Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

The following wedding reception centerpiece ideas are beautiful additions to any wedding decor. Some are rustic while others are more contemporary to fit all tastes. You’ll also find many great ideas for outdoor weddings like beach backyard weddings.

If you’re having a wedding at a formal venue, you will also find many great options to decorate the tables in a sophisticated heartwarming way.

Most importantly, many of the merchants that sell these decoration items provide wholesale prices. Bulk buy can make you save few hundred dollars considering that you usually need 5 or more centerpieces to decorate the reception tables.

Let’s have a look at some inspiring ideas.



Lantern Wedding Centerpieces

Lanterns of all sizes and styles make great wedding centerpieces. Whether you’re looking for a flowerless main element for your table decor or simply want a closed shape container to protect the flame from the wind, lanterns are a perfect choice.

In fact, an uncommon and charming way to use a lantern is to ornate it with flowers and greenery. Also, you can mix them with LED tea lights to get the best of both worlds without risking fire hazards.



Tall Glass Vases

Want something impressive and that can be seen from anywhere in the room?  There are many styles available to fit your theme wedding.

Trumpet (Pilsner) glass vases are perfect for a vintage or even rustic wedding theme. Eiffel tower glass vase has a narrow shape that can be used for delicate designs using lightweight decor items like feathers, long soft tree branches.

Finally, the high cylinder glass vase offers a contemporary alternative for a modern and minimalistic look. All these vases are usually made of clear glass.

Be creative and try different materials like water beads and gel or simply add long leaves, a LED light string or a kissing ball.tall glass vases wedding centerpieces



Wholesale Decoration Items

Unless you’re having a small intimate wedding, chances are you will need 5 or more centerpieces. Fortunately, all of the previously mentioned items are all available at wholesale prices.

Moreover, you can find all sorts of wedding centerpiece accessories in bulk on large online retailers. Essentials like tea light holder, placemats, table numbers, round or square mirrors, glass beads strings and much more can be found at really cheap prices as well.

If you like the look of suspended or pedestal chandeliers on your guests’ tables but can’t resign to pay a hundred dollars each? Then you should look for wholesale candelabras or chandeliers.

Many merchants are providing very nice designs at low cost. You can even find small packs of 4 units to accommodate your small wedding needs.



French Country Wedding Centerpieces

This wedding theme has a lovely rustic chic feel to it. Provencial French style decors feature pastel tones and off-white antique finish items which I think works very well for a wedding.

French country wedding reception centerpiece ideas are elegant and welcoming. If you like the vintage spring style it evokes, you should have a look at the following ideas. I bet you’ll find something to inspire you.

French country wedding centerpieces



Beach Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to waterfront weddings we automatically think seashells and sand. But that’s a pretty limited view of all the possibilities this theme has to offer.

In fact, beach and nautical wedding themes can be decorated in many different ways including in color themes different than turquoise and navy blue. Although I must admit that these colors are very nice for this theme.

The point is, you can incorporate your own favorite wedding theme colors by adding some ornaments that are sea-related along with your accent theme color. Want to see what it can look like?

Here are some of these beach wedding centerpieces ideas 



Royal Blue and Silver Wedding Centerpieces

These color are daring, chic and fashionable. They are also very popular for weddings. Silver can be exchanged for silver or bronze for a more vintage style. Are you curious to see how this could be applied to your wedding centerpieces?

Have a look at these ideas:

 ♥ Royal Blue And Gold Wedding Centerpieces

♥ Royal Blue and Silver Wedding Centerpieces



White and Black Damask Wedding Centerpieces

One of the most interesting wedding reception centerpiece ideas is to incorporate a unique pattern. Damask pattern is a symbol of aristocratic decor. Now, the wedding version of damask is usually tone on tone but is more and more seen with contrasting black and white tones.

As you can imagine black and white damask is not used as a centerpiece in itself but is often seen on guest tables under the form of textile accessories.

For example, table runners, chair covers, and sashes, placemats are some damask elements that can make a table look opulent without the need for a fancy voluminous centerpiece.



Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Hope you found some interesting article. I encourage you to read the articles suggested in the post for specific ideas and themes. In fact, these articles contain many decor items and where you can buy.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the section below.

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