Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Victorian style wedding dresses have this romantic and dramatic feel that makes them look like they were designed for a queen.

In fact, the Victorian style is the widest spread design in wedding dresses and wedding fashion accessories.

Nowadays you can find beautiful variations of Victorian style wedding dresses mixed with modern necklines, patterns, and fabrics. If you’ve seen actual Victorian-era dresses, you’ve probably noticed how heavy and bulky they looked.

Fortunately, fabrics blends now used to make wedding dresses are lighter than they were. Thus greatly enhancing how comfortable they are.


edwardian victorian wedding dress



Neckline and Bodice Styles

The off the shoulder neckline with or without sleeve is a common feature of Victorian style wedding dresses. It emphasizes on the upper part of the body by making the belly part look narrower by contrast.

Conversely, you can choose the high collar which usually comes with a back button closure.

There are more and more dress models with a high lace collar featuring a nude back. This adds a surprising and audacious accent to an apparently sober and modest front dress.

Also, you don’t have to settle for a formal corset or lace-up type of closure if you want a closed back. A button closure is another Victorian style detail that adds elegance to a fully closed back dress. It’s also very pretty on a scoop back gown.



Waistline and Overall Dress Shape

The empire waistline usually adds length to the figure as it’s located under the bust or under the ribcage. In fact, a high waistline along with a fitted bodice is necessary to make a wide fairytale style like the Victorian style dress look pleasing to the eye.

An important aspect to take into account when buying a wedding dress online or without previously trying it on is that it may not look as full on its own.

In reality, the dresses pictures you see online look full because they have a petticoat also called a hoop skirt under them. It’s important to ask the vendor if the petticoat is built in or at least included.

If not, what is recommended to achieve the same look they are providing the picture.


Depending on the look you want you will need a different petticoat style:

  • 365° Petticoat. To achieve an even width all around a full-length dress you will most likely need to add a 6 hoops petticoat.


  • Bustle Cage: Make only the back of the dress fuller with this framework.


  • Double Pannier: This looks a lot like the previous for the structure at least. However, it gives a completely different look as it only makes the hips look fuller.


Finally, Victorian style wedding dresses tend to be perceived as ball gowns or A-line shaped dresses. If you want to have something a bit different you can choose a bustle back style with draped fabric converging at the tailbone.

Another variation is the bubble hem gown with cascading layers of fabric that creates a sense of movement and volume making the dress look sophisticated.


victorian era wedding dresses



Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your body shape dictate your choice. It’s more a technical rule of thumb than a real reason to pick a dress.

If you always wanted to wear a specific type of dress but you were told it wouldn’t look good with your body shape than obviously, you’re not being objective. Don’t let someone else convince you that you should hide or emphasize something else.

If you like what you see in the mirror than you got the right one. Be proud of who you are and express it in the choice of your ideal dress.


To follow up through with that, pick wisely the people who you will show your dress to.

Especially if you had a hard time picking one. Some people may think they are helping by giving their plain and sometimes harsh opinion. But they will only make this process hard and painful while it should be a joyful exercise.

Instead, choose those friends and family members who respect and approve your choice.

They will provide suggestions rather than critical opinions that won’t bring any useful information. Remember you need help, not confusing thoughts.


Hope this article was helpful. If you have any question please feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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