Spanish Style Wedding Dresses

Spanish style wedding dresses are commonly referred as “mermaid” or “trumpet” dresses. These dress shapes put the emphasis on the body’s natural curves and can be made with many different necklines styles to better suit your tastes.

However, you can find other dress shapes that have the Spanish feel you are looking for like the sheath and A-line shape dress.

In fact, it’s not all about the shape and there are different ways to wear this type of dress. Adornments, fabric types, and tailoring techniques are all aspects that contribute to making a dress look latin.

Let’s get into details and see what you like best.



Finding your Favorite Neckline Design


It’s a common feature found on Spanish style wedding dresses. This design is usually sleeveless although it does look really elegant with a lace sleeve. Also, wearing long gloves really gives it a nice decorum touch as well.

Off-the-shoulder has 2 different variations. The first one is when the neckline sits at the end of the shoulders hence providing some level of support. The second one is when the neckline falls below the shoulder.

You can even wear an exaggerated off-the-shoulder neckline where the fabric hangs loosely over the bicep. Instead of a fabric it can be cascading string of beads to give the dress a majestic look.

Spanish style wedding dresses



Queen Ann

You can think of this style as the reverse of the halter neckline. In fact, this is neckline covers the shoulders and creates a trapezoid shape that makes the neck look longer.

Queen Ann necklines with a wide opening can make a silhouette with narrow shoulder look athletic. This is because it accentuates the shoulder line and bust.

Also, it helps balance the 3 most obvious lines when combined with a body-hugging dress style: hips, waist, and shoulders. Unless you are blessed with the right body measurements, it’s probably the best way to wear a mermaid dress without a need for esthetical surgery.



Th strapless bodice is a classic that looks amazing on pretty much any dress. I think we all agree on this.

The following dress has a modest Spanish flamenco flare but you can easily imagine this dress with a dramatic lengthy one.

Really impressive! Just keep in mind that it can be a little difficult to walk around with lengthy flare dress. This is why I really like the look of this one. Simple but sophisticated Spanish style wedding dresses are the best.


Trumpet shape wedding dress



Choosing the Dress Shape


This type of dress is also called fit and flare or mermaid dress. In other words, it is fitted above the hips and flares out below the hips or even lower.

In the case of Spanish style wedding dresses, it can even flare out at the knee level too.



This is another close-fitting dress that is a great option for the bride that doesn’t like the trumpet shape dress but still wants something fitted.

The following is a good compromise between a sheath and A-line shape dress. It has an empire waistline that gives the illusion of slender, sleek silhouette without showing the actual waistline or hips contour.

Also, this style mixes Spanish style ruffle embellishments with a boho chic feel.


Bohemian strapless wedding dress


A-Line, Alternative to Body-Hugging Dress Shapes

The A-line dress shape is in my opinion, the best compromise to have a latin style with the right level of decorum for a wedding celebration.

The A-line has acquired its reputation for being the perfect wedding dress shape a long time ago. One of the reasons for this is that it fits most body shapes. It’s also versatile due to it’s lean and simple structure that can be adapted to any style.

The next paragraph is about how to make the A-Line (or any other shape) dress look “Spanish”.


Flamenco Style Embellishments

If you don’t want to wear a mermaid type of dress but still like the Spanish style make sure to choose the right fabrics, embellishments, and accessories.

This way you can easily wear a princess, A-line, or a ball gown and still have that spectacular latin dress of your dreams.  For example, a lace fabric with a floral pattern will give the dress a flamenco dancer charm. Aerial ruffle layers at the skirt level complete the look.

By the way, there is a huge variety of ruffle styles available. The typical Spanish dancer dress designs feature horizontal and short layers of ruffles.

However, you could also find large and structured ruffles that have a wavy appearance or simply wear a 2 or 3 tier skirt style wedding dress. In fact, there are many layering techniques that are really flattering and pretty.



Spanish Style Wedding Dresses

Hope you like this article and that you’ve found some ideas to pick the perfect dress. If you have any questions or simply want to share some wedding dress style ideas with me please leave me a comment in the section below. I’m always glad to hear your thoughts and help out when I can.

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