Top 11 Wedding Gifts For the Parents

Have a look at these cool wedding gifts for the parents. They are simply well thought ideas that are not only practical but also affordable.

The number one rule to give an awesome wedding gift to your parents is to pick something based on their interests and hobbies.

Some parents are retired and have plenty of time to enjoy life which makes it easier for you to find what type of gift they are most likely to use and appreciate.

Many Moms and Dads are still working and it’s therefore a great idea to give them a present that represents best what they enjoy doing in life.

The second most important aspect is to find an alternative that you can personalize. It’s not absolutely necessary but customizations are the kind of attention that makes even the most ordinary gift something special.

Just like a little treasure you will keep because it symbolizes a happy, special moment.

It can be a personal “thank you” message from you and your spouse or a quote they love that suits the wedding context as well.

It can also be as simple as both of your names with the wedding date.

It’s now time to look at the different options so here they are:

1. Grill King And Queen

Summertime comes with all sorts of great activities, like gardening, swimming and attending BBQs.

This high heavy-duty stainless steel spatula is what the Grill Master’s dream come true. Choose a personalized etching to add to the maple wood handle and pick the appropriate spatula laser cut design and… voilà!

With this gift, you are guaranteed a place at the table (almost) 24/7. This gift is the perfect excuse to have your Mom inviting you to eat delicious ribs on the grill or your Dad’s beer can chicken.

Bonus: the other end of the grill tool is designed as a bottle opener.

Cheers to you all!

Golf player BBQ grill spatula

2. Traveling Essentials

People that love travelling and always appreciate what makes organizing their trip and finding their personal effects easily.

This hanging travel toiletry bag has a contemporary look with its canvas fabric and efficient design. The interior is made of darker polyester to make it easy to clean.

It’s a sturdy travel bag design that your parents will get to use for many years to come.

Travel hanging toiletry bag

3. Outdoor Lovers

Those addicted to the woodlands and mountains are never afraid to lose their way. Nevertheless, it’s always good to have a backup option when their sense of direction gets a little confused.

Packing for an excursion into the wilderness should include at least the following:

  • a compass;
  • water bottles;
  • matches;
  • a knife;
  • first aid kit

Why not give your parents a hand made survival kit that they will use on their next journey? Pack it in a pretty box or bag with a personal note.

Bet they will be greatful for such a thoughtful present.

Compass wedding guest favors

4. Glasses And Flasks

Fine liquors or crafted beer amateurs will be delighted when receiving any of the following presents:

Beer, wine or sparkling wine glasses

These common type of glasses that can be turned into gorgeous gifts by picking a unusual design, adding a monogram or by filling them with something unexpected!

Is your Mom or Dad is a golfer that never has enough golf balls, tees or pens in his golf bag?

Make a nice packaging that includes a large personalized glass beer mug filled with 2 or three golf balls a couple of tees!

Wall mount bottle opener

Etched Hip flasks or Bangle flask

There is no easy way out when it comes to finding an original yet practical gift for our parents.

That’s why these unique items are a good match for those who like to sip their strong liquors and spirits in a stylish way.

Flasks are made of stainless steel. The bracelet can be etched with up to 3 letters monogram engraving while the flasks can be personalized with names and more.

There are also many different shapes, colors and exterior materials to choose from like wood, stainless and glass.

Unique Flask favors for the parents

Coffee And Tea Enthusiasts

Who doesn’t like a hot chocolate, a cup of tea or a latte in the morning?

This is the ideal gift for those Moms and Dads that are hard to please because they already have everything.

They may already have many ceramic mugs probably many of them were given as father’s and mother’s day gift too.

If so, you need something that will stand out from the rest and the following ideas are just what you need!

A glass mug is a classy alternative to the white stoneware mug we have in 10 different version in our cabinets. It’s a sturdy design that you can fill with warm beverages in the winter and smoothies or even Pina Coladas in the summer!

The travel mug is an awesome pick for those who can’t go anywhere without having a wake-up coffee sip. Pick a stylish and practical container based on what your parents like.

Coffee travel cup wedding gift

A double wall glass tea infuser is the perfect option to ensure you don’t burn your hands while you carry it around. Glass also avoids ruining the delicate taste of green tea that sometimes occurs when using stainless containers.

Want to make this gift their top choice when they reach for a cup every single morning?

Customize it with a special message that will bring a smile when they see it. Anything that reminds them of you will help them start the day in the best way!

5. Jewelry Boxes

What a great way to tell them how precious they are to you than to give them a pretty box where they can keep their most precious piece of jewelry like earrings, cufflinks, watch, necklace, etc..

Mother of the bride wedding favor

Geometrical boxes are smaller pieces that can be an interesting alternative to the typical rectangular box.

The recipient can decide to reuse them as a small terrarium or simply display them as a decor element on a shelf.

Glass geo terrarium keepsake

6. Sports Fan

Ever since a was a child, sports events were always a reason to gather around the TV and watch Soccer, Hockey, Baseball and Olympic games.

I’m pretty sure you can relate to that as well.

