8 Wedding Program Cover Designs

These wedding program cover designs are diversified and will hopefully help you decide which you like best. In fact, I chose to present different color and styles instead of presenting a bunch of similar styles based on a specific “trending” theme design.


This is only a small sample of inspiring designs. Therefore deciding which design will be best for you can be a difficult task given all the choice there is.

Well, it comes down to how much you are willing to pay (again). In fact, a rule of thumb would be the more modification you require, the more money it’ll cost you. Note that some changes are simple tasks that can be made within a couple of clicks.


Changing the font colors and style is usually a quick thing to do. Making changes to the background is more expensive. For example, changing the format from a double-sided postcard to a booklet may require some modification to the background pattern.

Not to mention that the printing cost will rise as well.


Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to save a hundred dollars or more. Here are some thoughts that may help.


Alice wonderland wedding invitation_Open Me



From Wedding Invitation to a Wedding Program

The term “wedding stationery” is used to designate wedding invites, envelopes, save the dates, menu, place cards, wedding program and much more.

The following examples are wedding invitations you can modify with appropriate wording into any type of paper medium you want.  The only element that is repeated on the different stationery is the background.

I will show some examples of how it’s done further in this post.


light damask wedding program cover design



Choosing Single Theme for All Guest Communications

A good way to save money is to buy these all at once using the same theme. Many merchants will offer discounts if you buy wedding invitations, wedding program, favor tags and other derived products.

Also, graphic designers have pre-assembled kits you can buy at a lower price than it would cost to have it custom made. These can include but are not limited to the items mentioned earlier.


Vintage monochrome wedding program cover design



The wedding stationery kit is usually cheaper than buying each type of stationery separately because the vendor doesn’t have to perform time-consuming modifications to the design itself.

Changing fonts colors, size or styles is a basic task that can be done quickly by the graphic artist.

Here’s one example of a typical kit which includes invitations, “save the dates”, RSVP, and “Thank You” cards.

Wedding stationery kit with flower design



Eccentric and Fun

This queenly design has a whimsical touch that recalls fairy theme weddings or more precisely Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.


Royal wedding invitation Alice wonderland


 More Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations



The following wedding program cover designs is a features a one of kind “trompe l’oeil” key design. Change it to your own wedding theme accent color and you have a unique wedding program design your guests will find most interesting.


Unique wedding programs designs



Ancient Charm

The following image features a close up of an antique style wedding program design. Have you noticed the monogram? This is a nice addition to give your wedding program a touch of decorum.


unique wedding programs



Chalkboard Contrast

Eat, Drink, Be Married. What else could I say

Simple, welcoming, and right on spot. Just perfect!


Chalkboard wedding program cover design



Wedding Program Cover Designs

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the following section.

Also, have a look at the following reading suggestions to help you plan your wedding according to your needs at low cost.


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