DIY Wedding Labels For Wine Bottles That Look Professional

Making your own wedding labels for wine bottles is easy, inexpensive and will catch everyone’s attention for sure. Weddings are not only about a heavenly celebration location, expensive decorations, and gastronomical dishes… Thank God! Guests will notice the details, especially those that are personalized and professionally done.

Tip 1 – Finding your design

A label design doesn’t have to be complicated to be awesome.

This refined shaped wine label with personalized monogram, spouses name, and date really stands out from square labels. The label color can also be personalized:

Personalized fancy shape wine labels


Chalkboard style for a trendy and familiar style. These can be personalized by the vendor:

Personalized wine label chalkboar style


For a sophisticated visual effect choose this shimmering gold font and minimalist white background design:

Elegant personalized wine bottle labels


A simple linear pattern can make a great background. Here’s an example of a classic wine bottle label design.

wine bottle label linear pattern


Slim gray lines will add a dramatic contemporary look to it:

wine bottle label greay


You can have a colorful “Tuscan autumn” look by adding colored oblique stripes to your label:



Finally, customize the label by adding a picture of the bride and groom with their kids (if any). You can also choose pictures of them when they were kids for example. Another idea (if you don’t mind putting more time into this) would be to take a theme picture imitating a classic movie’s front picture. Check these out for inspiration:

– Casablanca

– Grease

– Nottinghill

Tip 2 – Choosing the right label medium

The Neato blank wine bottle labels kit offer the possibility of uploading a personal photo and adding the text you want on your labels for a fully customized label.

It comes with 40 water resistant and easily removable labels.

Wine label stickers with online software Wine label stickers with online software customizations


Tip 3 – Sticking the labels on the bottles

If you wonder what type of glue you need to stick your customized plain paper labels to the bottle, the answer is: no glue is needed! Just milk!

You just need to spread a small amount of milk to the back of your paper labels, stick it to the bottle and let it dry.


Wedding Labels For Wine Bottles – how to find a template online

There are many printable label templates you can buy online. offers an impressive selection of wine label templates. You can customize them online and then decide if you want to buy it. The labels are then shipped to your place.

It’s also possible to try making your own labels for free. I’ve come across a very lovely free winery style wedding label that you can check out on


I hope this post provided you with the answers you were looking for. If you need further help you can leave a comment below and I will gladly reply to the best of my knowledge!

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6 Responses to “DIY Wedding Labels For Wine Bottles That Look Professional

  • I really liked this post! Even I don’t have any plans for a wedding I will keep this in mind for friends. I was surprised to see that you can use milk as “glue” for the lables. And thank you for including websites where label designs can be found.

    • Carolyn
      2 years ago

      Hi Angel, Thanks for your comment! I always try to give the fastest and cheapest way to do things. A small amount of milk is all it takes to stick the labels so why pay for an expensive chemical glue you will never use again? 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by!

  • robert Lawrence
    2 years ago

    Wow this is a really cool idea. I wish my wife and I would have thought of this before we got married.

    I’m going to be in my friends wedding party in a couple months and they’re looking for interesting ways to put a personaly touch on their wedding.

    I’ve been looking around the internet, trying to help them come up with ideas and I stumbled onto your website. I’m really glad I did because now I’ll send a link of this page to my friend and I’m sure him and his fiance will lov e it.



    • Carolyn
      2 years ago

      Thanks Robert, glad you like it!
      I will be more then happy to help through my posts or by answering your friends question, if any.
      Thanks for dropping by!

  • What a lovely idea! It’s little touches like this that make all of the difference. My girlfriends threatened to organise my wedding for me with a pink gingham theme. I didn’t go with that as you might guess, but in a nod to their humour and good intentions I had a pink gingham ribbon wound round the stem of my bouquet!

    • Carolyn
      2 years ago

      Hi Jane, I agree. Little things are what makes a wedding reception memorable. No need to spend a lot of money either.
      As for you wedding theme, pink gingham is pretty, if used sparingly 😉 Your bouquet ribbon was a nice noticeable reference to your friends suggestion, well done!
      Hope to have you back soon!

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