5 Tall Glass Vases Wedding Centerpieces Styles

Tall glass vases wedding centerpieces give an elegant and sumptuous look to the dining room. You can see them from far and make the table decoration look luxurious and festive.

Here are a few models and designs you can find at low prices online. Click on the links provided in this article to see product availability, and current rebates and offers from the merchants.

There are many good deals that come and go fast. Therefore, make sure to bookmark this article to not miss on any deals.

Additionally, I provide alternatives to tall glass vases wedding centerpieces that have the same wow effect on a wedding table. Just click on links the scattered throughout this post.

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Trumpet Pilsner Glass Vase

This type of narrow vase shape is a good option if you want an impressive visual effect without obstructing your guest’s view. Ideally, choose a vase that’s at least 18 inches tall to allow your guests to see each other without a problem.

I suggest choosing a 24 inches high vase especially if you plan to have some sort of embellishment cascading from it like flowers and greenery, beads, feathers, etc.

High Cylinder Glass Vase

More Large Wedding Centerpieces Ideas


Eiffel Tower Glass Vases (pack of 12)

Dimension: 20 inches tall


Look how gorgeous these assorted Eiffel tower vases are in the following green and cream theme color table picture. You can add colored or clear fillings like water or crystal beads and water glass in the vases for a shimmering effect.

The water jacinth placemat can be placed under the vases to highlight your Eiffel vases and delimit your centerpieces on a roundtable for example.

Beach Wedding Table Centerpieces


Mirror Framed Rectangle Vase

This vase is a perfect addition to a modern industrial wedding decor. Use in a centerpiece arrangement with candles around it and watch how it reflects the lights in a cozy warm that your guests will enjoy.


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Rectangle Vase

Dimension: 14 x 5 x 5

A minimalist style vase. You can use it in many different wedding decor from rustic to contemporary by accessorizing it accordingly.


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How to Make Savings on Tall Glass Vases Wedding Centerpieces

First of all, take advantage of online offers when they are available.

Here’s my personal experience. I always try to find the best deals with highest rated products to feature in my articles. I’ve seen many of these types of decor items sold with a way too high price tag by some vendors. Nevertheless, I usually find an equivalent option at a discounted price.

Truth is, these items often become “currently unavailable” when I come back a few weeks later. Also, vendors may not have enough items in stock.

So if you find a product from a reputable merchant, that fits your budget, with a high customer satisfaction level, buy it now. Otherwise, you may need to find an alternative that may not suit your needs as well.


Finally, don’t settle for what whatever your the venue owner or wedding planner tells you to buy.

This website provides countless gorgeous and affordable decor ideas to help you save money on your wedding. So be sure to look around to find your favorite decor ideas at much less than what you will be offered at first.



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