Western Style Wedding Dresses

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing western style wedding dresses that are stunning and comfortable.

Forget about colossal cathedral trains, petticoats, and oversized Swarovski tiaras. These dresses are practical but yet sophisticated.

In fact, country and western style wedding dresses capture our attention by there diversified textures, designs, and colors. These range from traditional tulle and lace fabrics to denim, tartan and even leather.

After all, western style weddings are about roots but also about going with our time.

Let’s have a look at some of these dress styles.

western style wedding dresses



High-Low Dress

So you always wanted to wear boots but don’t want to damage your dress by stepping on it. This dress provides an interesting alternative to keep your dress clean avoid tearing it.

It features a short front and long back allowing more ease of movement without risking tearing the fabric as you walk around or dance.

The “hi-lo” dress is perfect for the women who want a stunning bridal dress with a contrasting casual touch. It’s well adapted to outdoor celebrations



Halter Neckline

It simply consists in a top that is attached behind the neck leaving the shoulders and the collarbone exposed. This style is elegant, bold and halter neckline wedding dressreveals a daring personality.


There are many ways to wear a halter neckline.

For example, it allows you to wear any bodice neckline when using a transparent fabric like tulle or lace.




As for the skirt itself, the halter neckline makes a classic empire waist dress look sophisticated.


Moreover, if you want an audacious look, try it with a hi-lo dress.

The mix or both styles are just gorgeous. You can also go for the short version for a more casual look or long for a vintage classic look.



Boho Style

Like for a variety of styles, the bohemian style goes well with western style wedding dresses. This dress is shapeless on a hanger and follows the natural curves of the person wearing it. It’s a perfect dress for the women who wants a romantic, minimalist and refined style.

Also, the embellishments, if any, are usually subtle like a scalloped sleeve and neckline or thinly beaded sash.

This dress design looks sensuous with an off-shoulder or a one-shoulder neckline which gives it a contemporary twist. On the other hand, high neck dress adds some decorum to this unstructured, naturally flowing dress.

Want to spice it up a bit? Wear your high neck boho dress with a nude back to add an unexpected and pretty touch to the gown.

Bohemian style wedding dresses


Cowl Neckline

This is a rather classic neckline that can be positioned in countless ways. This bodice neckline is created by allowing the excess fabric to simply hang from one shoulder to the other. Sometimes this line is reproduced at the back with a plunging effect.

While this is not a traditional country style neckline it sure has the potential to be designed to look stunning in a western version. Envision a front plunging cowl neck that reveals a sweetheart sparkling shaped neckline.

If you love playing with contrasts, use a dramatic decoleté cowl neck over an illusion lace fabric covering the chest. The result is delicate and tasteful.



Western Style Wedding Dresses

There are thousands of combinations out there of colors, fabrics, neckline, and dress shapes.

Not to mention a large variety of accessories that you can use to make western style wedding dresses variations.

Finally, I encourage you to share your ideas or ask a question in the comment section below. It’s always a pleasure to help out whenever I can.

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