Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

There are thousands of wedding table centerpiece ideas. But not all of them are considered affordable for the average future Mr. and Mrs.

To begin with, they usually include lots of flowers to create an opulent looking table centerpiece. Needless to say that the more you add flowers, the more expensive your table decor will be.

Therefore, it’s important to find wedding table centerpieces ideas that are affordable and lovely.

And this is perfectly possible.

Let’s look at some style ideas.



Contemporary Wedding Theme

This set of Geo pillar candle holders are a great way to add an industrial yet glamorous touch to the guest’s tables.

Their thin linear designs are providing the tables with a pleasant structural view that can be adorned with large hydrangea or baby breath.

Want a different look at each table? Place some of them upside down and fill them with LED lights string, artificial moss, or simply add a pomander, also called a kissing ball.

Plus you can arrange the tea glass tea light holders included in the set around them to have a wider looking table centerpiece.

Gold modern geo candle holder


Design Tips – The Beauty of Simplicity

Have you noticed that many wedding table centerpiece ideas are stunning without being complicated?

There is a pragmatic reason for this. As a matter of fact, beautiful centerpieces follow specific structural rules to make them look harmonious. Centerpieces should include:

  • The main ornament: the focal point that you first see when you look at the guest table decoration. It’s usually bigger in size than anything else used to create the centerpiece.


  • Secondary accessories: Items that enhances the look of the main ornament while being smaller. They usually surround the main ornament. It can be votives, small flowers vases, crystals, greenery garlands, wood slabs supporting the main ornament, etc.


  • General wedding table accessories: Practical decor elements that support the overall theme.

While not part of the centerpiece per se, these elements add consistency to the wedding table decor theme you want to create.

For example table runners, place cards, guest favors, table number, glassware, and more can all be chosen according to the wedding theme.



How to Efficiently Use Decor Elements

Re-Thinking Placemat Function

The following large tropical leaf measures 35 X 43 cm and makes a great visual impact. Also, it creates a unique modern look when mixed with the geometrical pillar.

Just place it under your wedding centerpiece main ornament to make it look fuller at an affordable cost.

Moreover, it’s a perfect fit for a beach wedding theme decor as well.



Elegant Marble Placements

These grey and gold marble paper placemat are neutral and will enhance any vibrant color wedding centerpiece.

This marble pattern is also available in a table runner version. Its glamorous look makes it ideal to enhance any wedding table.



Shabby Chic

Tall Wedding Centerpiece

Impressive when used together these candle holders can easily be used separately to provide an unrestricted view to your guests.

This set of 3 includes glass votives to provide a cozy ambient light.


Shabby Chic Wedding Centerpieces –  Build Your Own



Low Height Centerpieces

Using a tin planter is one of the loveliest ways to make your wedding table look amazing at low cost. Pair your flower arrangement with the previously featured candle holder for a gorgeous looking table decor.



Vintage Elegance

These fancy diamond shape silver pedestal candle holders are dazzling. Plus, it’s a nod to the magnificent diamond ring prong setting, a very popular choice for a wedding ring.

Scatter acrylic diamond confetti at the candle foot for a magical glittering effect.



Rustic Country Charm

 Birch Tree Centerpieces

Set the tone for a heartwarming wedding celebration with this 80 cm high (approx.) artificial birch tree. Whether you hang glass globes with LED tea lights or use it as is, this centerpiece will for sure be a treat for your guest’s eyes.


wedding table tree centerpiece



Nature Related Accessories

As mentioned earlier, using items with a practical purpose to support your wedding theme is key to a  cohesive wedding table decor.

In fact, place cards are not only useful but they are also a special attention that makes your guests feel important to you.

Why not use a wedding theme related place card holders to emphasize in a lovely manner how grateful you are for their presence.

Wedding guest name placecard



The Hidden Potential of the Table Runner

Last but not least, this linen table runner adorned with the newlywed’s monogram adds an inviting and personalized feel to any table decor.

There are many table runner alternatives including burlap an lace, embroidered ends, sequin and kraft paper. You can even use a chalkboard paper table runner to write a special thank you message to your guest, your favorite quotes or song lyrics etc..

Possibilities are infinite.

Wedding linen table runner with monogram


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Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

I hope you enjoyed these wedding table centerpiece ideas and that it will help you make the wedding table centerpieces you dreamed of at a low cost.

Also, as you may know by now, that there is a misconception about how table centerpieces should look.

Most people want to replicate they ideas they see on Pinterest or wedding magazines. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible unless you have an unlimited budget. Which, of course, is never the case.

The good news is that you can have a very sophisticated and charming table decor by applying some basic rules. These will help you create a gorgeous and also practical wedding table centerpiece.


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