Sample of Wedding Programs Examples

The following sample of wedding programs examples will give you ideas on how to present the basic information (wording) through different designs and color schemes.

Whether you like a minimalistic design, saturated colors or contrasting tones you will find many ideas in the following examples.


Important: all backgrounds, patterns, and images found in this article are not my work. These are the work of graphic designers who own the copyrights and cannot be sold. I can only use them as examples to provide inspiring ideas for your wedding program. I added the wording to help you visualize how it can look like with your own information.



free printable wedding program designs


This black and white design is an interesting combination of shabby chic and minimalist styles. It puts the emphasis on the wording by using the design elements to frame the text.

Have you noticed the small monogram detail? This is an interesting customization that you can request to have in your wedding program. Also, you can have your wedding theme accent color added to it or to the text.


wedding program fan ceremony paragraph


This wedding program fan design is a simple and effective way to inform your guest and help them stay cool during a hot summer wedding day.

It’s also a super easy DIY project that you can customize by using a personal picture of the future Mr and Mrs or any other wedding theme related image you’d like to use.


Here are the detailed steps, a list of material and tools you’ll need:

Make a Wedding Program Fan – Free Template

Flower theme wedding program


This Morrocan mosaic style wedding program is color saturated and required a bit of thinking to make it easy to read due to the large detailed mosaic in the background and the narrow paper format.

However, this format is cost effective compared to a leaflet format. In fact, you can print it on a double-sided 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 thick paper with the paper finish that you like.

I think it’s a perfect pattern for a bohemian style wedding. It also would look gorgeous as a beach theme wedding program.


Bohemian Beach Wedding Program


♥ See Corresponding Wedding Program Cover Designs 



A bright floral wedding program. I love the idea of this program for a spring wedding. The cover page is almost entirely used for the order of events.

There is enough room to add more details like the name of the aisle song, the name of those who performed the readings, etc.

simple wedding program example


This leaflet wedding program format is a good option if you need lots of space for all kinds of information for your guests. It could be pictures, dedicated word of thanks to special people in your lives, a wedding game to play at the table… you name it.


Beach theme wedding program



This sample of wedding programs examples wouldn’t be complete without a fall theme wedding program suggestion. Why? Simply because I love the idea of an outdoor autumn wedding with the wide range of leaves colors it implies.

Pay attention to how the text sections are presented. The “Thank You” message is at the beginning instead of being at the end. It’s a great way to show your guests that their presence is most important.

Another distinctive aspect of this program is the detailed schedule. This is especially useful, when the wedding ceremony, pictures with the family, dinner or celebration is not held in one single venue like in a large hotel resort. Therefore the guests need to know where they must go and at what time.

Wedding program example order of events


This is an interesting double-sided wedding program that allows you to put a personal quote based on your inspiration.

The quote “On this day our journey begins” can also be left as is since it summarizes well the idea of becoming husband and wife.

A beautiful adventure worth being celebrated.



Sample of Wedding Programs Examples

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. I can provide you with more personalized insights for your wedding programs.

Just leave your requests, questions or comments in the section below and I will get back to you promptly.



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