Simple Wedding Centerpieces

Simple wedding centerpieces are usually overlooked when it comes to decorating wedding tables.

In fact, there is a misconception that a wedding centerpiece must be a complex arrangement of various bulky ornaments in order to look elegant.

That’s the feeling I have every time I browse the web in search for ideas. I inevitably find images of extravagant, oversized and gravity-defying table decorations.

No. Your wedding table decor doesn’t have to be exaggerated and unaffordable to look amazing. It has to be quite the opposite and you’ll see how later in this article.

But first, let’s look at some wedding table centerpiece styles that debunk the myth.


Rethinking the Vintage Taper or Pillar Candle Holder

The best ideas are usually simple ones. Like using a small decor item to create a low or high visual focal point on the table. This is what you can achieve with this vintage candle holder.

The antique finish will give your table a lovely atmosphere. Also, it’s made of iron and is therefore sturdy and heavy enough to support for all kinds of ornements

What I like about this decor item is that you can use the same candle holder and create a completely different a look.

Here’s how you can achieve this:

wedding decor on a budget


Rectangle Table Decor

You may have noticed that the wedding venue’s rectangle shape tables tend to be less roomy. Therefore, it’s best suited for smaller centerpieces.

If you plan to have rectangle tables and want a minimalist table centerpiece, display one of these candle holders with large flowers, pillar candle or both. Choose a vibrant color to maximize the visual effect.

An appropriate distance would be to have one centerpiece between every 4 guests.

Also, table runners are made to be used on rectangle shape tables. Why not take advantage of this to make your table look fuller and choose a fabric color that matches your wedding theme color.

However, to make your flowers stand out, pick a neutral color.


Round Table Decor

Round tables have a dedicated space for centerpieces. Just keep in mind that the height and width must not block the guest’s vision.

Taper candles are great to add height to your table decor without being an annoyance to your guests.

I love the idea of mixing low and tall ornements to make the wedding centerpiece look full without much effort. This is pretty easy to do by mixing 2 to 3 candle holders.

One is ornated with the taper wax candle and the others with flowers or a flower ball type of accessory.

The look is classic with a touch of sophistication without being bulky.

Aged finish shabby chic candle holder


Upside Down Boho Chic

A suspended centerpiece is definitely the best ways to maximize the table space for your guests while providing them with a splendid view.

Chandeliers, balloons, paper lanterns… Upside down parasols, why not?

Hang different parasol colors from the ceiling at different heights to create a festive looking sky over the guest’s heads. The Battenburg fabric used for these is already gorgeous and can be used without adding anything else.

If you’re using paper parasols or simply want to make a dramatic effect simply fill them with hydrangea and cascading greenery.

For an easy to make yet elegant looking decor, fill them with LED light strings to make a cozy night ambiance.

Wedding lace parasol


Shabby Chic Candlesticks

No matter what tables shapes you plan to use for the wedding, these candle holders are going to steal the show.

I chose to feature these for their versatility as you can see in the following pictures.

They are sold in a set of 3 different sizes: 10, 14 and 18 inches with 3 glass candle holders. A stylish option to make your table decor look full and luxurious at low cost.

Boho chic candle holder



Contemporary Simplicity

Geometrically shaped lighting appliances are trending everywhere. In the modern kitchens and dining rooms, in hottest fine cuisine restaurants and also in rustic celebration venues.

These apparently unfinished objects are great for wedding table decor as they can be of a great size without looking enormous and disproportional.

The straight lines and lack of faces of this prism make it an adaptable decor element that can be used in many ways. This specific model is sold with a glass container that can be filled with flowers, tea lights.

Expand the width of your table centerpiece by using them separately.

Modern geometric frame candle holder


Transparent Harmony

A clear glass bottle can look plain and boring on its own and not suitable to make an inviting table decor.

Instead, use many of them to make your table an uncomplicated and lovely place for your guests to chat and enjoy a good meal with friends and family.

The secret to turning this centerpiece into a masterpiece is to mix different bottle shapes with different heights. Also, I love the idea of using clear glass bottles with colored ones.

Combine the useful and the enjoyable by adding the table numbers on one bottle of each centerpiece. This can be done using table number stickers sold for this purpose. You can also spray paint them using number stencils.

Simple wedding centerpiece glass bottle


Rustic Romance

Lanterns are delicate and lovely decor elements that are available in many colors shape and sizes. Just like candlestick they can be used to display flowers and also serve as lighting elements.

With a small difference, though.

While the candle holder can be used to display flowers or a candle the lantern can do both at the same time. In other words, you can decorate the exterior of the lantern and still use it with an LED powered candle to avoid fire hazards.

Using small tea light votive holders as shown in this picture provides a touch of vintage charm.

Antique looking wedding lantern


Favor Centerpieces

Want an amazingly unique centerpiece that maximizes your tablespace while keeping your budget low?

Instead of renting centerpieces, turn them into favors you can give to your guests.

Wedding table basket centerpiece with homemade favors


Favor in display box centerpiece



How to Avoid Unnecessary Decoration Cost

As I mentioned earlier wedding decor books and magazines conveys the idea that your table focal point should be flashy and ridiculously huge.

Many of the millions of pictures you find on the Internet were taken during photoshoots paid by the wedding industry companies for promotional purposes. Too often these visual concepts don’t take into account the practical aspect nor a specific budget.

