Top 27 Wedding Reception Table Decorations

This list of the best wedding reception table decorations includes many different types of ornaments. All of them can be used in a myriad of ways that are not limited to centerpieces. More importantly, they serve different purposes to better fit your needs.

For example, tall glass vases centerpieces give an elegant and sumptuous feel to the venue. You can see them from far and make the table decoration look luxurious and festive.

However, it may not be the best option as they can look bulky in a small venue. For that reason, I provide alternatives to tall decorations that have the same wow effect on a wedding table.

Keep in mind that there are lots of limited time offers to be found online. Therefore, if you like an item on this page make sure to bookmark this article so you can refer quickly to a product and avoid missing on a deal.

Click on the pictures to see product availability, current rebates and offers from the merchants.

Awesome Tall Glasses Designs

Trumpet Pilsner Glass Vase

This type of narrow vase shape is a good option if you want an impressive visual effect without obstructing your guest’s view. Ideally, choose a vase that’s at least 18 inches tall to allow your guests to see each other without a problem.

I suggest choosing a 24 inches high vase especially if you plan to have some sort of embellishment cascading from it like flowers and greenery, beads, feathers, etc.

High Cylinder Glass Vase

This linear and sturdy vase is the best option to make underwater ornaments stand out. In other words, simply add a LED waterproof light at the bottom and immerse flowers in clear water!

The magnifying visual illusion provided by the curved glass will make the flowers look bigger than their actual size.

To make it even prettier, pick flowers that are still on their stems and that are small enough. The idea is to be able to make the stems spiral inside the vase and this is much easier and graceful if the flowers are smaller than the vase circumference

Of course, there are many more ways to make extraordinary underwater centerpieces. Try different and see what you like best.

Eiffel Tower Glass Vases

Eiffel tower vases are gorgeous and can really make a great visual impact without adding huge flowers bouquets. Instead, add an orchid branch and fill the vase with faux moss or LED light wire.

Don’t be afraid to try different types of fillings like colored or clear glass beads and even water glass. The shimmering effect will be a delight for the eyes and contribute to creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

Highlighting your Centerpiece

A mirror or tropical leaf placemat can be placed under the Eiffel vases and to highlight delimit your centerpieces on a roundtable for example.

An inexpensive but efficient placemat like this giant palm leaf can make all the difference for stunning table decor.

Mirror Framed Rectangle Vase

This vase is a perfect addition to modern industrial wedding decor. Use in a centerpiece arrangement with candles around it and watch how it reflects the lights in a cozy warm that your guests will enjoy.

It’s a minimalist style vase. You can use it in many different wedding decor from rustic to contemporary by accessorizing it accordingly.

How to Make Savings on Wedding Decorations

First of all, take advantage of online offers when they are available.

Here’s my personal experience. I always try to find the best deals with the highest rated products to feature in my articles.

I’ve seen many of these types of decor items sold with a way too high price tag by some vendors. Nevertheless, I usually find an equivalent option at a discounted price.

Truth is, these items often become “currently unavailable” when I come back a few weeks later. Also, vendors may not have enough items in stock to fulfill a 10 or more product order.

So if you find a piece from a reputable merchant, that fits your budget, with a high customer satisfaction level, buy it now.

Otherwise, you may need to find an alternative that may not suit your needs as well.

Don’t settle for whatever your venue owner or wedding planner tells you to buy.

This website provides countless gorgeous and affordable decor ideas to help you save money on your wedding. So be sure to look around to find your favorite decor ideas at much less than what you will be offered at first

French Country Style Wedding Decor

We all have some objects that can easily be transformed into a unique mix of old and new. French country can also be called a Parisian or Marie-Antoinette style. Simply put it’s western Europe elegance with a timeless chic charm.

Here are a few ideas to get your inspiration going. Think about worn-out objects and austere designs to which we add naive patterns and joyful light colors.

Let’s start with a common example of a French country style often presented in home design TV shows. Picture the old dark brown wood chair with black studded leather you saw at a yard sale or your grand parent’s house.

Now imagine what it would look like if you got rid of the old smelly leather and replace it with a pastel or cream fabric color.

