Top 9 Wedding Wine Labels Designs

Making your own wedding wine labels is easier than making your own wine, inexpensive and will catch everyone’s attention for sure.

What I like most about it is that doing it yourself doesn’t mean you need to master complicated graphic design application. Nor will you need to spend hours crafting the labels.

The following selection of bottle labels is only a small part of what’s available. In fact, they have as many designs as there are wedding themes!

They look professional and can be customized to better fit your needs.

Here are some of the best wedding wine label designs and hints to help you add your personal touch to them.


Tip 1 – Finding Your Design

A label design doesn’t have to be complicated to be awesome. See for yourself with the following design suggestions.

All of these ideas are cute and practical as they are printed on adhesive paper for your convenience.


A pretty watercolor design that reminds me of a scene where both sea and sky become one. A perfect label style for a beach wedding.

This wine label is also available in 7 different colors.

Beach theme wine bottle labels



This sophisticated damask pattern adds a lot of style to any table decor. Choose a vibrant color like Tangerine, Daiquiri Green or Berry for a festive yet chic look.

Damask wedding wine labesl



A barn on a hill under an oak tree is the perfect landscape for a country wedding theme. This bucolic wine label style has a vintage charm that will delight your guests before they even had a sip.

Country style wedding wine labels


Table Number

Use your wine bottles to display the table numbers and help your guests find their seats. Moreover, it’s a clever way to unclutter the tablespace for your guests to be more comfortable.

Beache wedding theme wine labels



A popular and welcoming black and white that creates a French bistro ambiance.

Personalize it with a subtle color and the newlywed’s name to make it a much-appreciated guest favor.

Black and white wine bottle labels


Want to see more designs and colors?

See more wedding wine labels and buy them here.


Small budget wedding ideas


Finally, customize the label by adding a picture of the bride and groom with their kids (if any). You can also choose pictures of them when they were kids for example.

This seller can customize high-quality adhesive labels with your picture, name, and text.

A simple and effortless option.


Tip 2 – Choosing the Right Label Medium

The Neato blank wine bottle labels kit offer the possibility of uploading a personal photo and adding the text you want on your labels for a fully customized label.

It comes with 40 water resistant and easily removable labels.



Tip 3 – Sticking the Labels on the Bottles

If you wonder what type of glue you need to stick your customized plain paper labels to the bottle, the answer is: no glue is needed! Just milk!

You just need to spread a small amount of milk to the back of your paper labels, stick it to the bottle and let it dry.


How to Remove Labels from Wine Bottles

If you make your own wine or want to buy from a winemaker than reusing your empty bottles is a must.

I love the idea of having the wine bottles filled directly from the barrels at the vineyards.

Plus it’s a good way to save on merchandising and transportation costs especially if you purchase large quantities.


Using your Wine Bottles for Crafts

On the other hand, there are many ways to use wine bottles to make elegant wedding decorations. You can also reuse them to add a customized label to give as favors for your guests or serve at the wedding dinner.

To achieve the perfect flawless look, you must first get rid of the label. This is sometimes the easiest part but not always.

Depending on the sort of label, glue or process that was used to stick them on the bottle, it may leave traces.


Here’s what to do whether you want to:

  • Keep existing labels unspoiled;
  • Simply get labels off wine bottles or any glass bottle;
  • Remove any sort of residue to have a clean glass.


Preserve Labels in a”Favorite Wine” Journal

Have you ever tasted a wine you loved but forgot the name? It’s a frustrating feeling I know too well.

Keeping track of the wines you liked in order to buy them for the wedding celebration is a brilliant idea. If your goal is to preserve the labels in the best state possible here’s an interesting product.

I haven’t tried it myself but it seems to be a promising one according to the past customer reviews.


Remove the Labels to Add Yours

Normally you can get labels off wine bottles by simply immersing in a soapy warm water for 5 minutes. The label will come off pretty easily.

However, you may still have some sort of residue or adhesive lines on the bottle.

If you are using the bottles to put your own personalized labels this result is probably good enough. The residue will be hidden and it won’t prevent the new labels from adhering to the bottle once it’s dry.


⇒ Step 1

Soak the bottle in the warm water with liquid detergent you normally use to wash dishes.

If you have a label at the front and back of the bottle, make sure the whole bottle is under the water surface.


⇒ Step 2

After 5 or 10 minutes, the label should peel off easily. If not, you may leave it for about 30 minutes.