That’s why many wedding table centerpieces are filled with expensive flowers featured in tall vases surrounded by countless candles over a table runner lush with more flowers.


Stick to Your Budget by…

Planning ahead. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of this. Too often people leave the wedding decor part aside for later and this is a mistake.

You can literally save hundreds if not thousands of the dollars worth of table decor by making a schedule. This should include annual shop sales, major wedding fairs, low season discounts, etc.


Using what’s available during the season where you live.

Ever wondered why the bird of paradise flower or orchids is so expensive all year long in northern countries?

That’s right, they don’t grow in our forest and farming fields. Anything that needs to be grown in a  greenhouse will cost an arm and leg compared to a similar product that grows in the wild.

That’s why choosing locally grown flowers and greenery to decorate your table is the best way to save on your wedding flowers.

Another way to considerably lower the cost of flower centerpieces is mixing them with branches and foliage. The idea is to choose tree branches that have an interesting shape.

It can be straight for a modern look or twisted like a manzanita tree ornated with crystal bulbs or simple origami paper birds. Then you can add vibrant color flowers on the basis and even seasonal fruits to make it look outstanding.


Buying second-hand wedding decor.

You should get acquainted with social media wedding groups in your location.

Members of these groups are future Mr and Mrs sharing tips and ideas to find the best services and products at the best price.

Many of them sell their wedding table decor items after the wedding is over.


Finding wholesale decor items.

Let’s say you have 5 tables or more to decorate. Logically, this means you need to have as many centerpieces.

In this case, buying in bulk is usually the way to go. Moreover, some merchants offer discounted prices when buying as little as 2 units of the same item.

It’s also common for online retailers specialized in wedding supplies to sell their products based on a wholesale business model.

There is a good reason for this.

As you may already know, the seller’s profit margin increases when you buy multiple units instead of one. This is also true for storefronts although only a few are willing to cut on their margin so you can benefit from it as well.

The thing is, online retailers have to deal with shipping cost while storefronts don’t. Many times it costs just as much to ship one item then shipping 10.

Therefore, to keep the costs low for both the consumer and themselves they offer free shipping when you buy over a specific amount of money.


Shopping online.

Further to what was previously said, buying online can result in great savings if you shop responsibly.

This means that you need to compare prices and services on both ends but not only.

You also need to make sure the seller is trustworthy. You can find out by reading past customers reviews and also by visiting their social media pages and reading through their customer’s posts and comments on their social pages.

As a matter of fact, there are usually better deals found online than in storefronts. This is partly due to the fact that online sellers have fewer costs than storefronts.

Prices are lower also because you get rid of the middleman.

This means you can buy the same products directly from the seller in China through large online retailers like Wish, Ali Express, Amazon, etc…

On the other hand, big box stores that have quality websites offer more variety than you would find in the nearest store of the same brand.

These websites were built with user experience in mind and have a centralized inventory of every store the brand owns. This allows their customers to buy more as they can find more products in terms of units available, colors, size etc.

The beauty of this is that you don’t need to rush from shop to shop to find 10 identical glass vases: everything is delivered to your doorstep within a few days!


Wow Factor at Low Cost

Table Accessories

As mentioned earlier using items as simple as clear glass bottles for your wedding table centerpieces can bring elegance and style to your table design.

Also, it’s important to know that most main decor items like tall vases, candelabras, and lanterns wouldn’t look as good without secondary centerpiece ornaments.

I’m talking about these objects that are part of the table decor without being considered the focal point.

These can be votives, charger plates, table numbers, decorative glassware, greenery garlands winding across the table, and many more.

That’s why we must look at the table centerpieces as the table itself not only the flower vase or another item at the center of it.

These smaller but eye striking objects tend to be less expensive and are sold in bulk at a discounted price.


Don’t Put All Your Money on the Table

This expression literally reflects what we do when we buy, or worst, rent a 50$ centerpiece for each table. While the table will look full and cheery, the venue’s walls and ceiling will look generic like an accountant’s office.

No one likes to feel like their having a wedding party at work, right?

That’s when making good use of lighting and surroundings is a must. Some venues can hang curtains for free to which you can add LED light strings.

The ceilings can be adorned with paper lanterns with LED battery powered bulbs.

Also take advantage of the venue’s projector to project of images on the walls like a damask pattern, flowers, or other wedding related imagery.

Discounted wedding decor


Are You Ready to Design Your Own Simple Wedding Centerpieces?

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you are now able to imagine and create your own wedding table centerpieces.

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below and will gladly reply back.


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  • Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you for another great article and I have to say I totally agree with you on these centrepieces. There is no need to go crazy and spend lots of money for your tables.

    I loved a lot of your ideas you were offering especially the upturned parasols. The looked lovely filled with the flowers. This is something I would definitely think about if anyone was looking for ideas.

    I will most certainly point people to your site if I know they are looking for ideas for their wedding.

    • Hi Cheryl, Thanks for your appreciation! I try to publish new articles at least once a week. You can also adapt many of the ideas found on my website for summer outdoor parties or anniversaries. Make sure to come back for more ideas!

  • An outdoor venue means plenty of space (literally) to let your creativity dominate. Think outside the box with ideas that could never work indoors, like an open truck bed decorated with greenery and galvanized buckets.

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