The following suggestions can be bought online by clicking on the pictures. You’ll also find more details on pricing, current discounts, available colors, and dimensions.

Flowery Geo Ornaments

Wholesale Candelabra (10 pack!)

A beautiful and romantic addition to any wedding decor. The suspended chandeliers have a cream color and a French provincial style. The distress finished metal makes it look like it comes straight for a fairytale castle.

Tulle Table Runner

Tulle has a nice transparent effect that makes it look refined on any type of wedding table decoration.

Unlike lace and burlap that look better when laid flat, tulle is easy to work with and can be shaped in many different ways as you can see in the following image.

(Dimension: 32″ X 120″)

Lace Table Runner

Nothing equals the elegance of a lace pattern. The intricate details of this specific item provide lots of sophistication to the table. Therefore no need to cover under countless ornaments.

Let it stand out by adding accessories that will bring out its beauty like clear glass candle pillars and a minimalistic flower arrangement.

Dimension: 14″ X 120″.

Metal and Crystal Pedestal Candle Holders

♥ Click on the pictures for availability and prices

Lavender Flowers (8 large pieces)

Flower Container “Bonheur”

Bonheur is the French word for happiness! Distress finish metal bucket.

Peonie Flower

Silk flowers available in many colors.

Flower Lanterns as Wedding Centerpieces

There are many ways to incorporate lanterns to a wedding centerpiece. And not just by adding candles to it. You can fill them with flowers or beads, petals or a simple LED wire.

Plus, they are often sold in bulk for a fraction of the price you would pay if you bought them separately. Have a look at the following lantern designs all sold at wholesale prices.

Metal Watering Can or Pitcher

Shabby Chic Pedestal Birds (set of 3)

These shabby chic assorted ceramic birds are going to make a big impression on your guests. Although they come in a set of 3 you can use them separately.

Combine these with a peony, hydrangea or other wildflower arrangement or simply surround them with the candle holder or a wooden lantern.

Essential DIY Material

The following items are great additions to a wedding centerpiece.

Submersible Light Strings

You can add these waterproof LED light strings to your wedding centerpieces to provide a welcoming evening ambiance at your guests’ tables.

Paper Pompoms

These tissue paper ornaments are available in 6 set of colors. Each set includes at least 4 different tones to better fit your wedding theme. I like the idea of using them to decorate the guest’s chairs or church pews. They add a festive touch to any celebration.

Use these to create an extraordinary atmosphere by suspending them over the dance floor. Also used them to make a photo corner where you will take memorable pictures with your guests.

Making Your Own Backdrop

Speaking of photos giant paper flowers are usually a hit at any wedding party. The best part is that they are pretty fun to make.

You can even make your own bridal bouquet and flower centerpieces using the techniques in the following book.

If you don’t have much time and want to buy them ready to use, it’s a pretty affordable item.

♥ Click on the pictures for availability and prices

Wholesale Rustic Wood Box (6 pack)

These wooden planters are an affordable alternative to a glass vase centerpiece. This is the type of material you want to use in an outdoor party where wind and uneven ground makes it trickier to avoid breaking delicate objects.

Wood Slabs (4 pieces)

These are perfect as a table centerpiece base. Buy them from a local farm or have them delivered to you by Amazon. (Click on the image for pricing details).

Chalk Board with Rustic Wood Frame

A welcome table chalkboard is useful to thank your guests for being here or to encourage them to exchange with both families. You know, “Please choose a seat, not a side”. I think is a great way to break the ice and ensure a great evening for everyone.

Use it in a more common manner to display the directions: ceremony, dining room, bar, dance floor, etc.

4 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Supplies

Glamour wedding decor creates a luxurious and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, we want to have tasteful decor to show our guests how grateful we are to share this memorable day with them.

However, finding the perfect ornaments and style shouldn’t become a financial burden for the next months or years.

Fortunately, there are many ways to create a sumptuous table without breaking the bank.

1. Online Sale Events

I’ve noticed that many wedding decor merchants that use big online retailers like eBay, Wish, AliExpress and Amazon to sell their products have recurring sale prices regardless of the season. It’s, therefore, a good place to start looking for deals.

