Rustic Country Fall Wedding Ideas

I’ve chosen these rustic country fall wedding ideas and pictures focusing on prettiness and affordability. They are also easy to do yourself.

I suggest reading Fall Wedding Centerpieces With Pumpkins. The centerpieces will really surprise you by their originality and are also inexpensive.

I know wedding planning takes patience and organization skills. Hopefully, these suggestions can make the decoration part of your planning as smooth as possible.


Also, I have a surprise project idea for you at the end of this article! So make sure you read until the end.

Burlap table runner3

Decorated lanterns

Use lanterns of all shapes and sizes to make guest table decorations outstanding and authentic. Decorate them with flowers and leaves to make a pretty centerpiece during the day.

For safety reasons, use a LED tea light to create a warm ambiance in the evening. Or you can add two or three different size candles around your decorated lantern.

Lantern filled with flowers on silver tray


Guests place card holder

You can buy these inexpensive place markers or make them yourself using birch tree branches.

You can buy these on the following post Rustic Wedding Ideas And Decorations


Rustic guests place card

Pumpkins and other fall delights

Fall is the season if abundance and harvesting. Why not take advantage and use colorful fruits mixed with season flowers to give your tables a beautiful vibe.

The silver accent trays featured in this article can be found on Etsy.

Closeup on fruits and flowers


Customized wine bottle labels

Making your own rustic wine bottle labels is as easy as can be with these customized and pre-design labels.

If you’re interested in seeing more designs you can read DIY Wedding Labels For Wine Bottles.


Personalized fancy shape wine labels


Fall leaves wedding cake

Impress your guests with this multi-tier cake adorn with colorful leaves.



If you’re thinking about making your own single-tier fall theme cake, I think you will like the following video. This cake design from The Icing Artist is unique and easy to make with some patience and bakery skills.


Burlap and lace inspiration

The most popular rustic country fall wedding ideas all include burlap and lace at some point.

The following items all include at least one of these two elements. You can make your chair decorations and guest gifts even prettier by using satin ribbons, dried flowers, and natural twine.

Black ribbon and burlap groom and bride sashesRustic-wedding-guest-chair-decoationBurlap-bouquet-wrap


DIY project: The wedding arch

The wedding arch is one of the simplest structure to build.


Wedding arch with artificial

Wedding arch and other arches

Arches use to grow wine grapes and other climbing plants have to be made of a solid material like wood or cast iron to support the weight. They have a visually interesting structure and cost 200$ or more.

A simple and plain wedding arch cost about 20$ to 40$. They are usually sold with no decorations.

Rustic outdoor decoration for wedding arch


Therefore, you can create your own decor based on your wedding theme, colors, and personal taste.
Common materials use to make a country wedding arch are lace, burlap, bark, branches, foliage, flowers etc.

There are tons of possibilities to make a cheap but elegant looking arch.

One lovely and unique alternative to typical decoration materials is this handmade macrame curtain.

When displayed on a log arch like in this image it really enhances its natural bohemian style. This arch decor is minimalist and easy to make.


Make your own rustic wood arch

This rustic country fall wedding ideas list would not be complete without this romantic all natural element.

In my opinion, the arch that represents best a rustic wedding theme is one made with vine, branches or logs. It’s a great way to save time and money. Since it’s beautiful in itself, you don’t have to hide it using lots of decorations to have a gorgeous rustic wedding arch.

Plus, if you have a backyard, it’s one of the rare elements you get to keep as a tangible souvenir of you wedding day.

How to build it

Does the idea of building your own wedding arch sound appealing but you have no idea where to start?

The following video from The Cedar Workshop shows you all the steps to make a log wedding archway. The part 1 video explains what you need in terms of material, how to work with the logs and assemble them. The second part shows finishing steps.

I really liked it and the result is worth watching.



Rustic country fall wedding ideas and other inspiring links

I hope you’ve found some inspiring ideas in this post and on my website. If you’d like to exchange ideas feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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