Rubber Wedding Bands For Men – Review Of Cons And Pros

There are many companies selling silicone or rubber wedding bands for men. The prices are ranging from 10$ to 30$.

I personally don’t think it’s worth spending more than 20$ as the product is pretty much the same in terms of quality and warranty.


Product: Simple Ring Works silicone wedding band

My rating: 7 out of 10



Rubber wedding bands for men and women are basically meant to take the hits and scratches instead of your actual expensive wedding band.

It’s a popular option for people who work in industries where it’s forbidden to wear jewelry for safety reasons.

Not to mention some type of activities like water sports, gardening, climbing, etc. increases the chances of losing your precious wedding bands.


Rubber Wedding Bands for Men and Women



  • Durable as it is designed to be wear for extreme use like weight lifting or climbing and extensive manual works;


  • It’s waterproof and doesn’t slip from the finger when wearing appropriate size;


  • Flexible and comfortable due to the slick and extensible material;


  • Designed to break away at 40 lbs of pressure;


  • Made of medical grade hypoallergenic silicone;


  • Electrically non-conductive;


  • Amazon’s exchange policy allows quick and easy exchanges if you need a different size.



  • Besides size, there is no customization possible to its design, shape or engravings;


  • 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the actual size of your finger causing constant humidity under it when washing your hands or sweating;


  • Looks can be deceiving if you expect something more than what it is: a silicon band! You may find it looks more like a kid ring than a wedding band.




This product is awesome if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to wearing your expensive wedding band or ring while working with your hands.

Practical and Safe

It’s also appropriate to take care of your little one and avoiding hurting their delicate skin with your wedding ring gemstone.

Sizing Considerations

Make sure to order 1 or 2 sizes bigger than what you usually wear. You shouldn’t wear it 24 hours a day as it may cause irritation.

Otherwise, this piece of silicone is just what it pretends to be: a durable product made of a non-conductive and flexible material for active people.


What You See Is What You Get. Period.

Don’t be deluded by the term “wedding” that the companies selling this product use in the name.

These rubber wedding bands for men or women have nothing to do with a luxury gold or platinum wedding band. Nevertheless, it’s still the best way to protect such an expensive investment.



Where to Buy Them

Silicone rings are sold in many fitness centers or outdoor equipment shops.

Be careful and critical of the products as silicon quality may vary from one manufacturer to another.

If you plan to buy it at a local store, I suggest that you ask the salesperson more information about the quality and warranty they offer. This will give you an idea of how reliable the product is.

If you would like to buy these online they are available at Amazon

If you have any questions about this review, want to share your opinion or leave your personal review, leave a comment below.


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19 Responses to “Rubber Wedding Bands For Men – Review Of Cons And Pros

  • WOW! I wasn`t familiar with the existence of rubber wedding rings!
    I think they have many advantages and I really would consider buying one since my original wedding ring is in a box for many years…
    Thanks a lot for revealing this option!

  • Hi there!
    To me this is a good idea. As me and my partner are active people who works with animals and also do activities like skate boarding, surf and BJJ. We want to show others we are married, but do not like wearing expensive jewelry as it could get lost, damaged or just plain get in the way!
    I never thought of an alternative. This product has got me curious and for sure will check it out and see if my local outdoor store has got some in stock to try.
    Thank you for posting this article!

    Cheer Erica 🙂

  • Ha? I never know that such product exist.
    I would leave my wedding ring at home rather than buying a wedding band.
    I will not let girls flirt with me or vice versa. I am a married man. It counts for something.

    Heck.. even me and my wife have not worn a wedding ring in over a year now. To troublesome at points.

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Arief, Some people find it useful as they are happy to wear something to remind them of their loved one. It’s a bit like having the pictures of your husband\wife and kids on your office desk. Something from home while you are working hard for your family. Should you reconsider here’s where you can buy it on amazon

  • These rubber wedding bands are for people who don’t want to endanger their expensive diamond bands?

    I personally love the idea of non-diamond wedding rings! A few years ago I set out to replace mine with just a simple band and found a collection by a woman in Ojai, California. (Jess MaHarry) Stunning!

    Thanks for the great information here! It’s a great website!

    • Hi Jackie, I would love to see this lady’s ring ideas. Can you add the link to her website in a comment? Maybe this can help other people.

  • OK. Silicon rubber bands. Never heard of them. To be honest. Call me weird, but I don’t wear wedding bands. Mine is locked away. I wear it when i feel like it. If I feel it is not appropriate to wear it, maybe because it may get damaged, then I do not wear it. Rubber wedding bands sounds like kids toys to be. I think my children would probably nick it of my fingers and play with it, and i probably would bother too much. Rubber bands do not feel serious to me. I mean it is a marriage. Do you not think?

    • Hi Arif, believe or not, many people wear these. Not as the official wedding band but as a ring they can wear while training or doing something that can damage their expensive wedding ring. Do you remember a few years ago how silicon bracelets were popular to support a cause? It’s in the same spirit.

  • I have ordered one of these for my up coming wedding, I love the idea since I work with my hands a lot. I have rings in the past including a plain gold band and I felt I was constantly scratching it and bending it out of round. I reviewed a few different brands and found most of them were the same material but I did not like that they put their trade mark on the outside, I felt that made it look cheap. I did find a few that had a few with simple markings on it and that is what I ordered.

    One comment I would add to your article is that these rings do have a break away force of about 40 lbs., This is a great safety feature built in as other materials do not break away and will either break your finger or de-glove it. With this low break away feature it will just leave a red or bruised finger which is a lot better then the alternative.

    • Carolyn
      7 years ago

      Hi Bob, Congratulations for your upcoming wedding!

      Thanks for sharing your personal experience with silicone rings.
      It’s a very judicious comment and important fact you are mentioning as it is what makes it safer than metal, wood, or other materials. The breakaway force is not always mentioned by the merchant. May I ask what brand you bought?

      I would like to know if you are satisfied with your purchase a few months after buying it. Is it comfortable, durable, etc.

      Hope to have you back!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Great idea. Just what I needed for both me and my wife as we both have active lifestyles. The choices of color are great too.
    I’m a concern about the looks of this ring, the sides look a bit rough…

  • Why does it matter what you wear? Expensive or cheap. Personally why waste money on expensive wedding bands? If you love your spouse why the need to wear flashy rings? Who cares if it’s silicone; or gold or silver or even platinum! If you need an expensive flashy ring to express your love……

  • I purchased one of these as an alternative to my wedding band not fitting anymore due to weight gain. The one thing not mentioned above is the smell. You should clean it properly or a sticky sweat smell can build up. Great product beyond that.

    • Carolyn
      6 years ago

      Hi Matt, thanks for your input. Yes, you should probably remove the silicon ring every day. Ideally, I would wash it with soap and let it dry before wearing it again.

      How long have you been wearing it? Is the rubber still smooth and intact?

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Hi Carolyn. This is a very informative and interesting article, thank you. My wife and I are in our 50’s so this is something very new to us. In the past, being a mechanic, I did not wear a wedding band while at work. Back in our younger days rubber wedding bands didn’t exist so many men working with their hands really didn’t have a choice but not to wear their wedding band. My wife’s daughter is a member of CrossFit and recently while attending an event, we noticed several couples wearing the rubber wedding bans. It was the first time we ever saw them. It is nice that these bands are an option for couples who want to let others know they are married and are reasonably priced…Dennis

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