Vintage Bridal Headpieces

Beautiful vintage bridal headpieces gives any bridal outfit a timeless charming touch. In fact, you can take a contemporary modern dress cut and add a vintage tiara with gold accents to it. The resulting look would be surprisingly stunning.

It’s all about the details and how you counterbalance the most salient aspects of an outfit with subtle but ravishing ornaments.

Nonetheless, mixing styles is not only a great way to make a personalize wedding outfit. It also reveals an open-minded, creative and daring personality.

The combination of different ideas through the use of unique accessories provides a balance between a rigid formal dress code and an improvised look that does not have enough decorum for a wedding.

Needless to say, that vintage is associated with elegance and glamour when it comes to bridal hairstyles.

Why not use this characteristic to make a simple hairstyle look dazzling?



Vintage Bridal Headpieces For Your Bridal Hairstyle


Birdcage, Fascinators, and Pillboxes

The birdcage is a stylish vintage hair fashion accessory that has lots of character. Many modern brides love its audacious feel and also the various ways to wear them.

The birdcage in itself consists of a French netting fabric that can be attached to many different hair accessories. The most common ways to add it to your hairstyle is by using a comb or a small fascinator.

Also, this is a great alternative to a standard blush veil if you’re looking for something untraditional yet very sophisticated headpieces.

Finally, the pillbox is a small rounded hat made of satin, velvet, or wool. It’s a very dapper hair accessory that will leave your guests speechless.

I particularly like the pillbox for a winter wedding as it adds a lot of elegance to the bride’s overall look but may feel a little to warm for a hot summer day.



Comb and Hair Twists

The beauty of these hair adornments resides in its fineness. Although they are usually smaller than their crown and tiara counterparts, combs are very versatile and delicate. They can be added to pretty much any hairdo in many distinct ways.

Used them to hold the wedding veil in place, with a high bun hairstyle or to a side braid. They can also make a gorgeous contrasting element when mixed with a messy updo hairstyle.

On the other hand, hair twists are simple yet enchanting hair accessories that can be used in all hairstyles.

They come in many shapes, textures, and colors. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to put in place. Therefore they’re a good option if you’re unsure what hairdo you want for the big day.

In some cases, it’s easier to add hair twists to a different hairstyle than to other types of vintage bridal headpieces like birdcage or a diadem.


Tiaras and DiademsVintage wedding headpieces

A classic that’s been around for centuries in the aristocratical communities.

Whether you like sculptural rhinestones and pearl headpieces, gold shape leaves crown style, or refined crystal flowers headbands, tiaras, and diadems provide a queenly formal look.

Also, there are many ways to make them look unique by choosing exclusive designs and colors.

For example, many merchants offer them in a variety of stone colors to match with your wedding theme accent colors.

Moreover, these hair adornments can be made with a flexible wire that you braid into your hair, also called hair wine.

The tiaras are available in many styles like medieval era, greek or roman empire, renaissance, etc.

Finally, they often are the automatic option when thinking of vintage bridal headpieces. But wait, there are lot more choices!

Vintage bridal headpieces



If you always wanted to wear a crown but never got the opportunity to do so, your wedding day is the ideal timing.

Consider the utmost luxury in bridal hair fashion, crowns are ostentatious and classy. Again, there are as many choices as the wildest imagination can conceive. Probably even more.

Just like tiaras and diadems, crowns are perfect to wear with a cathedral veil.



Romantic and flowery, the bridal hair wreath has a boho chic charm that leaves no one indifferent. Some are made with real dried flowers and other are made with beads, metal leaves and rhinestones shaped into flowers.

As for all other options featured in this post, there is not one unique way to wear these. Some wreath versions are filled with large blooms and impressive colors while others are more modest and delicate.

Bridal hair wreaths can be worn on the forehead for elvish or fairy look but also braided into your hair. Either way, it’s a stunning accessory that fits an enchanted vineyard outdoor wedding theme as well as an interior manor house wedding celebration.



Choosing Your Prefered Style

Hope enjoyed these vintage bridal headpieces ideas. As you can see there are lots of possibilities to find the perfect hair accessories. If you can plan ahead take the time to look at all different options that you have to make the best choice according to your tastes.


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