as robust as expected. Extreme use may cause it to rip or tear;


  • Although the design is curved and looks bulky and thick on slim fingers, the material seems flimsy and thin. It also may have harsh edges in its original state. These tend to smooth after wearing it long enough;


  • Can causes skin problems like a rash, allergic reactions, peeling skin, and swelling, sore and blisters… All nasty things that are not good to have especially when you work a lot on dirty equipment or with chemicals. This can increase the chance of infection if your wound is not properly protected.



Rubber Band Wedding Bands: The Conclusion



From all rubber band wedding bands out there this is probably the cheapest. Besides, there are other interesting variations you can buy from this vendor at even lower price like a pack of 3 or more rings.


Safe for Work but not for Long-Term Use

Also, these rubber band wedding bands are a good option for people who are not allowed to wear jewelry during their work duties due to the risk of injury to yourself and others.

Furthermore, professionals like cooks, nurses, and equipment operators that don’t perform mechanic’s task can use silicone bands to avoid losing their expensive metal wedding bands.

However, many reviewers reported skin problem due to using their rubber ring for an extended period of time. Therefore, make sure to remove, wash and dry thoroughly your ring.

Finally, do not wear it all the time. For example, try wearing it for a couple of hours a day the first weeks and see how the skin under it reacts.


May React to Chemicals

However, some reviewers reported that their rings were damaged while using certain chemicals like W40 and fuel. So unless you are allowed to wear nitrile gloves, its preferable to remove your ring.


Caring for Kids

It’s definitely a good option for daycare and kindergarten workers to prevent scratching infants skins with a prong set ring for example.


No Customizations

Finally, this vendor does not provide any customizations like engravings or design. Also, sizing may not be accurate although vendor seems is accommodating and responsive to the customer’s requests.


Not a Luxury Looking Ring

This is not anything close to a gold wedding band although its the cheapest option if you want a symbolic ring that you can easily replace if lost or torn.



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