This should allow the water to completely soak the paper label. If the bottle still has traces of glue, read further for some efficient tips to remove them completely.


How to Remove All Traces of Glue

If you intend to use the bottles in a specific DIY project, you want the glass surface to be completely clean.

This is important if you want to make garden crafts out of it or spray paint them for example.

As I mentioned, the bottle surface should be fairly clean just by doing the previous steps. Some bottles are really hard to clean and still have some traces or full lines of paper\glue residue on it.


The “Oily Grail” for Removing Recalcitrant Compounds on Glass

I decided to see if my DIY addict friends on the web experienced the same problem and see if they came up with a solution. They are so resourceful, I had no doubts 😉

I found many different techniques. However, some didn’t seem that promising. So I thought I would help you save some time and provide you with the best in my opinion.

Instead of scrubbing forever with your fingernails, try applying peanut butter on the affected surface.

Technically, any oily or greasy liquid like olive oil or plain butter will do. This technique worked fine for me. The longer you leave it the better.

For example, apply before you go to bed so it can act for a long period of time.


How to Choose the Best Wine for a Wedding

There you are, sitting at a beautifully decorated table in the very classy dining room from the 1890s and its emblematic Art Nouveau decor style.

Gigantic hardwood doors will lead us to the ballroom.

For now, you’re admiring the majestic crystal chandeliers as you wait for the meal to be served. Everyone looks gorgeous wearing their most chic dresses and handsome suits. You’re thinking “this is going to be a memorable wedding celebration!”.

The waiter approaches your table and asks “Would you rather have red or white wine during dinner?” You notice his very formal apparel and the satirical posh voice.

He pours the wine. Slooooowly.

The wait is interminable. This wine must be worth the wait as everything is so perfect so far. The location, the atmosphere, the bride/groom are superb. Even the unpredictable elements such as the weather turned out fine.

Here comes the blemish on the record…

Oh. My. God.

One of the saddest, bitter, even acid vinegar like deception

You know by now that I like wine. But I’d rather have an ok beer than a jet fuel tasting wine.

Whether your a wine lover or an occasional drinker this introduction gives you an idea of the state of mind the wedding guests are in.

We all at some point drank bad wine. It just shouldn’t happen in a refined and unforgettable celebration. In fact, there are many affordable wine options that are tasteful and worth drinking.

But most important, they won’t kill the vibe.

Here are some ideas to choose the best wine for a wedding.


Finding the Best Value for the Money Wine

Wine is an important part of a wedding celebration but it’s often neglected. Obviously, choosing good quality beverages is just as important as choosing a delectable wedding dish.

The right wine will enhance any food when chosen wisely. There are many options to avoid this “faux pas” without blowing your budget.


Ask Your Guests Preferences

The idea here is not to accommodate everyone but to provide versatile alternatives. A good practice here would be to pick three different choices for each category (e.g. red, white, sparkling).

These must fit within your budget and reflect average people’s choice rather than connoisseur’s pick.

There are experts in your local liquor store that can provide very valuable advice. Make sure you obtain your guest’s choices prior to the big day as you do for meal choices.


Buy in Bulk

Wine merchants can sell at a cheaper price to the customers that buy a certain volume. Make sure to ask the venue or caterer if they accept that you buy from an independent merchant.

This option may require more follow-up as you or your wedding planner will have to make sure that the beverages are delivered on time.


Choose Reputable Winelands

Choose a wine from regions that are known for their steady and warm climate.

The grape harvest that fluctuates from one year to another will result in higher prices. If you live close to a wine renowned region, chances are that you will have a better price buying local wines than imported ones.

Be aware that transportation, compliance with the country’s specific food laws are expenditures that wineries will make consumers pay for.


Wedding Wine Labels and More Inspiring Cost-Effective ideas

We often hear it said that it’s all in the details. It’s particularly true when we want to create a personalized wedding ambiance to make everyone feel at ease.

Fortunately, weddings are not only about heavenly celebration venues, expensive decorations, and gastronomical dishes.

Personalized wine bottle labels are definitely the type of thing your guests will notice and you don’t need to pay a fortune for it.

In addition, have a look at the reading suggestions below to help you find breathtaking decor and favor ideas that won’t blow your budget.

I hope this post provided you with the answers you were looking for. If you need further help you can leave a comment below and I will gladly reply to the best of my knowledge!


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