This is a real baseball that was cut in half to serve a specific purpose. It features a hidden bottle opener.

Wedding leather baseball favor for kids

Not a baseball fan? Not a problem! This bottle opener is also available in a hockey puck shape.

Golf addicts that enjoy a good wine for dinner will definitely like the following idea.

Have their favorite bottle of wine labeled with this golf theme sticker and pair it with 2 trendy stemless wine glass.

7. Camping, Fishing And Hunting Addicts

A single blade pocket knife etched with the recipient’s name is a good start. I mean, it’s useful and always comes in handy for… chopping food or cleaning your fingernails… hmm, maybe not.

The most practical tool is a foldable stainless steel multi-tool that combines
a corkscrew, two serrated blades, a bottle opener, a screwdriver head, and a mini pair of scissors to only name those.

Personalize it with a name and you have a awesome gift!

Camping multi tool with hammer

8. Relaxation And Wellness

Spa centers, Yoga schools, mindfulness book authors, and fasting retreats are exploding in popularity everywhere in the world.

The need for more intimate contact with nature is becoming urgent with hundreds of thousands of people feeling that they are at the end of their rope. Thanks to the fast pace society we live in…

Offer your parents a gift that reflects their search for a healthier and more conscious way of life.

Here are come ideas you might like:

  • a yoga mat with a quote of your liking;
  • a spa and bathrobe with an embroidered monogram or name;
  • cotton waffle spa sleepers;
  • a meditation cushion pillow;

These can also make stunning gifts for a bride’s or groom’s crew day at the spa.

9. Tote Bags

Unquestionably the most useful bag to keep at the office for last minutes errands, to bring at the beach or to go to the gym.

It’s lightweight and made with a sturdy material like cotton canvas or burlap that can withstand heavy loads like books, a carton of milk and much more.

Pick a design that reflects your mom or dad’s personality. Simply ask the seller to add a monogram embroidery.

It’s a personal touch that will make a simple tote bag a unique most appreciated present.

10. Foodie’s Best Picks

There are countless options to give the food connoisseur or the pastry chef mother or father.

Here is only some suggestions to help you find the most appropriate. Note that most can be personalized with your mom or dad’s name, monogram and more:

  • Personalized cutting and chopping board;
  • Etched glass swing top bottles for oil and vinegar
  • Apron;
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • vintage style pressed glass drinkware
  • Apothecary style cookie jar

Here’s what you could do to make a very heartwarming gift for that epicurean mom or dad of yours.

Instead of simply giving, let’s say, a swing top glass container with a personalized message you could fill it with a homemade strawberry coulis, applesauce or chocolate mousse!

It’s a delicious way to tell them how much you love them.

Personalized chopping boar

11. Lounging At The Beach

The following beach and “afternoon by the pool” essentials are a unique way to tell your parents to just relax and enjoy life.

These are also super great ideas to give as favors to your guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Folding Beach Mat and Sun Lounger

This handy sun lounger is made with a watreproof polyester fabric over a robust metal alloy frame that can be adjusted for you to sit comfortabely

It’s compact and easy to carry to any outdoor event making it super interesting gift idea that your parents can enjoy for many years. You can also have it embroidered by the seller to add a personal touch.

Folding sun lounger with frame

Round Towel

Who said a towel had to be rectangular?

I know I love these pretty round microfiber towels with the most beautiful patterns featuring parrots, pink flamingos, watercolor tropical leaves, watermelon or even a candy decorated donut!

The tassel fringe edge gives this 150 cm diameter towel a luxurious look that will for sure please the person you will give it to.

In fact, you will probably want one for your self!

Luxury round beach towel

Picnic Mat

This item is very useful on many different occasions. For example, it can be used at the beach, by the lake, or at the pool, at a BBQ, when attending an outdoor sports event, and also to play with grandson or granddaughter.

Folding Cooler Chair

This chair is a must for those parents that love to go on a road trip but are having a hard time fitting everything they need in the trunk.

It has a litghweight folding aluminum frame with a padded fabric so it is comfortable enough to sit on it. At least, more than a hard plastic cooler!

The cooler can contain 24 drink cans and should be used with 2 sealed ice pack so you can enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Waterproof Swimsuit Bag

This practical little bag won’t leave your parent’s side during their trips to Caribean sea beaches.

Simply put the wet clothes like swimming short or bikini in it and toss it in your tote bag without worrying to get your other stuff damp wet.

Waterproof swimsuit bag

The outer shell is made with cotton canvas and lined with a waterproof material to ensure it doesn’t leak.

Pair this gift with rainbow or flamingo drink floats, a wooden hand fan and you have an inexpensive but fun little gift pack.

Aren’t these the coolest ideas to give your beach fan mom or dad?

Best Wedding Gifts For The Parents

This wraps up our top 11 wedding gifts to parents! If you have any comments or want to share your findings, please leave a comment in the section below.

Also, if you’r a soon to be mom or dad of the groom or bride please let us know what you would love to receive as gift. I’m pretty sure everyone looking for a gift for their parents would appreciate any idea.

Thanks for reading!

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