Rubber Wedding Rings for Men and Women Review

Rubber wedding rings for men and women (otherwise called silicone wedding bands) have been popular for a couple of years. Although they all seem to have the same general characteristics some brands have found a way to make a unique type of design to solve some known issues.

BULZi has put on the market a product that claims to have a major benefit for those who have skin problems when wearing their wedding bands.

In fact, many people have allergies to certain metal alloys or are simply looking for a ring material that they can wear to work or while they are practicing their favorite outdoor and sports activities.

Moreover, many past customers who bought silicone rings have experienced some level of dermal irritation due to friction and lack of breathability that comes with any rubber-made material.

That’s where BULZi steps in with its Exclusive Cushdome™ bevels that reduce the contact surface on your skin.



You can also look at other rubber wedding rings for men and women alternatives and compare the pros and cons of each:



Brand’s Selling Argument

The manufacturer has engineered a ring shape that allows more airflow to prevent skin problems.

If it proves effective, the idea has the advantage to be most welcome has it would solve a common issue to any brands on the market.


Let’s look at the facts and also the good and not so good aspects of the BULZi rubber wedding rings for men and women.



General Specifications

  • Non-conductive, unlike metal rings. It can be used in work environments involving electrical hazard to prevent lethal injuries;


  • Non-porous: it’s meant to be easy to clean and shouldn’t absorb liquids and odors as opposed to other non-metal materials like wood and cork wedding bands.



BULZi’s Features

The vendor features 3 different rubber wedding rings for men and women: 6mm, 8mm, and Zi2.

The first and second models respectively have a 6mm and 8mm width by 2mm thickness.

They also feature a smooth dome-shaped silhouette as opposed to the Zi2 which has a flat surface with squared edges.

The Zi2 ring is their largest and thickest model available with a 7mm width by 3mm thick. It also features a tone on tone stripe design and is available in black, gray, blue, and white.

The most important characteristic is BULZi Exclusive Cushdome™ bevels. They are the vendor’s answer to people who are looking for a comfortable silicone wedding ring that reduces the risk of having skin problem induced by the wear of a silicone band.



BULZi  – The Good and Not So Good


⇒ Designed to maximize breathability. The beveled designs under the ring are tiny bumps designed to reduce the contact surface of the band with the skin. In fact, it elevates the ring over the skin allowing a better airflow and keeps the skin dry after washing your hands.

It also prevents sweat and moist from getting trapped between your skin and the rubber band as it would with other flat surface bands. In fact, excessive humidity can cause irritation, peeling, and other skin conditions.


⇒ Lightweight feel. The reduce contact surface is ideal to minimize the sensation of wearing a plastic toy ring.


⇒ Comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This includes a one-time replacement of the same band purchased in case of tearing during normal use.



Sizing is not the same as your actual metal ring. This is a pretty common issue for all rubber wedding band brands. However, the vendor recommends to choose a size down if you are in between sizes.


No mention of the weight pressure or tension required to break the ring. This is interesting to know as some people may prefer a more “robust” or resistant to tearing band due to their activities.

For example, working with your hands in between tight car engine parts or cleaning narrow spaces could crack or tear your rubber ring easily.

On the opposite, using your ring for outdoor activities that don’t involve much object manipulation like hiking or swimming does not benefit from a better resistance to tearing force.


⇒ Stretches over time. As for any rubber bands, it has a tendency to become loose over time and eventually will slip off your finger easily.



BULZi’s Rubber Wedding Rings for Men and Women

Skin Irritation

This manufacturer offers an alternative worth looking at. Especially, if you experienced skin problem in the past with other rubber ring brands. Not everything is perfect, though. If you read Amazon customer’s reviews you will find past customers who have experienced different levels of discomfort and even skin rashes.


Reading Past Customer Review

While a vast majority of past customers on Amazon reviews seem to be pleased with their purchase some of them dealt with different issues.

This includes replacing a ring that broke prematurely, exchanging for a different size, skin rashes, etc.


Comparing Different Brands

Don’t be influenced by the marketing around a specific brand and base your buying decision on facts by comparing brands and what they have to offer.


Understanding What You Are Paying For: A Cheap But Safer Wedding Band Substitute

Another important thing to keep in mind: all vendors call it a “silicone wedding band”. However, don’t expect it to be anything like your actual expensive gold or platinum wedding band.

First of all, it’s a rubber-made ring that will take the hits so your precious wedding band won’t have to.

Secondly, it’s easier to replace a torn up rubber wedding band than a finger. A ring that breaks away instead of bending and crushing a finger is a real plus in dangerous work environments. It can prevent a finger from degloving.

In conclusion, nothing is more valuable than one’s safety. Under such circumstances, leaving your actual wedding band at home is just common sense.


Comments, Personal Experience, and Questions

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