Wedding Tiaras and Crowns

Wedding tiaras and crowns are some of the most refined accessories for your bridal outfit. There are many styles and ideas in this article to find the best one for you.


Wedding Tiaras and Crowns

Crown definitely have the ceremonious and royal feel you’d want for a wedding. Wedding tiaras and crowns are very popular for all wedding theme.

A bridal crown can be used for a grand ballroom wedding as well as in a boho chic beach wedding. This is because there are lots of different styles available. Among the most gorgeous and unique models, a stone mounted crown with polished pieces of quartz.

For a more queenly look, pick a vintage bridal crown with accent stone that matches your wedding theme colors.



Bridal Tiara with Comb

There are many head accessories that rely on extra hair pins to secure them in place. Moreover, most headbands come with a ribbon type of closure like hair vines.

Also, the headband ornaments have a flat design and are mounted on a flexible metal wire or a transparent piece of fabric like tulle or lace. Consequently, they are fairly simple to hold in place with little skills or added hairpins.


Comb Benefits and Uses

Now, a tiara is usually a rigid and brittle hair accessory with a higher profile. Therefore its preferable not to bend or force into place.  Depending on the type of tiara, hairpins may not be ideal. Besides, it may just be impossible to find a way to adequately attach it to your hair.

There are quite a few combs system used to ensure the tiara remains in your hair the way it’s supposed to.


Here are two of them:

Front comb: Perfect for shorter tiaras, slightly curved tiaras. These tiaras are delicate and made to provide an exquisite nuance to an abundant looking hairstyle. On the other hand, it will add a sumptuous touch to smooth and uncomplicated bridal hairdo.

Dual back combs: These are generally added to tiaras with a high vertical and even sculptural profile. Back combs are located at both ends of the headpiece making it more stable.

In addition, these tiaras are longer and more malleable than the previous ones. This adds a real benefit if you want to be able to make it look wider or smaller to fit your hairstyle needs.

wedding tiaras and crowns


Pearl Bridal Tiara

Pearls have a distinctive charm that conveys a sense of timeless elegance and purity. Although pearls may seem sober and classic when used with no other material, they are magnificent and sumptuous when paired with crystals and rhinestone.

In fact, it adds a solid color contrasting with the strong shine of the metal frames and stones of the diadem or tiara.

It’s particularly interesting to have a tiara of pearls and stones when the wedding dress has a lot of textures like a lace fabric, or with a satin pleated bodice for example.

This is because the shine of the pearl is similar to satin fabric.

Also, note that a very textured fabric can sometimes steal the show. Using accessories with an even finish and color can help unify the outfit. Therefore the solid color and smooth texture of a pearl-adorned tiara will harmonize the dress and headpiece.



Bridal Tiara with Veil

A great way to use your bridal tiara is to hold your wedding veil. Again, some tiara designs may not be the best to attach a veil. Some tiara models have holes to which you can attach a veil.

Another alternative is to sew it to the tiara.

This is a good option for an outdoor wedding as you will not know in advance how windy it will be. Remember that a veil will act like a sail even under a moderate wind, especially if it’s long. Consequently, sewing it to a comb is the surest way to avoid it from setting sail into the unknown. So to speak.

Ideally, though, it’s best to have a separated comb for the veil.

The reason for this is that you will probably wear the veil for the ceremony and wedding photo shoot, but that’s about it.

After, you will probably find it uncomfortable to enjoy the evening wedding celebration. It will then be easier to remove the veil and keep your stunning tiara for as long as you wish.


How you enjoyed these wedding tiaras and crowns ideas. If you have any questions or want to share some ideas or tips, you can do so by leaving a comment below.

Love to hear from you!


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