White Wedding Tuxedos – Groom and Groom’s Men Tuxedos

White wedding tuxedos – groom or groom’s men tuxedos – are a statement of elegance and audacity.

Humphrey Bogart (Casa Blanca), Sean Connery (007) and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) have all contributed in making it a symbol of style and distinction.

Nowadays, the classic cut as evolved in modern and even slim fit and the textile patterns are endless. You can even personalize it by choosing one with a satin notch, peak or shawl lapel and wear a wooden bow tie.

Let’s have a look at some of the best white wedding tuxedos styles available.



Practical Details

This Giorgio Napoli modern fit 2 piece tuxedo is a perfect option if you are not used to wearing formal suits.White modern fit tuxedo with hidden elastic waist

The modern fit of this tuxedo is less bulky than a classic style while not as tight as a slim fit.

It offers a contemporary cut that won’t go out of fashion.

Therefore it’s a good choice if you are looking for a tuxedo you can wear for many years to come.

On a personal note, I like the jacket peak lapel, a reminder of the sophisticated James Bond white tuxedo style!

Comfortable and practical

The hidden waistband elastic makes it easy to adjust without having it altered by a tailor.

The jacket has a dual side vent for more comfort while sitting. It also includes suspender buttons.




Fitted and TrendyBuy a white wedding tuxedo online

This slim fit white tuxedo is a great inexpensive option for an up-to-date tuxedo style.

Made of a polyester and rayon blend, this tuxedo is loved by those who usually find modern and classic fit too baggy.

Consequently, it’s one of the best-rated tuxedo options available online.










Tailored Tuxedo4 piece White wedding tuxedo

As you may already know, it’s difficult to find 2 piece wedding tuxedo online that fits you to perfection. In fact, you either have to alter the jacket or trousers to make it fit.

As a result, many manufacturers even send the pants unhemmed allowing the customer to have it altered to the desired length.

Some manufacturers and designers like MYS, offer the option to have it made to measure.

Also, this tuxedo is a good quality for the price since it includes the jacket, trousers, waistcoat, and tie. Add your own formal shirt to it and you have a complete sharp looking tuxedo.

It’s made of a polyester and wool blend. This results in a wrinkle-resistant garment with breathability and insulation properties.





Tailcoat Tuxedo Style

This contemporary version of a classic nineteenth-century tailcoat outfit is a real eye-catcher. The first image features 3 piece jacket, waistcoat and pants tuxedo. It’s made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend. It has a long uninterrupted line front, while the second one has a short front.

This second version of a tailcoat jacket is meant to be worn open. This design highlights the shoulder line and is really dapper. It’s absolutely unique and really appropriate for a wedding.

Long and short front designed white wedding tuxedo tailcoat


1930’s “Casa Blanca” Classy Shawl Lapel JacketCasa Blanca shawl lapel white tuxedo jacket

Who would have thought a bathrobe-like collar could look so glamorous.

I love the casual rounded lapel of this formal blazer. It looks both relaxed and highly elegant. Contrasting elements like these give an outfit character.

Also, this jacket has a classic fit for added comfort. It’s also wrinkle resistant because it’s 100% polyester.

The classic fit is comfortable while still looking formal. Also, this jacket has a center vent and a one button closure.

You can match it with black regular or modern fit pleated front pants.

It’s a sober look. Therefore, it’s a perfect alternative when looking for a comfortable and stylish white wedding tuxedo.




Chic Satin Tuxedo DetailsWhite jacket and trousers wedding tuxedo

Finally, here’s a modern style tuxedo. The difference with the previous one is the traditional suit lapel: the notch lapel.

What’s interesting about this suit is the satin details on the jacket and trousers. It creates a subtle shiny focal point adding a luxury look.

This tuxedo combines a jacket with a satin lapel with trousers featuring a satin stripe on the side of the leg. Satin details convey an official and formal look suitable for a wedding.








White Wedding Tuxedos – Groom Styles Available on Amazon

White Wedding Tuxedos – Groom Elegant Tuxedo Styles

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