Silver and Royal Blue Wedding Ideas

These silver and royal blue wedding ideas will help you envision your ceremony and evening wedding venue. In fact, you’ll see that many of these ideas are also cheap. Moreover, they require a minimum of time to set up.


Table centerpieces are one of the most obvious aspects to highlight your theme color. It’s also the simplest way to do so as you don’t need your venue’s permission as you would if you were to decorate the ceiling and walls with curtains.

Depending on the number of tables their shapes (round or rectangular) you may want to have smaller centerpieces or one that you can easily see through. For example, if you want a large central table ornament, a centerpiece made with tall branches won’t block your guest’s view.

A 30 inches silver plated candelabra is another sophisticated option. It creates an impressive visual effect at the tables, setting the tone for a very special evening.


Flower Bowls and New Beginning Tree

The following pictures are featuring silver and royal wedding ideas to make a stunning decor for the guest tables, ceremony and celebration venues.

A flower arrangement in silvery bowls or a royal blue manzanita tree with sparkling acrylic garlands will create a magical ambiance in addition to being a visual delight.

Use a set of pillar candles with different heights to decorate the ceremony altar or place them on the aisle. The ones featured here are flameless silver coated wax candles with an aged finish. These 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 7″ and 9″ tall LED pillar are sold as a pack so you can use as a whole for a romantic and cozy atmosphere.



Chargers and Umbrellas

Picture 20 tables or more with a royal blue sequin table runners with finely ornated silver chargers. As a gift for your guest, sparkling blue Agathe coasters reflecting the candle lights like a precious stone.

One of my favorite findings in related to silver and royal blue wedding ideas is the following.

Last but not least, royal blue silk style umbrellas suspended over the tables with cascading flowers offer an enchanting sight. Umbrellas are large decorative elements that can hide less interesting structures of a venue like plain suspended ceiling tiles.

An uncommon, but artistic and practical way to use them is to assemble them into a vertical design to create a partition wall. You can mix colors like blue, silver and white to make an impressive backdrop where your guest will enjoy taking pictures.

Finally, silk Japanese umbrellas are practical to provide your guests with shade from the hot sun in an outdoor wedding.



Vases and Candles

There are many great options to decorate the venue tables in a spectacular way at a low cost.  You can see how it’s done with the following centerpiece ideas.

You can easily mix the previously described items with the ones showed next. It really depends on whether you want a vintage or contemporary look.

A tall metal candelabra is a strong focal point. Therefore, it eliminates the need for other smaller supporting ornaments. In fact, you can simply embellish it with a small synthetic or fresh flower ball.  5 LED tea lights complete the look of your candelabra

The model provided below includes the acrylic garlands and is 27,5″ tall.

Also, use linear vases for a modern and stylish table decor. A royal blue rectangle vase or a mirror and glass asymmetrical vase shape will reflect light and add elegance and charm to any table centerpiece design.




Silver and Royal Blue Wedding Ideas – Additional Decor Items

In conclusion, no matter what color theme you choose you can make amazing designs. In fact, adding clear glass or neutral color ornaments to your accent color items makes your arrangement look fuller at low cost.

Moreover, take advantage of bulk buying if you need many centerpieces to decorated 10 tables or more.

You can easily find typical wedding table decor items like lanterns, Eiffel tower vases, table mirrors, glass votives and more at a fraction of the price you’d pay when bought individually.

Hope you liked those silver and royal blue wedding ideas. If you have any questions or need information, please leave your comment in the section below.

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