Top 11 Wedding Updo Hairstyles

Wedding updo hairstyles have become so diversified that it’s just impossible not to find one you like.

Updos were once associated with old fashion beauty models. Over the years, infinite sophisticated variations of classic hairstyles were invented. Brides are opting for an updo when they wear a high-collar wedding dress e.g. halter neckline to highlight an opulent beaded collar design.

On the other hand, a strapless bodice dress is simply gorgeous with a high messy bun creating a romantic boho chic look.

Here are some pictures I hope you will enjoy.



Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair – Medium and Long Lengths

Curly updos are perfect for a humid temperature. Hair tends to curl naturally and stays that way on hot summer days.

So if you want your chignon or braids to look neat all wedding celebration long just pick one style that doesn’t require it to be straightened. Chances are it will hold its shape better than a straight hair hairstyle.

Plus, there is no reason to fight the natural beauty of your hair. Just go with the flow and enhance its natural charm.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words let,s have a look at some ideas.


Medium Length Messy Updo

This simple yet elegant updo is highlighted by a refined headband featuring rhinestones and delicate silvery flower. This hairstyle proves that it doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive to look lovely and chic.

Also, depending on the length of hair you can create a more or less dramatic style.

Curly messy hairstyle


Long Hair Side Swept Cascading Curls

Hairstylists just know how to make curls look stunning and voluptuous. This example is a beautiful representation of how curly smooth waves are definitely one of the most interesting wedding hairstyle options.

These curls are sculpted into large and defined spirals for a glamorous looking hair.

Accessories like birdcages, fascinators provide the final touch and can make it look more formal. A faux tropical flower is a beautiful hair adornment to make it look pretty without going overboard.


Wedding side swept cascading curls



“Less” Messy Curly Bun for Medium Length Hairstyle

A classic! This hairstyle is very popular for weddings and proms.

This is a more compact and structured variation of the chignon presented earlier. Essentially, hair strands are braided very loosely and gathered in a way that the ends are hidden.

This style is perfect for a beach wedding when your hair is naturally waved or curled by the ambient mist. In fact, this is one benefit of having curly hair. Curly updos look better for much longer than it would on straight hair.


Curly hair wedding updo


Large Loose Curls

Step the messy hairstyle a notch with this rebellious hairdo. Hair is combed high in a disorganized way with only one wavy hair strands beautifully cascading on the shoulder.

An audacious and sensuous wedding hair idea for the daring bride that wants to add a touch of recklessness to a formal wedding gown.


Négligé weddding hairstyle


Add Nice Waves to Your Hair

This may sound surprising but curly updos are for everyone whether you have natural curls or long straight hair.

Of course, a professional hairstylist knows the techniques and uses the products to make your hair look the way you want it to.

But before you run to the hair salon and have your hair curled for a consequent amount of money, you may want to try this.

How to Achieve Wavy Hair

Just for the fun of it, if your hair is normally straight, here are tips to make your hair wavy without using a curling iron and a tonne of hair products:

  1. Wash your hair or wet your hair;
  2. Separate your hair into 3 to 4 sections for large curls. Make more sections to have defined and tighter curls;
  3. Twist small strands of hair and attach them with pin or hair clips into a loop shape on your head. For a more curled effect, you can twist it into a small tight bun;
  4. Keep your hair this way until your it’s almost dry.


I like to do this before going to bed so it dries during the night. Remember this works better when the temperature is warm and humid.

In other words, if your hair is very straight put the odds in your favor and wait for a hot sticky summer day to try this. Also, you can add hair mousse equally into your hair while it’s still wet to define the wave and help it hold in place.

I’m not really good at making extravagant hairstyles. I wish I had more time to practice different styles. Therefore, I always try to find the simplest way to obtain the best hairstyle result in as little time as possible.

If like me you’re not so good at creating different hairstyles with your own hair, print the style you like and bring it to your hairdresser.

They’ve seen pretty much everything and can certainly achieve any of the hairstyles presented here.



Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

The following styles are easily achievable with hair lengths that are 2 inches under the shoulder without adding hair extensions.

Spanish Style Braids

This updo covers the neck level. The addition of a flower is, of course, optional but gives this hairstyle character.

I would suggest adding a comb or an artificial flower, especially for a hot summer outdoor celebration. Remember that flowers tend to fade after 2-3 hours under warm temperatures.


Wedding hairstyle medium length hair loose braids


Formal Weave Meshes

This is the second most structured hairstyle presented here. It may seem complicated but is actually very simple with the professional tools and time!

