Unique Wedding Tuxedos – Victorian and Modern Styles

These unique wedding tuxedos will definitely make heads turn!

Whether you like a trendy 21st-century slim fit tuxedo, Casa Blanca movie dapper tuxedo, or Victorian wedding tuxedos, you will not be deceived.



The 007 Wedding TuxedoBond wedding tuxedo

This is probably the most popular tuxedo style. Still, it’s possible to make it unique with the right accessories.

Choosing an all-white tuxedo compliments the bride’s white dress.

However, a black wedding tuxedo is a classic that can easily be customized with accent colors to match the bride’s bouquet and wedding color theme.

For an elegant and sober look, stick to neutral tones like gray and silver when choosing accessories.



Not enough of that unique touch you’re looking for?

These colorful version of the classic peak lapel tuxedo jacket are elegant and pair well with the wearer’s vibrant personality.

Dark blue, red and royal blue wedding tuxedos



Victorian Style Wedding Tuxedos

Victorian tailcoats styles are often used in wedding tuxedo sets.

Want something with more Victorian Era charm? The unique wedding tuxedos featured here have beautiful garment detailing that stands out from traditional tuxedo jackets.

The gray tuxedo jacket is made with a blend of wool and includes a faux vest and functional pockets. Also, the gold detail on the lapel adds a unique royal touch to the jacket.

The neckwear is called a jabot and is really representative of that era. It replaces in a sophisticated manner the traditional bow tie on a tuxedo.

beautiful satin and wool victorian tuxedo jacket



Vintage wedding tuxedo sleeve and pocket

Ceremonial Tunic Style

This damask wedding tuxedo looks stunning with its flap pockets ornamented silver buttons.

Also, the Mandarin collar adds an official and even martial effect to the outfit.

This tunic is meant to be worn open since the button holes are not pierced.

I’ve added the pictures for the most classical wedding version of this garment. However, it’s available blue, burgundy and black velvet as well.

It’s a great choice for those looking for a noble and exclusive wedding tuxedo because of the official feeling it conveys.

Victorian and modern unique wedding tuxedos


Double breasted tailcoat black wedding tuxedo

Modern and Vintage Tuxedos

The image on the right feature a Victorian-era inspired tuxedo.





In the next pictures, the designers played with elements usually found in regular tuxedos and mixed them with Victorian style.

It brings a lot of character to a tuxedo that may have otherwise look ordinary and dull.

I particularly like the peak collar that nicely overlaps the interior straight button collar.

Moreover, the peak tailcoat and its unusually angular double-breasted closure make this jacket look actual with the romantic Victorian charm.

Also, look at the cravat knot style and the dark blue satin fabric of the jacket. Precious.


Unique Victorian styles wedding tuxedos

Black Double-Breasted Tailcoat

Slim Fit Navy Blue Tuxedo (includes jacket, pants and sleeveless vest)



Modern Unique Wedding Tuxedos

Not everyone is ready to make a fashion statement and wear a top hat and a fake walking cane. Therefore, there are many ways to make a regular tuxedo look unique!


Dark blue wedding tuxedo



How to Achieve a Unique Wedding Tuxedo Look

Here are a few tips to make your tuxedo a really unique piece of clothing:Classic wedding tuxedo


  • Choose a jacket or a vest with a double-breasted button front and a satin peak lapel or shawl collar;


  • The Mandarin tuxedo is another option. It provides a really sober look to your outfit and the linear style flatters the shape;


  • Pair it with satin stripe pants, with a cummerbund or a waistcoat;

Wedding tuxedo black trousers and color jackets

  • Add a nice cravat or bow tie;Stylish wedding tie knot


  • Wear a 1\4 pleated shirt with a wing-tip collar instead of a regular turn-down collar shirt. French cuffs are also highly stylish and chic;


  • Customize your shirt button closure with sophisticated studs and matching cuff links;


  • Finally, the controversial but sooooo comfortable velvet loafer shoes! Some merchants offer to add a custom design of your choice which I think is really cool.

Wedding tuxedo velvet slip-on shoe


Hope you found some inspiration to create your own unique wedding tuxedo style. If you have any question or comments leave them in the section below.



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