2. Receiving Deals by Email

Another great way to save is to stay in touch with the vendors you’re fond of without lifting a finger.

Low season in the wedding industry is between October and May, roughly speaking. That’s also the time are the year where wedding fairs are held.

There are usually good deals to be made in those events. It’s also a great occasion to speak to different vendors and determine which have services and products you’d like to buy.

Vendors will encourage you to go to their website and sign up to their mailing list to receive their promotions in a timely manner. You’re saving money and time without having to go to the storefront only to find out you miss their biggest year sale held a week earlier.

3. Save Money by Using What You Got on Hand

Small objects like an old music or jewel box, leather-bound books, brass candlesticks, and even an old birdcage or lantern can be turned into small French country wedding centerpieces.

The trick is to make old look new while style keeping its original charm. You can find many great items to make beautiful French country wedding centerpieces at bazaars and antique dealers for a fair price.

4. Wholesale Deals

Waiting for the best wedding centerpieces sale online is not the only alternative you have to pay less for your table decor. Many merchants on Amazon and probably on other large online retailers offer discounts when you buy many of the same products.

Decor items like lanterns, chandeliers, suspended candelabra, votives, flower glass vases and much more are sold in bulk at wholesale price.

Make sure to take advantage of the competitive price if you need more than 10 units.

Simple Ways to Embellish the Wedding Tables

Make your tables look stylish with colors and textures that are known to best represent what is chic and sophisticated.

White, silver and gold colors along with crystal, pearls, inox, lace, organza, silk, satin all bring to mind refined and classic images.

Obviously, it would be very expensive to decorate twenty tables with silver or inox made decorations. Other materials that are very similar in terms of looks will be much cheaper.

Silver’s Elegance Without the Maintenance … and cost!

The following glittering metal centerpiece is made of solid aluminum. Surprised? I was too.

Aluminum an interesting substitute to silver for the following reasons:

  • it doesn’t tarnish;
  • it’s lightweight;
  • it’s inexpensive;
  • it has a spectacular shine. In fact, it’s used to make jewelry as well.

Head table Centerpieces at a Fraction of the Price

The beauty of this piece of artwork lays in its reflection properties. Its surface has a glossy finish that reflects light while showcasing the floating flowers. This table decoration is simple to make and has nothing to envy of its silver and inox counterparts!

Make sure to put it where everyone can see: on the head table, at the cocktail bar, candy or cake buffet or at the welcome table!

Cozy Ambiance

The vibrant fresh flower, pearlescent beads, and the vanilla scent pillar candle make this centerpiece a feast for both eyes and the sense of smell.

This perfume pairs well with sweets so make sure to light it up before serving dessert!

wedding reception table decorations

Mixing Nature’s Beauty With Lace’s Refinement

Lace and burlap are very trendy and are often used in rustic-chic theme weddings. Burlap is a strong, rough material made with jute that makes an interesting decoration element.

When you mix expensive lace, satin, silk or tulle with burlap to make a table runner as in the previous example, it can really cut the price in half.

Lace adds the elegant touch that we want for a wedding and burlap provides the cozy atmosphere to put every guest at ease!

Managing Your Tablespace

Using silver or gold as an accent color is one great way to achieve a chic look. It doesn’t have to be a big decoration element.

In fact, I suggest using smaller pieces on your guest tables to avoid cluttering the space. When the guests will all be seated they will use the space on the table to put their cameras or smartphones, purses, drinks, etc.

It’s important to keep this in mind not only for aesthetic reasons but for your guest’s safety especially if you have candles on your tables.

Smaller Table Centerpieces

As I mentioned smaller centerpieces with refined details are very elegant. This simple candle centerpiece can be used solely or with a set of votive candles matching wedding them colors.

Wedding Reception Table Decorations:

Finding the best value for the price

People usually expect to find the best wedding centerpieces sale during low season.

Truth is, there are many opportunities to save throughout the year. Just keep in mind that planning ahead will ensure you get what you want and not only what’s left.

Hope you enjoyed your reading and that you’ve found inspiration from the pictures to make your own elegant wedding reception table decorations.

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