Summer Outdoor Wedding Attire – 6 Must-Haves For Guests


Why a summer outdoor wedding attire ? Because weddings, from a guest point, have several waiting periods in not so comfortable conditions.

Anyone who attended a summer celebration held outdoor has a good idea of what smart gear they should be bringing next time to be comfortable. In different circumstances, you would probably wear a ponytail, flats, casual shirt, capri pants, bring foldable chairs and a beer cooler and just savor the moment.

When you’re attending an official celebration it’s not an option. You have to deal with the formal dress code constraint.

Yes, there are options so why not plan ahead? Here are the few things you should bring to an outdoor wedding to avoid dizziness, stinging sunburn and sore feet!

Pamper your feet

Blanket-waterproof-largeSince you’re probably looking your best in that evening gown wearing fine jewelry and high heels, what’s the use of a blanket?

We tend to forget that there are sometimes long periods of time separating each activity on a wedding day.

You may want to sit and give a short but most welcome relief to your feet and the only thing around is a charming stone wall cover with moss or a humid wooden bench.

A blanket may come in handy so you don’t mess up your outfit.



Summer Outdoor Wedding Attire

High-heel adapters are made to walk in the grass without sinking. A true must-have!

They are made of rubber to feel more comfortable and come in 4 different tones to better match your shoe’s color.

If you go for these, choose the size carefully so they don’t fall off. These are great as they also protect your heels from getting dirty or scratched.

Most of all they are discreet.


Stay hydrated and fresh

Fruit infuserThe fruit infuser water bottle serves both above mention purposes. Why bring a bottle of water at a wedding? Because it will be hard to find before you are seated for dinner.

You will be thirsty because of the numerous wait periods: between ceremony and cocktail, guest and family pictures, entertainment…

If you’re like me and hardly can stand hot and humid temperatures, you need to have water close to hand.


For those of you who find drinking tap water boring, try infusing your favorite fruits to add some flavor.


A fresh breeze at hand

A hand fan is a great option if you’re looking for something small enough to fit in your purse. There are lots of designs, fabrics, and colors available to make it a fashionable accessory.

Hide from the burning sun

Hot summer days are what most people want when they’re on vacation and there’s a pool nearby. It’s another story when you’re wearing makeup and a loose hairdo.

There are many stylish umbrellas to fit with any dress in terms of colors and styles.

It’s an elegant and unconventional accessory that will make many people wish they brought one once they are out under a blazing sun.



Stylish men accessories

Keep your men from being sunburn in style. From all summer outdoor wedding attire you can imagine, these Fedora hats are the most fashionable accessories. It will add a touch of style to any men’s outfit.











Summer outdoor wedding attire  – what is your best pick for this summer outdoor?

Let me know what you think of these and share your own personal tips to avoid sunstroke or discomfort. Leave a comment below!


9 Responses to “Summer Outdoor Wedding Attire – 6 Must-Haves For Guests

  • I don’t go to many weddings these days, but I do remember my feet getting sore with all the standing around! I’ve never seen a high heel adapter before, is this a fairly recent innovation? The burning sun has never been a problem here in the UK, but I love your stylish solutions. If I’m ever a guest at a Summer wedding I’ll know where to look for the perfect attire. 🙂

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Hi Kathy, It’s been around for quite a while now but in more basic and less stylish versions.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my suggestions. Cheers!

  • I love those high heel adapters! They’re just what I need. Thanks so much for blogging about them, much appreciated. Nicola x

    • Carolyn
      9 years ago

      Glad you appreciate! Thanks for dropping by, Nicola!

  • Hey Carolyn,

    I live in the Caribbean country of Grenada so I know how hot it can get. My family and I often attend weddings in the heat of the summer months and I much say those are some good tips you gave. I especially like the idea of wearing a fedora and carrying water with you. I believe it is always best to stay hydrated and escape the direct rays of the sun.

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Hi Marlon, Caribbean wedding must be very hot so you probably know a lot on how to stay cool in a sunny day celebration with 80% humidity or more 🙂 Thanks for your comment and appreciation!

  • Candice
    8 years ago

    Those high heel adapters are the greatest thing. I have two pairs of those. They have saved my shoes and now I give them as birthday presents, or door prizes. The fedoras are very cute and chic nowadays. I see so many laides wearing the outside and they give a unique touch to any outfit. Great post!

    • Carolyn
      8 years ago

      Women Fedora hats are trendy, but it could mess up a nice updo 😉 Mind you, it’s a good idea if you decide to keep you hair down, especially on a rainy wedding day.
      These high heel adapters are just a great invention and I’m happy to see your are spreading the word by giving them as practical presents.
      Always a pleasure, Candice!

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