Wedding Paper Plates and Tableware – Stylish Affordable Designs

Having a backyard wedding reception or home wedding? Wedding paper plates are a good alternative to avoid the hassle of cleaning dirty dishes for the next 24 hours following your wedding.

Not exactly what you’d expect for your honeymoon!

Sure, many caterers can provide tableware and pick up the dirty utensils, plates, and glasses the day after the wedding.

However, this is an extra charge that you’ll need to pay for, just like you would for any other rentals and cleaning services.


Catering Service Can Get Pricey

The cost of catering for a wedding held in a private property can leave a gaping hole in your budget depending on how many guests you have to accommodate and also on the different types of services you are planning to have.


In fact, the food aspect put aside, seated dinner, a cocktail with hors-d’oeuvres, bar service are all different types of services that require more resources (staff and equipment rentals).

Of course the more needs you have the more expensive it gets.

Therefore, looking at different options and getting 3 to 4 quotes from different catering services may help you determine the best quality for price package you can get.


Let’s get back to our main subject and see what options are available to make your wedding tables look festive and elegant at low cost.


Disposable Wedding Paper Plates

Nowadays, many people prefer paper over plastic plates since it’s a biodegradable material. Also, it’s possible to have a completely eco-friendly tableware set by using wooden utensils.

Later in this article, I will show you some great options to accessorize with the paper plates featured here.

Shabby Chic Paper Plate Design

The flowing floral pastel design plate is a lovely addition to a rustic or French country wedding table decor. Its light colors blend well with blush, coral, and antique gold wedding color accent ornaments.

Rustic wedding paper plate


Industrial Chic Hexagonal Paper Plate

This one of a kind shape wedding paper dinner plate is available in 2 different sizes. Match it with the same design paper napkins to make your table look opulent and stylish.

Geo wedding paper plates


Marble and Gold Classic Paper Plate

Marble pattern always adds a classic and polish touch to a wedding decor. This neutral gray color also makes it easy to match with most wedding accent colors.

Modern wedding theme marble paper plate

A Tropical TouchTropical wedding theme plates

This palm leaf printed paper plate is a perfect addition to a beach or tropical wedding theme.







Mini Appetizers PlatesWedding elegant paper plates

These 5 inches diameter plates are an excellent option for cocktail bites and hors-d’oeuvres. You can also use them to serve the wedding cakes and dessert.




Disposable Tableware

Thank God the paper plates have evolved to be fashionable and chic. In fact, disposable dishware has been around for many decades now.

While everyone agrees that it’s a practical and a no-brainer option to avoid buying multiple dinnerware sets, most people feel that a generic white paper plate is less than suitable to make a guest wedding table look glamour.

People want something more adequate for a wedding when having an outdoor or private home wedding celebration.

Fortunately, the following disposable options offer the level of style you’d want for a wedding party.


Paper CupsModern wedding theme paper cup

These are just perfect for any type of cold or hot beverage. The paper cups with gold detail are available in different accent colors like navy blue, pink and marble gray.



Paper Napkins

This item is actually one of the most affordable ways to have a chic personalized table decor. There are many design options and customizations available as well.

Rustic personalized wedding napkins

More Paper Napkins Ideas



These wooden forks, spoons, and knives are biodegradable and ecological. Their rustic looks also make them a great element to add to your guest’s edible favors. They really add a unique touch to the favor’s packaging.

For example, you can attach a wood knife to a glass jar filled with homemade fruit jam or honey. Also, serve the wedding cake or apple pie dessert with this unique and pretty cutlery.

Eco friendly wooden utensil set



Have you thought of using paper straws for the cocktails instead of plastic ones?

As you may know by now many hotel chains are banning plastic straws because of the massive amount that is now polluting the seas.

These come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Polka dots, vintage floral pattern, candy stripe, gold foil and more!.  Name it, they have it!

For a rustic wedding theme, the birch bark pattern will make a great impression on your guests!



Protect the tables from accidental spills and food stains with these affordable and chic paper placemats.

Moreover, make a statement of style by choosing an elegant design to make your table look amazing. Just like wedding paper napkins, these can be customized with a personal message to your guests or a monogram.

The well made and delicate printed pattern really adds a lot of character to the tables.



A must for any guests, buffet and welcome table, the table runner can be used on both rectangle and round shape tables.

I particularly like the idea of a chalkboard table runner to be used for the guests to leave the newlyweds a special message that they can enjoy reading after the wedding day.

This gold marble table runner design will add instant glamour to any table.

Want something subtle and chic?

A confetti pattern will make your tables look festive at low cost without finding confetti in the salad bowl or wine glasses!



Reasons to Choose or not to Choose Wedding Paper Plates and Tableware

It’s funny how a simple item like a paper plate can be a controversial subject. In fact, if you want to start a passionate conversation at a family and friends gathering, just ask: “As anyone thought of using paper plates on daily basis or a few times a week?”

No matter what your personal opinion is it will have everyone feeling uncomfortable.

For some, it’s just unthinkable to stop the daily routine of washing the dishes. But for others, the unimaginable is to waste time, soap, water and storage space resulting from the use of standard hard dinnerware.

But that’s another subject.

If you’re still struggling with the idea of using paper plates at your wedding here are some aspects to consider:


Eco-Friendly Materials

We see that word often these days as we are becoming more and more conscious of our ecological footprint.

That being said, if you’re using paper plates for one specific day (your wedding) don’t beat yourself up for it. Obviously, your footprint is less than if you’d be using them each day for years.

Nevertheless, if you want a disposable dinnerware than natural fiber plates with fewer chemicals involved in their making are your best choice. These have the highest biodegradability compared to typical paper fibers or plastic.

Fortunately, with the growing popularity of ecological single-use dinnerware, many companies now offer palm leaf, bamboo and sugarcane fiber plates and bowls.

There is also a large variety of wooden cutlery styles available on the market.


Your Not Using Plastic

It’s important to underline that the simple act of not using plastic is a good reason to choose paper made disposable goods.

Why are plastic plates worst than those made of paper?

Let’s make this clear: eventually, everything will biodegrade. The reason why plastic is the worst option is that it takes way longer to naturally degrade and decompose.

In fact, it’s now common knowledge that there is an island mostly made of plastic trash floating in the North Pacific Ocean. They call it the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

But worst of all, it’s not the only one. Two more of these are found in the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean as well.

While paper wastes and paper making process surely have an environmental impact, plastic stays much longer.  This simple fact makes it a better choice to choose paper over plastic.

Discounted wedding decor

More Quality Time, Less Chores

Finally, the real and most valuable reason to use disposable plates, cups, napkins, forks, spoons, and knives is to make good use of time.

Unless you decide to pay for renting dinnerware and also pay to have it cleaned then you’ll be stuck with the daunting task of cleaning all the mess that’s left behind.

Hours and hours of fun…


Again, this is your big day.

One of the most beautiful days in your life filled with precious moments with your significant other, family and friends.

Truth is, you’ll have plenty of other occasions to wash dishes as husband and wife.

For the time being, make the most of that day by giving yourself a break from the routine and use disposable wedding plates.

Carpe diem!


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