Unique Wedding Programs Designs

These unique wedding programs designs are 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches. However, they can be customized to any format.

“Unique” actually means that they are not based on usual elements we see these days like chalkboard or burlap and lace patterns. Such ideas were lovely and even unusual when they came out a few years ago. Unfortunately, they don’t stand out anymore due to their tremendous popularity.


Important: all backgrounds, patterns, and images found in this article are not my work. These are the work of graphic designers who own the copyrights and cannot be sold. I can only use them as examples to provide inspiring ideas for your wedding program. I added the wording to help you visualize how it can look like with your own information.

Let’s see some of these ideas.



Rustic Theme – Without Burlap and Lace

The following rustic theme wedding program variation is a great example of this. The worn out papyrus design shows that there are many ideas yet to be exploited.

wedding program fan ceremony paragraph


In addition, you can customize your wedding program with a subtle monogram in the background as shown below.


unique wedding programs



Custom Picture Wedding Program

Many simple but powerful elements can be used to create rustic theme wedding programs. In fact, the following example features a picture representing the country style. All you need to add to this free template design is your own country style picture.

Also, if you’re the kind of person that loves taking scenery pictures (like me) and never get an occasion to show them off, this design gives you this opportunity.

free wedding program designs

This specific design is a great DIY project as it only requires a landscape format picture that symbolizes a natural scenery or other visual elements that have a rustic feel.

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

  • a barn on a hill,
  • lavender bouquet,
  • a wedding arch
  • the sun setting on green pastures,
  • a swing under a decorated willow tree,
  • autumn colors pathways,
  • a wooden bridge over a pond, and so much more…

♥ DIY Wedding Program with Free Template!



Alice Wonderland Theme Unique Wedding Program Designs

This theme mixes both vintage and fantastic or fairytale-like concepts. In fact, this simple ornated key looks extraordinary with the wedding date and time of the ceremony in the following design.

Vintage key unique wedding program designs

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Modern Elegant Gray and Pink Design

Modern lace pattern wedding program


I like unique wedding programs designs that are simple and elegant. This wedding program goes straight to the point and is easy to follow.

The oversized titles are highlighted with the theme color. You can also choose a personalized your font size and style.

Lace wedding program wording



Boho-Chic Wedding Program

This one is an interesting alternative to the redundant rustic wedding programs appearing everywhere on the web.

Also, this style is perfect for beach wedding themes with its blue and sand colors. The mandala pattern adds a lot of refinement and sophistication to your wedding program.

Wording Beach Wedding Program


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Unique Wedding Programs Designs


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