Top 24 Inexpensive Personalized Wedding Favors

A wedding can get quite pricey between the venue, the caterer, the bride’s dream dress and the dashing groom’s tuxedo to only names those expenses. Fortunately, finding inexpensive personalized wedding favors to offer your guest is perfectly possible.

If your looking for outstanding favor ideas you will be positively surprised by the wide variety of practical items you can choose from and also by the infinite ways to have them personalized by the seller.

I will also provide you with DIY ideas if you want to make something handmade for your guests to enjoy even more.

There you have it, the top 30 affordable customized wedding party gifts.


Outdoor and Beach Wedding Theme Gifts For The Guests

The nautical and garden theme favors are very popular and therefore deserve their own list that you can look at in this article.

Sunglasses, sandals, tumblers, insulated bottles, unique shaped beach towels, paddle fans, umbrellas, insulated cooler and tote bags are only a small portion of items that you can buy with personalized messages or names.

Make sure to check it out as many of these items are among the cheapest you can find without having to compromise on quality.

Beach wedding favors for the guests



1. Glasses

Glasses, cups, and bottles are among the most appreciated wedding favors.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning champagne glass set to give the newlyweds or slick design travel mug to give your guests, there are hundreds of designs available.

Glass made gifts can be personalized in an almost infinite number of ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Engravings – Items like shot glasses, wine glasses, hip flask bottles made of glass, swing top bottles and much more.


  • Printed – Add a colorful message to any type of glass. Engravings are usually colorless so this can be a great permanent alternative to make your favors stand out.


  • Ribbons – These are printed with the message of your liking. They’re a nice and subtle way to make your wedding favors more personal. Tie them to any glass goods with or without a tag or use them to tie cellophane packaging.


  • Stickers and adhesive bands – These are perfect for a mason jar lids, bottles of wine or beer.


  • Tags and non-adhesive bands – These are a nice way to package your favors and can easily be removed so your guests can use their favor however they choose.


Have a look at the following posts for inspiring and inexpensive champagne flutes, wine or shot glasses ideas.



Engraved shooter glasses


2. Flasks and Bangles

The spirit and liquor lovers will undeniably like a stylish hip flask.

Offer your guests, groomsmen, and bridesmaid a stainless steel flask with their name etched on it. I also love the idea of choosing different colors to reflect your wedding theme or to personalize for men or women.

These flasks are available in many colors and can also be bought with a wood finish or faux leather.

One of my favorites is the glass flask. I like the fact that it has a convenient and hermetic swing top and can be repurposed to contain aromatic oil for dressings.

Groom personalized favor hip flask


Make a big impression with these fun and sophisticated bracelet flasks. I bet you will have everyone talking about this one of a kind flask.

Bangle flask favors for the bridesmaids


3. Wine Stoppers and Personalized Wine BottlesWedding wine bottle monogram label

A classic cheap and functional favor idea that can be paired with a bottle of Merlot or your favorite wine variety.

Plus, you can add a custom-made wine bottle label.

Also, this is one of the easiest DIY projects to make unique favors that your guests will love!

Create a unique label by using a picture of you and your other half, a wedding-related design, your favorite quote, or even a simple but most appreciated thank you message for your guests.

Wine stoppers are available in many different designs. Therefore it should be easy to find one the best reflect your wedding theme.



Ambiance and Decor Favors

4. Candle and Personalized Match BoxesWedding matchbox with candle holder

Tea light candle holders are a beautiful addition to any decor.

These cylinder-shaped glasses can be used as dessert verrines or repurpose as containers for jewelry and other valuable small size objects.

Some candle holder glass can be engraved or simply decorated with a removable paper wrap featuring a custom design.

You can simply have the newlyweds name or monogram added to it with one of the various designs available with the color you like.

Another interesting idea is to combine personalized matchboxes with a scented candle pillar or glass votive as a gift set.

It’s a great and inexpensive favor idea that all your guests will appreciate.


