Vintage Wedding Headpieces

Vintage wedding headpieces are sometimes sumptuous and opulent, sometimes refined with exquisite details. The truth is vintage is a word widely used to describe the old fashion charm of the era when things were made with love and dedication.

Today, we are seeing a come back of different retro styles like 1920’s Art Deco or Great Gatsby period. A lot of fashion trends are inspired by this century different fashion periods. Moreover, it’s also common to see clothing and hair accessories with a Victorian era or even Middle Age influence.

As matter of fact, mixing a modern wedding dress with vintage accessories is a simple an effective way of making your outfit unique.

I hope you will enjoy the following item pictures. These vintage wedding headpieces are available on Amazon.



Vintage Wedding Headpieces

Vintage wedding headpieces with larger width are spectacular without looking as voluminous as a or tiara crown. Some designs have an even width which is particularly interesting to wear with tight updos as it will show form all sides.

Many of these are as flexible as a necklace and are attached with a ribbon. If you want a headpiece with a side design it’s better to pick one that is built on a sturdy metal frame to avoid it from moving.

For more comfort and to avoid wearing a headpiece that is too tight for your head, choose a soft headband sewed to a ribbon. Ask your hairdresser to secure it in place with hairpins. Et voilà!


Vintage Wedding Headpieces – Make a Style Statement


Greek Goddess

This headpiece is a beautiful addition to any bridal outfit that will make you look like an empress. In fact, this accessory is a perfect match with an A-Line high waist empire style dress and a Boho-chic wedding dress.

However, you can easily create a unique and stylish look by matching it with trumpet style dress and even a wedding ball gown.

The merchant also offers a thinner laurel leaves headband for a subtle yet sophisticated style. The headpiece is offered in gold and rose gold colors.


Great Gatsby

This 1920’s style is very en vogue in bridal fashion as it conveys a sense of luxury and revelry. Not surprisingly, these headbands combine feathers, rhinestones, and pearls.

The glamorous glittering effect is absolutely stunning and can make a simple low bun hairdo look spectacular.


Bohemian Hair Vine

Beach and rustic theme weddings are often associated with natural elements like dried flowers, seashell, twine, floral lace designs, etc.

The hair wine headpiece is a great way to add some of nature’s most beautiful gifts to your wedding outfit. They are made to be sculpted into your hair in countless hairstyle variations. For example, you can include it in a braided hairstyle or shape it into a flower crown.

No matter what the design is this headpiece adds a romantic touch that will make head turns.



Deciding The Hairstyle. Then, The Headpiece

Hope you’ve found this article interesting and that it helps you find your favorite style.

Note that, there are many different bridal hair accessory options that were not discussed here. For example, combs, tiaras, and crowns are also available at affordable prices in many different colors and materials.

Before you buy anything, you should determine what type of hairstyle you want.

In fact, some hair accessories are better adapted for specific types of hairdos. You can discuss this matter with your hairdresser and see what works best for you.


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