Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

The following wedding cake decorating ideas are inspiring and sophisticated. As you probably know, there are many possibilities to decorate your wedding cake but some are easier than others to make.

The first step is to decide what type of cake design you want.

A very popular design is the multi-tier stacked cake where 2 or more cakes are stacked to create a tower looking cake. This type of cake requires specific skills that any professional baker should have.

On the other hand, if you want to make it yourself or ask a friend to do it for you it may not be the best cake design to pick. As a matter of fact, a multi-tier cake can easily collapse if not done properly.

Fortunately, there are many more alternatives to have a one of kind wedding cake. We’ll have a look at them in a moment.

three tier wedding cakes



Types of Cakes


Not One But Two (or More) Single Cakes

Many people also like to have 2, 3 or more single tier cakes that they can display on a multi-tier cake stand.

This gives the illusion of a multi-tier cake without having to apply the techniques to ensure the cake is stable.

This is a great alternative if you intend to make the cake yourself without any previous experience in making multi-tier cakes.

By the sea wedding theme cake


The Shaped Cake

Another trending cake style is to have a single tier cake shaped into something specific. It can be anything.

For example, if your wedding theme is related to the beach you can make a shell-shaped cake. A tree shape or antler shape is a great idea for an outdoor or rustic theme.

The shape cake is easy to make and can be decorated in lots of different ways mixing icing and fondant techniques.

The result is just as stunning as the traditional multi-tier cake.

Not to mention, you’ll avoid the headaches of figuring out the technique and the worries of seeing it falling apart right before your eyes.



High Definition Image Cakes

The following idea is by far the most original and personalized. Many pastry chefs will use a picture of your liking to make your wedding cake unique. It can be a photograph or any image you’d like to have printed on your wedding cake.

The interesting (and surprising) thing about it is that the picture is edible as well.

In brief, the baker uses a printer to transfer an image on icing sheets using food colorants.

Also, nothing is made by hand. Therefore, the resulting image is impressively accurate to the original picture you provided.


Cupcake Deluge

If you love cupcakes than you can easily imagine how 50 cupcakes or more assembled together would make an extraordinary wedding cake.

That’s right, you can simply display them on a cupcake stand or you can turn your cupcakes into an amazing masterpiece.

To do so, use your cupcakes to shape them into a wedding dress, wedding ring a flower bouquet or any other shape.


cupcake wedding cake



Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

Hope you enjoyed these wedding cake decorating ideas and that you’ve found some interesting ideas to help you decide what type of cake you want for your wedding.

If not, don’t worry.

It’s well known that inspiration comes from looking at many different styles.

Moreover, here are a few reading suggestions to help you make your choice at the bottom of this article.

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