Traditional Wedding Tuxedo Styles and Colors

The traditional wedding tuxedo is the one outfit that we never get tired of seeing. It’s a renowned symbol of elegance and handsomeness.

Moreover, it reflects the wearer’s respect towards marriage signification, After all, the most important decision in a life requires a likewise meaningful outfit.


Not a “One Fits All” Decision

Too often people think that the choice of a traditional wedding tuxedo is confined to only a black jacket and pants, white shirt and, of course, the bow tie!

Now, choosing a classic wedding tuxedo does not mean only one tuxedo option. It’s important to choose one that fits your shape and personality.

The ones featured here have different cuts, jacket designs, and accessories to achieve the desired look.



The Traditional Wedding TuxedoShawl satin collar black tuxedo

Some will say that a traditional wedding tuxedo means wearing a tailcoat jacket. Others will opt for a contemporary jacket. No matter what your preference is, both are standard options for a groom tuxedo.

The regular tuxedo jacket can be designed with a peak or shawl collar called lapel. Some tuxedo jackets are made with a notch lapel like you would have in an office suit.

Peak and shawl lapels are the most traditional collar for a tuxedo.

The lapel can be the same fabric as the jacket or have a satin finish. Satin is certainly the most popular option for a shawl collar.

Furthermore, handkerchief and bow tie are usually also made from a similar lustrous fabric. This gives the outfit a shiny touch which helps alleviate the austere look of a black tuxedo.

The contrasting element in a classic black wedding tuxedo is the white shirt. Also, you can choose to wear a white tie as it’s considered the most refined and ceremonial choice.

Classic Dark Color Groom Tuxedo


The White Traditional Wedding Tuxedo

A great way to complement the bride’s white dress is to wear a white wedding tuxedo.

In this particular case, a tailcoat tuxedo is an interesting option depending on the level of formality of the wedding.

Why? Because it moves common imagination since immemorial times and highlights the gentleman side or the wearer.

You know, that romantic era where etiquette was the cornerstone of all decisions. It was also reflected in men’s attire on formal events.White traditional wedding tuxedo styles



Outdoor Celebrations and Light Color TuxedosWhite shawl lapel wedding tuxedo

A white tuxedo has a legitimate place in a beach wedding or any wedding held outdoor especially in summer time.

On a practical side, wearing a white outfit is probably your best pick if you’re going to stand under the sun. This is because white reflects sun rays instead of absorbing them helping you stay cool.

There is a wide variety of designs for formal beach wedding attire with specific fabrics to maximize your comfort without compromising on elegance.

With regard to fabrics, blends that incorporate cotton and linen are the most efficient on hot temperature.

Garments made with these fibers absorb excess humidity on the skin and facilitate airflow.

Unlike a standard polyester tuxedo which traps warmth allowing moisture to build on the skin.



The Black and White Wedding TuxedosWedding tuxedo jacket satin shawl lapel

It’s less common and formal than all black and all white tuxedos for a wedding. Although it still looks sophisticated with an edgy side to it.

The picture features a sober version of the black and white tuxedo.






Customized Traditional Wedding TuxedoRoyal blue groom tuxedo

If all of the previous suggestions don’t meet your requirements, a custom made wedding tuxedo is the answer.

In fact, there are many designers that offer a personalized tailoring service if you simply can’t find all the elements you are looking.

On the other hand, if you’re having a hard time finding an outfit that has the right leg and arm length, waist size and so on, you should consider having your tuxedo custom made.

Contrary to popular belief, custom-made wedding tuxedos are not more expensive than buying one off the shelf.

Moreover, it will fit you to perfection.



Wedding Tuxedo Options and Accessories

Despite what many people think, there are lots of details to take into account when it comes to choosing a traditional wedding tuxedo. Especially for the jacket and shirt.

To simplify this, let’s begin with the most obvious outfit parts and their options. Then, I’ll narrow it down to basic accessories that will complement your wedding tuxedo.


First of all, the Jacket:

Besides the type of fit you prefer (classic, modern or slim) the collar or lapel has an important visual impact. As mentioned earlier, a satin finish lapel is a classic that never goes out of style.

Most classic tuxedo collar styles

You can also play with the type of fabric pattern. This solid black classic wedding tuxedo has a texture similar to jacquard. It adds personality to your outfit and conveys a feeling of cozy luxury.


Secondly, the Shirt.Wingtip tuxedo shirt with pleated front

The wingtip is certainly the most official looking tuxedo shirt collar and is specifically designed for traditional wedding tuxedos. Also, the classic tuxedo shirt can have a plain or pleated front.

Pleated shirts are another subtle and distinctive tuxedo element that gives it a high level of decorum.

Additionally, replacing the regular buttons by classic black and silver studs is a must to achieve a traditional wedding tuxedo look.

Plus, you can match these with the cufflinks for a neater looking outfit.

Lastly, French cuffs shirt is the height of tuxedo fashion refinement.



Thirdly, the Trousers.Satin striped tuxedo pants

In general, pants are a little more standard than the shirt or jacket. They can be worn higher when wearing a peak tailcoat.

The only visible and singular element of traditional tuxedo pants is the satin stripe on the side of the leg. You may have already noticed this sort of detail on officer uniforms.

It’s a sophisticated detail that highlights the importance of an official celebration, like a wedding.



Last, But Not Least, the Shoes and Accessories

Obviously, a bow tie is what differentiates a tuxedo from a regular suit. Some tuxedo outfits are as simple as a shawl jacket, bow tie, white shirt and suit pants combined together. However, if you don’t plan to wear a waistcoat you might want to add a cummerbund to your outfit.

I personally think such an outfit wouldn’t look complete without it. It truly makes a difference in terms of sophistication as you can see below.

Wedding tuxedo black cummerbund


As for shoes, some prefer the old fashion elegance of chic velvet loafer while others have a weakness for the classic leather shoe.

Here’s a small detail that can make a good difference is the shoe sole. Some are made with a rubber that tends to stick to the floor making it hard to dance.

The sole should be slick as shown below. It will allow it to slide a bit so you can enjoy your first dance!

Elegant tuxedo leather shoes

Hope you found a bit of inspiration throughout this article. Please leave any comment or questions in the section below.

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