Outstanding Vintage Wedding Ideas And Decorations


A wedding should always represent the groom and bride’s definition of love and happiness. This is why many couples choose the vintage wedding theme for their big day.

This style offers the right combination of elegance and tradition. It’s a style that never goes out of fashion.

Here is a unique selection of vintage wedding ideas and decorations including bridal fashion elements. This should help you achieve an outstanding vintage wedding ambiance. Since vintage style transcends time, it’s only natural that it now extends to the latest technology as you will see in the product’s pictures below.

Old fashion design smartphone cases, wedding macaron ornated stands, delicate fabric orchids string lights and much more to make this wedding an unforgettable cozy and chic celebration! You can find many uncommon items if you have time to visit boutiques or wait until they are giving discounts on the actual price tag.

If you’re looking for a fast and cheap alternative, click on the pictures below to access the biggest and most trusted online store called Amazon. I love shopping online and especially on Amazon as it usually offers the best price and I get to read other buyer’s reviews to have an idea of what the actual product is like once you make use of it.

Hope these will help you create your own perfect vintage wedding ambiance!


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More inspiration for vintage wedding ideas and decorations

One way to create a retro or vintage look for your wedding is to look at old movies from the 50’s.

Have a look at these suggestions of 1950’s movie from Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine:


Hope you’ve found some inspiration in the products that I featured in this post. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will be happy to help!


Other theme suggestions:

6 Responses to “Outstanding Vintage Wedding Ideas And Decorations

  • Oh, they are so beautiful. I didn’t know that about me. That I like vintage kind of weddings. I’ve always considered them too vapid. But somehow these pictures reminded me of a movie I like a lot: “Somewhere in Time” 🙂 It must be the umbrellas…

    • Carolyn
      3 years ago

      I agree, vintage can sometimes look meaningless when people don’t put there own signature elements into it. That’s exactly why a wrote this post. To show that there is much more to vintage then only old table clothes or retro serveware 🙂

      I don’t think I’ve seen that movie, “Somewhere in Time”. I just watched a quick video of it on youtube and yes your right, the lace umbrella would really match her dress and hat 😉

  • Michelle
    3 years ago

    Thank you for writing such a useful post! My friend is getting married next year, so I will be sure to point her in the right direction.

    I love the lace umbrella – perfect for a sunny outdoor wedding! I would never have thought of that 🙂

    I will be back for more great tips and ideas.

    • Carolyn
      3 years ago

      Indeed, an umbrella is a must for outdoor weddings on sunny days. For something a little smaller, a hand fan can also help refresh the guests 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  • Michael
    3 years ago

    Wow… am totally blown away by the beauty of this website as well as the useful information about weddings. I surely will visit this site more often. Looking forward to more information about vintage weddings.

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