5. Valet Trays

Be ahead of the trends with this unusual yet awesome wedding party gift.

Also known as pocket dumps, these most appreciated decor items are just perfect favors that will make your guests lives easier.

In fact, your guests can use these small trays to empty their pockets in one single place so they don’t have to wonder where the heck they left their keys, lip balm, phone, etc.

The faux leather trays are fashionable, are available in 3 different colors and can be embossed with a name or a monogram.

Elegant pocket dump tray

6. Potted Plants

A trend that is gaining popularity is to offer a living plant as a wedding favor. It’s a simple gesture that is filled with love and kindness.

Steps to grow your own potted plants for wedding favors:

  • Ideally, choose a plant type that is easy to care for like:
    • Succulent
    • Aloe
    • Air plant
    • Spider plant
    • Cacti
  • Once your plants are ready to be potted, find a cute container to plant them and add a tag with your personal note.
  • On the back of the tag, write the specific watering and sun needs for this variety of plant.

There you have it! A heartwarming gift that will please both those with a green thumb and garden apprentices!

Potted plant wedding favor


7. LanternsGuest gift mini lantern

Now, that’s a decor item that comes in many shapes, colors and prices. Note that you can find quality lanterns at a low price if you look for wholesale packs.

Adding a personal touch to a stunning ambiance light accessories is a no-brainer too.

Simply go to your nearest craft store and ask for reusable adhesive stencils to make a monogram on your lanterns. They will also point you in the right direction for the paint you need and the type of treatment to make it a permanent print.



Small budget wedding ideas


Gourmet Favors

8. Cutting and Serving Boards

A truly exciting gift for all food lovers! Also, there are many different shapes and sizes available to suit any taste and budget.

The board is made with durable Acacia, Teak or Margosa wood. What I like about this idea is that it can be used as a chopping board but also as a tray.

Add your names or monogram to for a to make this an amazing keepsake that the recipient will cherish for years to come.

Personalized chopping boar


9. Homemade Goodies in a Basket

Who doesn’t like to receive homemade cookies, jam, truffles or pie pops? If you have a secret applesauce recipe or want to try and make an outstanding dessert like the diamond ring donut, might as well do it in style!

Inexpensive and stylish containers and bottles will make your gifts look refined.

If you’re not into desserts, you can also make your personal tea or coffee blends and package them with decorative bags and boxes.

People tend to eat with their eyes first. So why not delight your guests with your own fruit-beer brew or sage flavored seasoning oil and in a pretty airtight or swing top bottle.

Add a personalized tag or adhesive label and display the bottles in the middle of the guest’s table.

A tasty and practical table centerpiece that everyone will get to bring back home!

Inexpensive personalized wedding favors


10. Wooden Bottle Caddy

This old-fashioned toolbox style beverage caddy is made of wood and has a handy bottle opener so you can enjoy a refreshing drink anywhere.

This crate can be etched with a name or message to add a personal touch to this well-designed gift.

Rustic wood caddy with engraved name

11. Salt and Pepper Shakers

These are great useful gifts that everyone will appreciate. Choose a decorative design that reflects your personality like lovebirds, sea shells, hugging bears, geometric shapes or pineapple stackable salt and pepper.

You can also make this gift even more exclusive and pretty by adding your own designs using a porcelain marker.

First, experiment on a dollar store ceramic cup to see how it looks. When you’re satisfied with the result, replicate it on your salt and pepper bottles.

A charming cute favor that will please your guest.

Porcelain salt and pepper shakers with gift box


Masculine and Feminine

12. Bathrobes & Kimonos

Offer your guests these luxury bathrobes without breaking the bank.

These men and women kimonos include pockets and a waist tie closure. They have a roomy fit with a satin-touch feel for added comfort. These are available in many colors and various patterns as well.

Bridemaids lounging silky bathrobe kimono


13. Classic Pocket WatchSmooth silvery pocket watch favor

A trendy gift that has a lot of style and personality.

The merchant can also engrave the exterior side with the groomsmen, fathers of the bride and groom initial.