The volume is created artificially with an accessory hidden under the hair. A large lace ribbon highlights with elegance the chignon. Hair locks are then smoothed out and cleverly intertwined to create this neat meshed effect.

Finally, pearlescent beads are pinned to the hair for a sophisticated and queenly style!

Wedding hairstyle with beads

Romantic Messy Chignon

This hairstyle mixes the elegance of an updo with the unstyled effect of a messy bun.

A delicate flower hair band is all it takes to make this chignon look charming. Using a rhinestone headband is also a good way to give it a vintage look.

A perfect choice for a beach celebration with occasional gusts of wind!

Wedding hair medium length messy bun


Croissant Bun

Retro hairstyle revisited. There is an interesting contrast of vintage and modern in the following hairstyle. That’s because hair is structured into a roll which reminds us old-fashion hairstyles from the 50’s.

A trendy twist is added by sculpting hair strands with a little bit of gel and hairspray.

A must-try hairstyle!

Wedding croissant bun hairstyle



“Faux Hawk” Inspired Updo

This Pompadour style focuses on adding a lot of volume to the hair on top of the head. There are many variations of this: with short hair, shave sides (men and women hairstyle), with the rest of the hair down and straight and so on.

Romantic wedding medium length hairstyle



Long Hair Bridal Hairstyles

If you prefer to leave your hair down instead of having the conventional updo hairstyle for your wedding but think you don’t have enough hair volume, there are many solutions.

Hair stylists are aware of techniques and products that add more volume like hair crimping or volumizing shampoo and hairspray.

Though some of these methods can damage the hair if used for long periods of time they are appropriate for a special occasion. For a long-term solution, hair stylist can use accessories like hair extensions to create the visual illusion of a fuller hair.

Here are a 2 different long hairstyle ideas for weddings or any other special occasion that you can use as models to create your very own style.


Flower Child Braid

The first design is essentially a crown braid that gradually incorporates hair strands. It has a unique unfinished end that gives this hairstyle lots of movements and a well-affirmed character.

The white flowers pinned to the crown and lower in the braid give this bridal hairstyle a contrasting delicate touch.

Bridal floral hair wine



Romantic Messy Braid

A more conventional and yet charming messy braid than the one shown previously.

The only adornments used in this hairstyle creation are hairpins. In my opinion, it’s just enough to give this beautiful bridal hair glamourous look you’d want for a wedding.

Not too much, not too little. That’s all it takes especially if you intend to wear a veil.

Long hair messy loose braid for the wedding



Bridal Hair Accessories

Well, I guess the vintage glamour never goes out of style. These days, sumptuous headpieces exist in so many designs, you could spend hours admiring the fine details they are made of.

There are many glamorous alternatives to the shiny and ostentatious gem incrusted diadems. Have a look at the following articles on bridal fascinators and wedding veils.


Why You Need a Wedding Headpiece

There are many ways to make a sober wedding dress look elegant and unique.

Shoes with crystal and pearl embellishment, lace gloves, a sculptural necklace with matching earrings are among the most popular ones.

Wedding tiaras, crowns, and other headpieces are some of the most stunning accessories that will both highlight your hairstyle and your outfit.

Wedding tiara and crowns


This accessory also called diadem was often used by royal brides in it’s most expensive versions. Today they come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Hair accessories that incorporate Rhinestones and cubic zircon stones have a brilliance which is comparable to real gems but at a much lower cost.

If you prefer a more sober option, hair combs add a subtle elegance to a chignon. Another popular option for braided hairstyles and messy hair buns is hair vine. These come in different lengths and are intertwined with hair strands to create a natural boho-chic style.

Vintage Bridal Headpieces


Wedding Combs for Practical and Aesthetic Purposes

You can make any hairdo look elegant and sophisticated by enhancing your hair’s natural beauty with a gorgeous vintage wedding comb.

There are many affordable pieces that look like they are worth a small fortune so there’s really no need to spend big bucks on a wedding headpiece or comb.

You can save that money for future projects like your dream honeymoon trip or any other project that you and your significant other hold close to heart.

If you are not sure yet if you want to wear a wedding comb or a veil, well, why not wear both?

There are many ways to attach a veil by sewing it up to the comb or using hair pins. You can ask your hair stylist for the best positioning of the wedding comb in order to add a veil.


Infinite Wedding Updo Hairstyles

I hope you liked the previous hairstyle ideas!

What is your favorite style?

Have a look at my reading suggestions below for other gorgeous hair accessories ideas. Whether you have curly hair or long hair you will find many ideas to choose from.

If you have a question please leave a comment in the section below I’d be more than happy to help out if I can!


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