Rustic Wedding Table Decorations

There’s nothing more heartwarming and inviting than a rustic wedding. Also, rustic wedding table decorations contribute to creating this ambiance.

Think about it this way: what will your guests be looking at while seated at the table?

That’s right, the table centerpiece and other table ornaments. In fact, if you have a small wedding budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorations, focus on table decorations.

It doesn’t have to be expensive and neither should it take a lot of table space to have a stunning visual impact.



Not Always Good to Think Big

Many people think of table decor as a sculptural centerpiece like a tall vase with lots of flowers.

Why? Because such voluminous centerpiece can really block your guest sight.

The truth is, it’s not necessarily the best option depending on how big the tables are and how far they are from each other.

Rustic metal flower pitcher



Rustic Wedding Table Decorations Without Over Doing It

Think Lovely and Practical

On the other hand, one can also be tempted to add excessive decor items with the intent of making the table look opulent like those pictures we all love on the web. In fact, adding lots of low height decor accessories like greenery garlands, votives, lanterns to make the table look fuller is also tricky.

While the table looks lovely on pictures you’ve found over the internet it doesn’t take into account the guests’ comfort.

Just like tall and voluminous flower arrangements, it can become an annoyance to your guest during dinner.

You have to keep in mind that between the cutlery, glasses of water, glasses of wine, the butter plates there will not be much space left. Guest will find themselves trying to figure out the best way to avoid bumping into each other’s dinnerware.


Wedding Guest Tables Decor With Kids

Also, remember guests with kids may need some extra space on the table for all sorts of things (baby bottles, small toys to keep the kids busy and happy, extra napkins to wipe up accidental spills…).

That’s why it’s best to avoid cluttering the table or your guest may end up putting the centerpiece away…

A really deceiving perspective after all the time and money you spend on the table decor!



Personalized Practical Table Decor

Fortunately, the table decorations are not limited to what’s in the middle of the table and can also be practical. Moreover try to pick a theme-related napkin design, placeholders, and favor packaging.

It’s a great way to turn a functional item into a decorative element.

Table numbers and menus are other great items that you can customize using your wedding theme colors and ideas.

Burlap table runner with printed table number

Furthermore, the table runner or placemats and charger plates add a lot of character to a table conferring the rustic touch picked in accordance to the theme.

Plus, there are lots of accessories like cutlery holder, chair sashes and covers that can be made in burlap or rustic linen fabric for a sweet rural wedding table style.



Do It Yourself Escort Cards

One of the most interesting ways to save money on your wedding is to make your own guest place cards.

Depending on how fancy they are and how many guests will be attending, you can literally save hundreds of dollars.  The following simple ideas are perfect to give your wedding reception tables a more personal touch.

The best part is that place card and other paper supplies like napkins and menus can definitely enhance your table decor at a low cost.

Speaking of inexpensive, choosing a tent design place card makes it unnecessary to use holders, which can be quite pricey. These can be bought at any office supply store. Also, they come in different colors like white and ivory and various paper finish like matte or glossy.

Here are the steps and material needed to create the following stand-alone wedding guest name cards.

Tent lace doilies escort card



  • Avery 2″ x 3-1/2″ cardstock  (176 g/m²) tent cards;
  • Small white lace paper doilies;
  • Decorative ribbon;
  • Dollar store shiny gem stickers;
  • Small adhesive name labels or regular paper sheets for the names

You will also need paper glue and a pair of scissors.

This is a fun and simple craft that doesn’t require too much time and craft skills.

⇒ Adding the Lace Design

  1. Lay flat one of those pre-cut tent cards and center a paper doily on it;
  2. Once you’re sure of the position, secure it in place with 1 or 2 paper clip on one side. The other side is ready to be glued;
  3. Add glue to the interior side of the doily and gently press to ensure it sticks completely to the tent card;
  4. Wait a few minutes until the glue is dry and remove the paper clip.
  5. Repeat the same steps for this side;

⇒ Placing the Names on the Place card

  1. Measure approximately 1 x 2 inches paper rectangles on which you will manually write the names of your guests. Note that you can also use a word processing software to have a specific text style.
  2. Cut one piece of paper and center it on the tent card. For your convenience, mark the position with a pencil to ensure there is an even gap between the bottom and the top and both sides;
  3. Peel the protective paper and stick your labels to the escort cards. If you’re using regular paper add the glue and stick it in place;

⇒ Applying the Embellishments

The finishing touch can sometimes be more challenging.

As you may have noticed, the ribbon goes all the way around the cardstock so that it looks seamless even when you look at the interior of the card.

1. Measure the ribbon accordingly and add at least 4 to 5 inches. This will make it easier to tie a small bow. Once you’re used to the process, you can decide to reduce the length of the ribbon.

2. Fold the tent card. Then, pass the ribbon behind it and tie a bow at the left side.

The first bow may be tricky if you are not used make them that small.

That’s why having extra ribbon length can help. Make a larger bow and then pull each end until you have the desired bow size.

3. Finally, add the shiny gem stickers or leave it as is.


If you found it difficult to tie a perfect decorative bow, you are not the only one. Me too! That’s why I suggest that you make a quick search on your web browser with the following words: “tie a bow with a fork”.

I know it may look like a weird idea to use a fork but it the best way I’ve found to tie tiny bows like the ones required for this craft.

Try it, and let me know how it went.



Place Card Holders

There are many types of escort card holders to make a simple cardstock look amazing. For example, beach chairs and faux coral or sea shell place cards holders are interesting options for a nautical or beach wedding theme.

Antlers are great for a woodland theme wedding and mini easels or vintage key add a cute country touch to the table decor.

Other of my favorite affordable rustic card holder are:

  • Birch log
  • Vintage pressed glass bottles
  • Natural rocks
  • Old fashion typewriter


Want something unique? How about fortune cookies and twisted forks as cardholders. They will sure have your guests talking!

All of these ideas are available for you to buy here.



More Rustic Wedding Table Decor Tips and Pictures

Hope you enjoyed these rustic wedding table decorations suggestions and ideas. Also, take the time to look at more inspirational articles found on my website.

Hereafter, you’ll find a list of rustic wedding design related articles.  These are filled with many more decor pictures you can use to decorate your wedding tables.

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