Wedding Table Decorations And Ideas

The following wedding table decorations and ideas will amaze your guests with their simplicity and uniqueness.

The big day is approaching quickly and you are now looking for table decorations that will match your wedding theme. The items gathered here are perfect to fit all your needs whether you are looking for minimalist or flamboyant table ornaments.

Although I grouped these products by popular themes, most can be mixed with each other. In fact, mixing styles will make your wedding tables look even more welcoming.



Theme-Related Wedding Table Decorations and Ideas

Globetrotter Theme

Want to see the world from an air balloon perspective? While these hot air balloons paper lanterns cannot be boarded they can certainly stir dreams of a great journey.

These 60 cm tall paper lanterns are large enough to be used as a table centerpiece or to be suspended above it.

If you are looking for smaller wedding table decorations and ideas to feature your travel wedding theme, there are many delightful ornaments available.

For example, customized travel compass printed paper napkins and small porcelain luggage vase will surely impress your guests.

Hot air balloon paper lantern


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Nature and Rustic Theme

This almost 1-meter high artificial birch tree centerpiece is impressive without overloading the table.

Despite what one would think, this type of table ornament does not block the view since the branches and trunk are thin and bare. Therefore, it allows your guests to see each other pretty well.

You can use this gorgeous tree on its own or add an LED light string to create a cozy ambiance during the evening celebration.

wedding table tree centerpiece


A nature theme wouldn’t be complete without some flowers.

If you are not fond of floral arrangements, you can still have flowers incorporated into your table decor by using colorful paper lanterns with a floral pattern.

As a final touch, scatter die-cut green wooded maple leaves around your centerpiece.

Green wooded leaves wedding table confetti


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Modern Theme

This gold geometric candle holder is minimalist and truly fitted for a industrial chic wedding decor. Pair it with a straight line glass vase filled with birch branches and or a glass terrarium for a pure and elegant visual effect.

Another interesting way to decorate a wedding table personalizing practical elements like table numbers. For a modern theme type of wedding, use self-standing metal table numbers with a century gothic like letter font to complete the look.

Gold modern geo candle holder


Vintage Theme

This French country style ornated frame has an aged finish that gives it a romantic aspect.

It’s a versatile decor item that can be used in many different ways. In fact, it can serve the practical purposes of showing your guests where they are seated or to display pictures.

Use your imagination to make this lovely frame an eye catcher. For example, use it to delimit your centerpiece arrangement:  just lay it flat in the center of the table. Inside of it display your flower vase, candle votives, and table number.

Tip: Here’s another idea to use this frame for something different than table decor. An ornated and lovely empty vintage frame can also be used to make creative and original guest and newlyweds pictures.

How so? Just by standing right in the middle of it. Strike a pose and voilà!

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Wedding Table Decorations and Ideas

Hope you enjoyed this article and that you’ve found some interesting and inspiring table decoration ideas.

The concepts mentioned previously are easy to make and can be enhanced by mixing them to create a personalized and welcoming table for your guests.

Wedding decor and table accessorizing ideas are some of my preferred topics and I write a lot about it. Also feel free to look around on my website for lots of creative ideas.

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