A truly unique gift that they can use for future special celebration and formal events.



15. Cufflinks

Personalize them with an etched monogram or with a short friendly note. Choose a square design for a modern effect that the recipient can match with any formal shirt style. Contemporary cufflinks are especially nice with a  modern or slim fit cut shirt.

Making a gift more personal is not only about adding names or initials. It’s also about making it fit with your wedding celebration spirit.  For example, offering vintage looking cufflinks would make perfect sense for classic, rustic or shabby chic wedding. Pick one with an antique gold or bronze color.

To make this gift even more amazing this model has a secret compartment inside where you can enclose a picture or a short message.

Wedding cufflinks with secret compartment

16. Compact Mirror

While small compact mirrors can be handy once in while, they are literally a must at a formal dinner.

We ‘ve all experienced having what appeared to us like a”huge” piece of lettuce leaf from that Chef Salad stuck between our central incisors. It’s only after 2 hours of smiling at everyone that we found out from looking (by accident) at the mirror in the venue’s bathroom…

All guests can appreciate such a handy gift! I may not need to say it anymore but here it goes: it can be personalized too!

Compact mirror with engraved name


17. Pocket Shoes

These foldable flats are a really thoughtful favor. This is so true for a wedding celebration context where most many girls wear heels that become so uncomfortable after a few hours that we want to stay seated.

Make sure everyone can enjoy the evening dance by offering these charming ballet flats. They come in 3 different sizes and are available in champagne, black, silver and pink.

They also come in a convenient and cute pocket that you can customize with the first letter of the guest name!

Monogrammed foldable flats wedding favor


18. Musical Jewelry Box

Music boxes are a timeless present that is collected by many people. These amazingly ornated jewelry boxes will melt your guest’s heart.

It’s a perfect mother of the bride or the groom favor too.

Mother of the bride wedding favor


Lifestyle and Wellness

19. Yoga Mat

It’s of common knowledge that organizing a wedding is sometimes stressful and energy draining. If it’s your case you may be considering to have your bridal party in a reinvigorating location.

Having a day at the spa or doing a yoga retreat with your bridesmaids is a great idea to relax before returning to your planning duties.

For the occasion, offer your bridal team a yoga mat ornated with a lotus flower design and their names printed on it.

Personalized bridesmaid and groomsmen yoga mat


20. Pool Floats

These inflated devices are the perfect favors to enjoy a bridal shower by the pool!

Personalizations are not available from the merchant but I think these are already pretty unique in themselves.

Who wouldn’t like to chill on this giant diamond ring float or enjoy a Mojito or Mimosa drink in a rainbow floats?

Inflatable wedding diamond ring float


21. Waterproof Swimsuit Bag

In the same vein, these waterproof swimsuit bags are the perfect favor to dazzle your guest at your beach wedding.

If you’re having a destination wedding in a beachfront resort this gift will be most welcome by your friends and family gathered to celebrate with you.

Pair the sealed pouch with a subject-related gift like a wedding ring shape drink float, flip-flops or an insulated bottle.

You now have a stunning favor set that your guests will use quite happily during their stay and in a future beach vacation



Flower Girl and Ring Bearer FavorsWedding leather baseball favor for kids

22. Baseball

This gift is ideal for boys and girls that show great interest in sports.

Encourage them in developing their skills while also reminding them how important they are to you with this personalized ball.




23. T-Shirt

This shirt features 3/4 sleeves comes with a cute front design and the kid’s name.

An amazing gift for your little fashionista.

Wedding ring bearer t-shirt

Wedding flower girl t-shirt


And last but not least…


24. Conversation Hearts Candies

A classic and enjoyable treat for anyone young… at heart!






What Are Your Favorite Inexpensive Personalized Wedding Favors?

Hope you enjoyed these simple ideas to make your guests feel welcomed and loved.

Are there any ideas that you think should be part of this list?

Let me know what you think. Just leave a comment in the section below!


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